Childen of Bodom - Oops, I did it again

Can you imagine a metal version of Britney’s hit song “Oops, I did it again”? You might not have to soon - apparently the Children of Bodom are going to release it on their forthcoming album called “Are you dead yet?”. It’s rumoured that Children of Bodom’s keyboard player, Janne Warman is actually a Britney Spears fan!

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106 Responses to “Childen of Bodom - Oops, I did it again”

  1. Houkka Says:

    HAHAHAHHAHAH!! fucking hilarious!! ever laughed this much seriously, i HAVE to buy the new single of COB !!

  2. YES! Says:

    It is SUPER!!!

    Great song, I just heard and searched who did it = Children of Bodom


  3. Lux Says:

    GREAT! where can i get that song? (except to buy the single=))

  4. shorto Says:

    LooL as an editor of one of the biggest COB fanpages and also a big fan of COB i can tell you thet the “Janne Warman is actually a Britney Spears fan!” is totaly untrue the single has been relised and also “Are you dead yet?â€? this is the song of the new album not the single the song is on the new relised single called “In Your Face”.

    Peace Out
    Children Of Bodom!

  5. tsepesh Says:

    HAHA, this is great! Janne Warman a Britney Spears fan?! No f*ckn way!!!

    Djuro, ako trazis ovde, nema da se skine, gledao sam.


  6. Hey... Says:

    Hey! Children of Bodom is one of greatest deathmetal bands ever. So don’t laugh!
    Much better music than Britney.

  7. Perkele Says:

    YEAH!!! Great CHILDREN OF BODOM! Best band ever!

  8. steve Says:

    Bodom ARE NOT death metal, its agressive power metal, for the musically challenged. i have the cover on my computer, its really fucking good

  9. Joe Says:

    Steve, your wring. they ARE death metal. take a look at theyre lyrics. they could also be considered Melodic Death Metal.

  10. Joe Says:

    oops. i mean “wrong”

  11. Christopher Says:

    i would say that neither of you is wrong or right, necesarily… the sub-genres of rock are very nuanced, let alone the sub-genres of the sub-genre of metal, and it’s impossible, i think, to absolutely classify a metal band into one category. i mean, what exactly constitutes a death metal band? there has to be a certain amount of actual, verifiable and observable traits that every death metal band has to make anyone “wrong” or “right” in classifying a band thus

  12. mitch Says:

    Bodom is powermetal type music with dark lryics and screaming…………….

  13. Kriston Says:

    The song is really hillarious but guys come on..
    not that ever lasting story of what type of metal a band plays.
    It’s all just fucking metal !! so like it or leave it !

    ps. the type of metal will surely not be set by what kind of lyrics they have.

  14. avalonius Says:

    AUHAHUhuA!!! does anybody may post a link with this mp3!??!?!

  15. Mina Youssef Says:

    Here is it the link guys.

    check also the metal of toxic , the band is unknown

    I can imagine Britney shaking her booty to this
    It will arouse me


  16. Mina Youssef Says:

    *the metal version

  17. juu Says:

    somebody sayed that cob is deaht metal band.. that´s not true. cob is power metal band, they play F*kcing tilulilu bullshitii. suomeks sanottuna ihan vaan täyttä P*skaa joten imekää melaa jotka luulee cob:tä deaht metal bändiks, ette oo varmaan koskaan ees kuullukkaan kunnon deahtii. joo en jaksa kirjotella enempää mut jaujaujauhelihaa vaan cob faneille

  18. Nikki Says:

    CoB has fuckin balls to do this an this song it so fuckin funny. I must say Alexi sings it way better than britney ever did lmao an on what genre on CoB subject—who really fuckin cares they make kickass music alexi is a kickass guitarist, janne one of hell of a keyboardist, Roope does quite the job keepin up with alexi, henkka fuckin amazin bassist, and jaska the guy can play drums extremely well. Children of Bodom are my favorite band an through this song they have not only proven they are serious but also fuckin hilarious so who gives a fuck about genres

  19. Hetfield Says:

    WTF? Did Bodom do this as a joke or do they actually dig BS? blah!

