Autographed Jessica Simpson Top

You’ve watched her on Newlyweds and sung along to her sweet singles on the radio. Ever wondered what it would be like to be in Jessica Simpson’s shoes? Well, here’s your chance to look, smell, and taste like Jessica! One winning bidder will snag the “plata-ma-pus” t-shirt that she famously wore in her “With You” video (and it’s autographed!), the pink bustier she wore in the sexy ads for her Dessert fragrance and body care line (also autographed!) and a pair of size 7.5 Louis Vuitton shoes straight from her closet (bonus: they match the Louis Vuitton Murakami bag that she took camping!). Winning bidder will also receive a selection of Dessert perfume, body shimmer, lip gloss, bubble bath and more. And the best part? It’s to benefit UNICEF’s vital tsunami relief efforts. Place your bid here.

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Rumour: Jessica’s alleged coke problem

Seems that the supposed email from Lindsay Lohen to Paris Hilton is causing a few waves in the media:

Which young star is fuming after Paris Hilton’s leaked E-mails referenced her alleged coke problem?

Source: NY Daily News

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Jessica Simpson to star in “Room Service”

Room Service is a rags-to-riches comedy:

“Katya Morgan (Jessica Simpson) is a rich, pampered heiress who spends her days shopping, partying, and chasing guys… until she is disinherited from the family fortune by her father. With no money to her name, and no job skills, Katya takes a job as a maid at the plush swank Royal Palmetto hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona. But when she falls for Alex Sheridan, the general manager of the hotel where she works, Katya learns that getting what you don’t want can sometimes be the best reward of all.” (Source)

The film is currently in production and slated for release in 2006. It’s based on the novel by Beverly Brandt.

“Simpson will play Katya Morgan, a Paris Hilton type who’s always getting into trouble — until she gets the news of her father’s death. In short order, the character goes from luxuriating in a villa to cleaning toilets and making beds to pay off her bill in the Scottsdale, Arizona, hotel where she stayed during her father’s funeral…”

“‘I’m hoping there’s a few scenes they won’t change,” Brandt said, “like when Katya is at her stepmother’s house five miles away from town, and she won’t let her in, and she has to pee. She can’t walk in to town in time, so she’s squatting with the scorpions when the police come to arrest her. Or when she’s at a charity benefit, and she doesn’t realize at first that they’re auctioning off her belongings. When she does, she starts stuffing her shoes down her shirt. They end up tackling her on the stairs, and the shoes go everywhere.’

Beverly is thrilled about the casting choice, saying, “I think she is perfect for the role.” There is no news yet as to when the movie is set to go into production, but we’ll be sure to let you know. Subscribe to Beverly’s no-spam newsletter and be sure to get notified of future big news. (Source)

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Daisy now with Cacee?

From the rumour files: In this week’s In Touch magazine, it says that Jessica “pawned off” Daisy to Cacee in order to spend more free time with Nick. It also said that Nick biggest complaint was that Daisy was “downright annoying.” Hence, her need to take a break from Daisy.

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The End of Newlyweds

With the advent of the end of filming for Newlyweds, the big unknown is what will happen to Jessica and Nick’s fame once the show concludes on MTV later this year. Nick, of course, will have his own show - aptly named The Nick Lachey Show, premiering in April and Jessica will work on a new album as well as promoting upcoming movie The Dukes of Hazzard.

What will happen next? Will Jessica successfully make the transition to respected actress, continue in busty-blonde roles, perhaps as a Bond Girl, or drop out of the Hollywood scene and return to focus on her music. Nick’s first solo album barely caused a ripple - will his second attempt soar? Time will tell but it looks like they’ll be in the limelight well into 2005.

Hopefully the tabloids will focus on another Hollywood couple’s marriage ups-and-downs soon, but one shouldn’t hold one’s breath.

Where do you predict Jessica and Nick’s paths will go?

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Jessica on Oprah Show

Photo here.

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Jessica Simpson recording new album

Jessica Simpson arrives at The Village music studio in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. The singer and reality TV star arrived alone to record songs for her new album.

Photos here.

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Jessica and Nick to leave Hollywood?

While Newlyweds Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson deny their marriage is on the rocks, they admit to problems handling their newfound fame and fortune, and are planning a move away from Tinseltown. Nick tells friends: “I know if we stay in this town our marriage will blow apart, that’s why we’re getting out. We want a country place where hopefully we can live like normal people.”


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Does Jessica Want Out?

It was wall-to-wall celebs at the pre-Grammy party thrown by industry legend Clive Davis at the Beverly Hilton on Feb. 12. But despite the presence of Hollywood heavies like Alicia Keys and Usher at the glitzy affair, all eyes were on singers Jessica Simpson and John Mayer, who, according to an eyewitness, spent most of the night huddled together in deep conversation, thanks to Jessica’s dad, Joe.

“Joe was practically throwing them together,” says the eyewitness. Joe wants Jessica to record a duet with John, 27, best known for his single “Your Body is a Wonderland” (which he is said to have written about well-endowed then girlfriend Jennifer Love-Hewitt). “John was staring at Jessica’s breasts most of the night.” By the next day, the news of the possible Jessica-John pairing had made its rounds in the industry.

At the big EMI party after the awards, a gossipy Nicole Richie said that “everyone was talking about” the two. “They were practically hooking up at Clive’s party,” she told a source, adding, “It’s basically over with her and Nick, right?”

Well, not yet, even though it seems Jessica, 24, may be giving Nick a dose of his own medicine. As Star reported last week, Nick was seen flirting up a storm with (and getting phone numbers from) a gaggle of beautiful women at Super Bowl after parties. Just last week, Nick, 31, continued flirting with two young women inside the Star Bar at NYC’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel, while Jessica was promoting her new edible cosmetic line, Dessert Beauty.

A witness said Nick and his brother Drew had just arrived at the hotel after a New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden. They instantly struck up a conversation with two young women — one blonde and one brunette — with whom they flirted and ogled for at least 20 minutes that evening. When one of the women got up to go to the bathroom, Nick’s eyes followed her. The singer seemed in great spirits until he heard that Jessica’s tour bus had pulled up outside. “Drew went out to the bus, came back and said something to Nick,” says the source. “And Nick replied, ‘What is she bitching about now? I can’t deal with this.’He just looked like he wanted to continue drinking, relaxing, and talking sports.”

To be continued…
Get the whole story in this week’s Star Magazine on sale Thursday 2/17.

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Nick and Jessica: Is it the end? In Touch Weekly

In Touch - Jessica and Nick Now that the cameras have stopped rolling, how will Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson adjust to life after Newlyweds? On Valentine’s Day, the couple appeared to be the picture of happiness as they fed each other pieces of a heart-shaped ice-cream cake and professed their eternal love for each other - but then the MTV crew finished taping… Whether Nick and Jessica’s romantic moment was truly an act of devotion or just a tidy ending to the third and final season of their hit show is anyone’s guess. One thing is for certain, though: Now that they have called it quits on their reality show, Nick and Jessica - who reportedly spent much of 2004 arguing - have their work cut out for them if they’re going to make their marriage last.

Check out the latest In Touch to find out how other reality couples coped after they left the small screen!

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