Dukes of Hazzard Interview

Jessica does an interview about Dukes of Hazzard here.

Here’s a bit of it:

Immediately when I found out that I had the part I was like, ‘OK, this is it.’ It’s the best to be able to have something to work towards, otherwise I’ll stick to fried food and Taco Bell. (She laughs) But to have a goal is awesome. So I ate my last piece of chocolate cake when I found out, and ever since I’ve tried to cut sugar out of my diet, except fruit. But pretty much I just eat health and I work out close to two hours every day.

I want to do the romantic comedies. You know, the stuff that Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts or Reese Witherspoon would choose, of course. But I also love the movies that movie you and make you cry. So, whether it’s a drama, I don’t know. I’m up for anything. I don’t know if I’d be any good as a coked-out drug addict. (She laughs) That’s kind of hard to identify with, but maybe one day, you never know. (She laughs)

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Not again…

Life & Style Weekly reports that friends of Nick and Jessica say the couple already are secretly separated.

“Some of Nick and Jessica’s friends are saying the decision to split up has already been made,” offers the magazine’s spy. “They may already be history, and they’re just waiting for the right time to make the announcement.”


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Jessica Simpson bugged by Mario Vasquez

The New York Post reports that the American Idol quitter had to be told to stay away from Ashlee and Jessica Simpson after he kept bugging them to pose for a picture with him in the VIP lounge at a New York club.

The Post spy says: “He told Ashlee and Jessica, ‘I know what it’s like to be a celebrity and to be harassed. I’m so glad to be in a private area.’ And then he wanted to take a picture with them! They said no like four times. Finally, security asked him to leave the area.”


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Jessica Simpson’s self esteem issues

“I didn’t start feeling comfortable in my own skin until I was 20. That’s when you begin to accept your flaws because you can’t change them.

Before that I had notes taped on my mirror saying, ‘you’re beautiful in this skin’. I told myself that every day and eventually I got married and fell madly in love with my husband who loves every inch of me. I realised I didn’t have to compete with anybody and people liked me for me. Mess-ups and all.

One thing that drives me crazy about myself is that I lose everything. I’m a disaster. And I watch the show and cringe - could I say, ‘I’m so tired’ any more?!”


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Hollywood’s Golden Couple

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey have been crowned among the stars most likely to take over Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s defunct role as Hollywood’s golden couple.

In the poll, conducted among American magazine editors by USA Today, celebrity couples were ranked on a scale of one to five, with Britney Spears and her husband Kevin Federline coming last.

The poll is as follows:

1= Nick Lachey + Jessica Simpson
1= Ben Affleck + Jennifer Garner
1= Cameron Diaz + Justin Timberlake
4 Jennifer Lopez + Marc Anthony
5 Demi Moore + Ashton Kutcher

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Nick furious with Paris

In Touch magazine reports that 98 Degrees star Nick Lachey is said to be furious with Paris Hilton after the heiress allegedly exchanged e-mails with a gossip reporter about his wife Jessica Simpson trying to hook up with Justin Timberlake, apparently with no justification, and with Lindsay Lohan about drug use.

“[Paris has] been jealous of Jessica for a long time,” Lachey reportedly fumed to a pal. That jealousy apparently was fueled by Lachey dating Hilton before dumping her in 1998. And a former friend of Hilton added that she “has a pattern of spreading rumors.”


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New photos of Jessica

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Jessica Simpson - What Did She Earn in 2004?

SpongeBob raked in an impressive $1.5 billion last year, making him the top earner in Parade magazine’s 22nd annual What People Earn salary survey.

Hollywood’s had many top earners including Angelina Jolie who made $25 million last year, Renee Zellweger made $21 million, Catherine Zeta-Jones $18 million; Lindsey Lohan made $10 million and Jessica Simpson who earned $4 million. Source

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Jessica and Nick’s dog trainer

Pet trainer Susan Kraft, owner of TLC for Dogs, will have a new website which will be unveiled at the end of this month. Kraft has trained the pets of many stars, most recently appearing on an episode of MTV’s “The Newlyweds” to work one-on-one with Jessica’s dog Daisy.

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Burt Reynolds praises Jessica Simpson

Reynolds most enjoyed working alongside Jessica Simpson in her Daisy Dukes. “She really got in shape,” said the actor, who bonded on the set with Simpson’s grandpa, who, like Reynolds, was a football jock. “If I’d had Jessica’s legs, I would have been All-American.”

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