  20. Lord of ultimA Says:

    \m/ rock on bodom.

  21. blaze hnamte Says:

    COB is the Greatest Metal Bang ever….
    So everything from them is expected to be GOOD…
    Alexi Wildchild’s guitars are the most inspiring in the Death Metal era..
    yeah!! covering Britney’s song sounds hilarious to me as well…
    But i know it will be Good..

  22. Adam Says:

    CoB aren’t even Metal. You’re all retarded trendwhores.

  23. Schmidt Says:

    of course they aren’t metal at all. They are clearly punk through and through…………………moron

  24. Bebli Says:

    U guys, CHILDREN OF BODOM is one of the best bands ever! Their sound is great and they’re wodnerful people, so please respect them!
    Covering that Britney track is just cause they thought it’d be funny and felt like it… And it is!

    And, btw, they are metal! In fact they’re deathmetal!

  25. Schmidt Says:

    not death metal. Steve categorized them perfectly earlier when he said aggressive power metal.

  26. davaca Says:

    CoB death metal? that’s just stupid. it’s powermetal, maybe a bit black metal, but certaintly not death

  27. Jake Says:

    The song is so fucking funny it’s unbelieveable, but they did do a great job on it. Alexi’s vocals are awesome.

  28. Nini Says:

    that is so fuckin funny.. i’ve never heard anything like that before.. it’s just awesome.. laughing my ass off :-D had tears in my eyes :-D just so unbelievable funny .. should do more of those :-D

  29. Manjunath Says:

    Yup guys, COB doin BS :P
    I never laughed that much before hehehe

    here is the link to download tha song

    u gonna laugh a lot :P

  30. DaHepsu Says:

    KZILOOOSAH… PERKELE!!!!!!!!!! Cob on nii vitun paras bändi ja tää single kyllä se meidän Laiho osaa ;)

  31. The Nightmare Says:

    guys sorry to say but CHILDREN OF BODOM is a melodic death metal band u have to believe it guys and i think that the made the song because the want to pay attention to themselves and in my opinion i believe that it worked so good the the song is awesome

  32. jerk face Says:

    I honestly want to know Britney’s opinion on the matter. It might be something like “interesting…”
    Children Of Bodom are Alternative (Power/Death/Melodic) Metal. There are VERY little aspects of COB to classify them as Black aswell. There aren’t many metal bands anymore that only classify in one genre.

  33. Dr.Smedås Says:

    Somebody said CoB aren’t metal..They are so focking metal. Not punk! Punk is Sex Pistols, and nowadays Green Day and Blink 182 (which, besides, sucks). I will classify CoB as something like, Extremely Melodic speed black metal, their lyrics are sort of Black, with elements of…yeah, punk,..well , is not power metal!!They are Extremely melodic black speedmetal:P.

  34. Pinky_corpse Says:

    i bet is just another trick so that CoB will be sent to extreme merchandise and more stupid people will be talking about them… sorry alexi u’ve fallen from my favorite guitarrists =(

  35. Jeroen Says:

    Hahaha stupid kids fighting about what type of metal it is XD
    Who fockin cares !!! CoB Rockz HARD! and this hillarious …
    Dont be serious, be metal … haha

  36. Apocalyptic_666 Says:

    Who started that rumor? It’s just so untrue. (I think)

  37. Ha ha. Says:

    KZILOOOSAH translated in English
    = Cause to lose all (my senses, it’s just so typical to me)

  38. Ha ha. Says:

    I mean “cause to lose all my senses, that’s just so typically me” or something like that.

  39. hagan Says:

    LOL children of bodom sing opps i did it agian better than Britney EVER will LOL i love it

  40. maxcroes Says:

    COB IS THE BEST BAND EVER….nuff said.
    It’s called a sense of humor, go buy one.

