How About Giving Us an Interview to Refute Gossip About You?

For weeks, glossy celebrity-focused magazines have claimed that there was marital trouble between Jessica Simpson and her husband, Nick Lachey. And for weeks, the couple did not respond. But silence rarely proves golden in Hollywood, even when talking means rewarding one’s detractors.

“I said to Jessica’s dad, ‘Silence is keeping the story going because the reporting we have is one-sided,’ ” said Janice Min, editor in chief at Us Weekly. “I explained to him that nothing would be more powerful than hearing straight from Jessica.”

So Us Weekly, which had questioned the marriage itself several times in its pages, landed an exclusive interview and photo shoot with Ms. Simpson, Mr. Lachey and Ms. Simpson’s father. The Dec. 13 issue featured a six-page story with the cover headline “We’re Not Over!”, contradicting Us Weekly’s earlier reports.

“We had compelling reporting that there were problems,” Ms. Min said, “but still, to be able to hear straight from the source, that was the most compelling evidence of all.”

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Jessica Simpson’s Dad Joe Has Sold His Soul To The Devil Say Critics

JESSICA SIMPSON’s manager dad JOE was accused of selling his soul to the devil by his Christian friends when he turned his pop star daughter into a sex symbol.

The former youth minister in Texas once tried to sell the idea of his then-teenage daughter to Christian record labels, but he quickly realised her look and her sizeable bust was making her more than just a pop singer. He says, “Her chest is ahead of her by about two or three feet. It gets there before she does.”

Simpson then quit his job to become a full-time manager when bigger record companies became interested in his daughter, upsetting the elders in his church. He recalls, “I was accused of, ‘Your daughter doesn’t love God anymore; you’ve forsaken the church. All of that. “I was like, ‘You don’t even know me or know my family. How can you say that?’”

But Simpson does admit that he does regret some of the racy photoshoots that his daughter has appeared in over the years: “Part of this is a learning process. When we started we weren’t equipped with how to say no.” Source

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