    (funnies quote ever btw)

  41. Jayke Says:

    This is just sad that people keep trying to pidgeon hole CoB into one genre when they fuse a few of them. Alot of their sound musically is the power/speed metal combination that just about everybody in europe is playing, along the lines of Sonata Arctica. But then there’s some thrash in their sound too, especially on their newer stuff, and his vocals are mostly black metal style. Maybe on their first 2 albums there’s a tiny bit of melodic death, but that’s only during the blastbeats, which isn’t that often. But they bring all kinds of elements into their sound and they kick ass, and can even make a britney spears song awesome, for which they deserve alot of credit. I think it’s their way of saying that they can play whatever the hell they want and make it good

  42. ally Says:

    you guys from other countries probably are sooo jealous ‘cos COB is from finland

  43. Matias Says:

    xoxoxoxoxoxox, i have the EP… is very funny, but it’s a pretty cool song, i’m a fan of Children of Boodom and I like the way thaht play Oops I did it again… so.. maybe you could find the song and listen is really good an you might laughing a ver long time… LOL

  44. Anthony Says:

    Hey Matias can you send me the album version of this song?? Because the one Iheard was ripped from the radio and sounds awful. Thanks!! My e-mail is

  45. Will Says:

    this song fucking rocks, i nearly pissed myself afta listenin 2 this definately better than the origional, the origional sucks some major fucking shite, wel as all britney spears shit. and Janne Warman a britney spears fan? Rolmao :d:d i dont care what ne1 else thinks, the song kiks ass!

  46. Curt Says:

    Alright people children of bodom arent death metal there black metal get that straight thats pretty much all i wanted to say, adn also sa someone who knows mor than the rest of you said janne warman is NOT a brittny fan, they did the song for kicks

  47. Tyler Says:

    k i can’t help but call you people retarded, have you ever listened to power metal?! its about fuckin demons and faries and swords and fantasy stuff, like hammerfall, manowar, blind guardian, bodom just by their vocal style sounds death metal ish, but since they are more melodic in their soundthey would be some clased as melodic death or just plain black metal, look at their fuckin lyrics its about death and gettin fucked up theres no fucking way you can concider that power metal

  48. opeth666 Says:

    perkele BRITNEY… :) …. hehehe….
    VIVA METAL :))))

  49. Anthrax Says:

    Children of Bodom are considered black/death. Not Power, in any sort. Retards.

  50. S.R. Prozak Says:

    I think it’s hilarious. This is a great cover.

    Children of Bodom are one of those bands that play with the aesthetics of a black/death metal band, but their music is actually closer to stuff like Metallica and Scorpions. Thus, I’d call them heavy metal. They’re certainly not “death metal” or “black metal” in any meaningful use of the term.

  51. jayke Says:

    read comment #41and then listen to any of their albums and you’ll know exactly what they play, listen to the music, there’s no death metal WHATSOEVER, not in the riffing, drums, vocals, lyrics, nothing. The only thing black metal about it is the vocal style, yet again, there’s no sign of black metal WHATSOEVER in the riffing or drums, and it lacks the atmosphere of black metal. so like i said earlier, they’re a mix of things, mostly speed/thrash, with a little bit of power and black metal vocals, that’s all there is to it.

  52. bloody666tears Says:

    7ajitkom kash

  53. KevRock Says:

    listen to old COB and then listen to new COB….they are becoming pop theres no shock that they covered BS they went from neo-classical artistry to power chords and repeditive hooks like needled 24/7 and trashed lost and strungout that are written for the same reason metallica did entersandman… make mallrat teens like them and wear baggy camoflague pants and COBHC T-shirts with the sleeves cut off so they can look and act like thier new idol alexi “wildchild” laiho…..

    they used to be melodic death/black metal…now they have changed into more of an “industrial popmetal”

  54. jayke Says:

    kevrock is a retard. the only thing that changed from old to new cob is that they’ve slowed down a little bit, shifting from speed to a little bit more thrash, and increased the production values. there was never any death metal in their sound, listen to death metal and listen to bodom, very different. even listen to melodic death metal and then bodom, very different. and where the fuck is this so called “industrial” influence? i sure as hell don’t hear any samples or drum machines or processed vocals, yet again, listen to industrial and listen to cob, very different. maybe if you actually listened you wouldn’t make dumbass assumptions to what their style is.

  55. j24 Says:

    pistäkää se oops i did it again biisi tänne

  56. Shredz0r Says:

    OMFG now I’m pissed. The song is great, CoB are great, but somehow in every discussion people have to show others that they’re more ‘metal’ … STFU idiots!
    Trying to classify music into sub-sub-sub-genres is retarder anyway, since no one plays just one of them all the time, and because there are HUNDREDS of subgenres and really none of them have a watertight definition. So ok, there are people trying to classify them, and then mister Adam has to show up, and tell us all we are retards, and CoB isn’t metal … ok so what is? Guitars distorted to 500% or something? 600 bpm drumming? a guy actually screaming himself to death? Just go back to playing with your barbie dolls and leave all the guys who LISTEN to the music alone. -_-

    On with the discussion my friends:p

  57. Jayke Says:

    amen brother! that was one of the greatest things i’ve ever heard! thank you so much shredz0r for that insight. now, hopefully after reading that, some sanity can come to these poor misguided people.

  58. Tyr Says:

    COB are funny guys, and this song fucks spears up her butt, rock on BODOM!!!!

    Fly the flag, be proud, HORNS UP!

  59. Lucy Says:

    Well I have heard COB covering Iron Madien, but I never expected Britney Spears. Odd choice, is quite amusing I suppose, still I doubt I’ll buy ‘are you dead yet’ in you’re face doesn’t seem that impressive. I wouldn’t call them Death Metal either, nor Black Metal or anything .. they are jus COB and like playing at Wacken (which is a good thing)

  60. Ciucciacazzi Says:


  61. Ryan Says:

    When I first saw that they covered this song I was like: Oh my god… what the FUCK!? Then I laughed for 5 minutes. Then I heard the song… wow. That was amazing. Then I was wondering what they were saying when they were talkin in Finnish, so I looked it up:

    [Alexi Laiho and Janne Warman speakin' finnish - here is an english translation]
    Alexi: “Hey guys, I will really go now…”
    Janne: “Before you leave, look what I brought for you!”
    Alexi: “Goddammit, looking good, isn’t this a…?”
    Janne: “Yeah yeah, sixpack yes.”
    Alexi: “Ohh, this wasn’t necessary my friend… and besides, we are having some hooch here…”
    Janne: “I know, but this is for tomorrow morning!”
    (Got it from

    Then I fell off my chair laughing and listened to it again….. and again, and again and again…. I’d also recommend their cover for Europe’s “The Final Countdown.” WHOA.

  62. me Says:

    hahaha, could someone post a link? the 2 above don’t work.
    or send me an email:

  63. Dan Says:

    Hey, im english and i loooove bodom lol. Yea, stop classifying bands cuz whoa actually cares? why cant it just be metal??? lol anyway i bought there new album and it rocks. True it has changed but the time was right….. go with the music lo. Thanks dan

  64. omar Says:

    know wut ppl u r all retards except for the few how agrees with me ,COB ARE MELODIC DEATH METAL do u hear MELODIC DEATH METAL and each and every person livin on this stupid planet know that am not the one who created that but thats what they said abt themselves on their DVD and the cover roxxxx

  65. walzu Says:

    omg! CoB is the best in the world man!!!!! :D

  66. walzu Says:

    ….dude! this rocks :) :D :S :P

  67. lartsa Says:

    hahaa vitun tyhmät jenkit pätee genreist aasdaas :D hyvä biisi btw!

  68. james Says:

    nope of the links work for me but its a awsome song and i would realy like to get it

  69. olleglock Says:

    i need the link!

    please mail me a working link.


    thanks a lot

  70. Candice_Wildchild Says:

    This cover is so fucking awesome!!!! Alexi’s voice sounds SOOOOOOO hot …its incredible …*drools*

  71. MsiShady Says:

    heuuuuuuuuuuuuu je comprend pas l’anglais……………………………….lol

  72. kuolematon Says:

    yawww harbii süperr olmuÅŸÅŸ buu cover yaa…brıtneyle alexi düet felan yapsa konserde manyak olurr:D sonraa ÅŸarkı sonrası britney i sahnede katletse ehuehuehe:)walla siz bir bunu düşünün iyi bir fikir…fucking britney!!!suck my…

  73. kuolematon Says:

    yawww harbii süperr olmuÅŸÅŸ buu cover yaa…brıtneyle alexi düet felan yapsa konserde manyak olurr:D sonraa ÅŸarkı sonrası britney i sahnede katletse ehuehuehe:)walla siz bir bunu düşünün iyi bir fikir…fucking britney!!!suck my bottom…

  74. tuğçe Says:

    yuhh diyorum MANYAK olmuÅŸ, bu herhangi bi yerde duyunca kaçılası parçayı son derece dinlenilir hale getirmek dalga geçmek bir yana harbi beceri isteyen biÅŸey ,cob’dan zaten şüphe etmiyoruz bu cover’ı hayatımıza katıp yüzümüzü güldürdüğü için teÅŸekkür ediyoruz alexi seni seviyoruz biritini mal karısının bir icraatını ÅŸarkı haline getirmeniz harikulade süper yetenek iÅŸi , sanat eseri olmuÅŸ bu, go COB!!! This is a real work of art, i mean it , apparently they have done a super cool job, although it was made just for fun, and the bass parts are especially terrific as usual, henkka rules!!! niaohaohoa altıma sıçcam çok komik, aÄŸzına saÄŸlık alexi, balgamına saÄŸlık

  75. Nanda the devil Says:

    No idea wht went wrong with the COB buggers to do this crap ….
    Maybe the meant she sucks … But the song sounds crap …
    And for all the jerks speaking of COB is it
    Finnish Melodic Black Metal ……

  76. Frank Says:

    Haha hilarious song, their best cover is easily Rebel Yell though. Also, they never covered The Final Countdown, that cover was done by Norther. The bands sound so similar no one could tell the difference anyway.

  77. Santtu Says:

    Damn….. this is so good version of Britney. Even some of you guys are fan of BS, thats ok. But hahahahahh this is so fucking good!!!!!! Hahahahaha…… I like all your songs and i know those finish words too coz im finish girl. So COOL!!!!!!!!

  78. Karvanen Hevi Mies Says:

    Janne Warman a Britney Spears fan… Could be… dont know.. but does it really matter if he is?
    I am a true Metal Guitar Player and i like Britney Spears ;)
    She was hot.. until she got pregnant… :D but still and her music is great :) … when turned in heavy metal version :D

    But dont be such an Teen Heavy People… : I WILL ONLY LISTEN TO METAL ANYTHING ELSE IS SHIT!… cmoon… get a life :) I listen 90% metal when i listen to music.. but still i like Britney if the song is made good.. but lets say that 70% of POP is load of Crap… but still… few good like brittany
    Think about it..

  79. - Says:

    The Britney Spears - Toxic cover is by a band called She dies in december

  80. julio Says:

    hola o hello yo no habla ingles por q soy latino soy de venezuela pero quiero desirle a la jente de childrem of bodom q su nuevo disco esta miy bueno y sigan asi tengo todos sus discos y espero q toquen aqui en venezuela agun dia y si biene yo sere la primera persona q estare alli y muchos mas por aqui en venezuela todos somos fanaticos de childrem y q viva el metal. la version de britnei es un tripeo que es muy buena.chao

  81. jake Says:

    Suomi jyrää! Children of Bodom is from finland did you know? :P:P

  82. jimmy Says:

    did children of bodom not find any other singer to make a cover song? hate britney,and so as this song,the worst product from my favourite band.:(

  83. MÖÖÖ Says:

    i6ujol,ilik,o67yj5yio59ik,0k9k8589+003´46+03954ioyjyiu0k0gv6yiob,dt0s+ ´+w´r+0rth+´0.ty ´+i7ym+ít7´p 6-o.iu´670´+87´3´4´4´p8.n´.-m87n’V&¤5675n,m+090,67n,m90u al0´0,+095665

  84. MÖÖÖ Says:



  85. lover Says:

    I see Alex Laihi With Britney Spears In One Bed
    Where is The Broblem

  86. OOhhh Says:

    Where’s the link? Haha that toxic cracked me up!

  87. Hate Crew Says:

    Who could like Britney?! Or pop for that matter… it’s mindless garbage. The ’singer’ doesn’t even write any of their music or play anything.

  88. frank elske Says:

    oke i really hate brittney spears… with her pointless music about sex and that kinda stuff… but children of bodom really rules… so thats a way how to make such a stupid song a little better…

  89. beriwan Says:


  90. beriwan Says:


  91. Shannon Says:

    This is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard - but seriously why is everyone saying that it’s so funny that they couldn’t stop laughing? As if it’s funny! It’s fucking awesome!!

  92. MJ_Smoker Says:

    Enjoy =)
    to be honest i’m not sure if this link works for users outside Russia … Anyway you can try it i think ;)

  93. Topi Says:

    Jee saatana. Bodom jyrää eikä sille voi mitään. Laihon äänenavaus siinä alussa aivan perkeleen loistava:”Perkele!” äijä meininkiä.

    Hell Yeah. Bodom kicks ass and you can´t do nothing about it. The opening voice of Laiho in the beginning of the song is motherfucking grate.:”Perkele!”. These dudes knows what they are doing.

  94. Topi Says:

    oh yes. bodom hasn´t done any “final countdown” cover at all. if I remember right, that song has been recorded by Northern. or somebody else. but not bodom.

    And also Children Of Bodom is “fusion” of death, speed, power and black metal. I dont have nothing to say about that “popmetal” or something.

    And still, the mystery of the Lake Bodom murders is unsolved……

  95. Mordvurk88 Says:

    well this britney spears cover song was very weird but ver creative Haha and who gives a fuck about what type of metal it is as long as it is now that gay as stuff you either like metal or you dont! as for alexi thinking of playing in ozzfest that is a mistake nbody whos anybody goes to ozzfest =P COB kicks ass \m/ check out my sister veronikas band she is the singer bands name Tengereken mike is the guitarist.Here is the link

  96. James Gastovski Says:

    None of those freakin’ links works… where can I download CoB’s britney cover???

  97. Hittus Says:

    Funny song! But Britney’s voice spoils it.
    The Toxic song is good as well… go to Local H’s website and go on the toxic link

  98. chris Says: you britney!!!!!!
    children of bodom yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  99. ian Says:

    COB IS A BLACK METAL BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Alice Says:

    Fuck Britney. And Janne Warman, a fan of hers? No fucking way. That’s just what those britney spears fans say to make it look like they do this song seriously. Children Of Bodom rules, Britney spears sucks.

  101. Kady Says:

    children of bodom are fucking awesome. they made the song sound a lot better than when britney sang it.

  102. eMilt Says:

    Jätkät hei mä lähden nyt menee ihan oikeesti
    Hei Olkku hei, ennenkuin sä lähet ni kato mitä mä toin sulle
    Vittu hei hyvännäköinen, mut eiks eiks tää oo siis
    On On six packki kyllä
    Eihän sun ois tarvinu hyvä mies, sitäpaitsi meil on noita väkeviä
    Nii nii mut aamuks

    COB FTW!

  103. i_am_godess Says:

    ah, this song you may find on
    be hailed

  104. i_am_godess Says:

    just type children of bodom oops on search and rock on!!!

  105. i_am_godess Says:


  106. drasilla Says:

    its fuckin perfect….cob rocks….

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