Jessica Simpson Concert - Bryant Park

Good Morning America will have a public concert in Bryant Park with Jessica Simpson performing on August 5th! Source

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Poll: Jessica’s hair is best

Americans want KATE BOSWORTH’s two-tone eyes, JESSICA SIMPSON’s hair, ANGELINA JOLIE’s lips and British star SIENNA MILLER’s nose, according to a new poll by People magazine. Source

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Newlyweds on DVD

Great news - Paramouint will release “Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica - The Complete Second & Third Seasons” on DVD this June 7th. Extras include “Never-Before-Seen footage”, “‘Happy Birthday, Jessica, From Nick” Special”, “A Nick & Jessica MTV Timeline”, “Newlyweds promos and more!” Source

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Jessica’s latest diet is known as “sugar-busters” and basically it means no more sugar (e.g. white bread, pasta, chocolate etc).

Sugar will kill your diet and your efforts toward gaining a better, more healthy body. I know that the thought of cutting out all sugar seems impossible and not at all appealing, but I guarantee that if you make the decision to do it, you will reap benefits like you wouldn’t believe. Read more »

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Nick & Jessica Buy Condo in Vegas

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey have purchased a new $1 million condominium in Las Vegas. The couple’s yet-to-be-built luxury 1,200-sq.-ft. digs will be in a new residential complex that will be part of the Palms Resort and Casino off the Vegas strip.

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Latest Jessica Simpson Interview have interviewed Jessica but it seems like it’s an older interview as filming was still going on. Anyways, it’s found here!

A couple of interesting things, aside from all the Dukes of Hazzard questions:

On Jessica’s Diet: she has basically cut out all sugar from her diet except for fruit. She also works out for two hours a day. “I’m addicted to it now. Now, I actually feel better and I have so much more energy and work is so much easier.”

On Life After Newlyweds: “You won’t be seeing me and Nick do much other than four more variety shows. After the newlywed show, no more. We’ll separate everything except our love.”

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Tired of those tabloid headlines?

Think that the articles about Nick and Jess are way over the top and are getting really repetitive? Well, now you can find out how they create those tabloid gossip columns here (it’s a joke, laugh ;).

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Jessica congratulates Britney on her pregnancy

“I think it’s amazing. My mom had me at a very young age, and I loved growing up with a young mother.” said Jessica. Any name suggestions, Jessica? “I think Lily’s cute,” she said. “Samantha’s a good girl’s name,” Nick added. See the video »

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Nick and Jessica to get counseling?

Joe Simpson, who has successfully guided the careers of his daughters Ashlee and Jessica, is now trying to save his oldest daughter’s troubled marriage. According to sources, Joe has pleaded with Jessica, and Nick to go into marriage counseling. “Joe has steered them into a form of Christian counseling,” says a source, adding that the sessions will take place at Jessica’s parents’ home in a gated community in Encino, Calif., “away from prying eyes.”

“Nick said he’d do it, but I don’t think he plans on apologizing for the way he’s lived his life or how he’s treated Jessica,” says the source. “To hear him tell it, he doesn’t have anything to apologize for — which may be part of the problem.”

A source says that during one recent fight Nick told Jessica that he hates her whining. “She broke into tears and said in a small little voice, ‘You hate me?’” says the source. “Nick said, ‘I didn’t say I hate you!’They’re not on the same page.”

“Jessica said there were fights that went unresolved,” reveals a source close to her, “probably because producers felt it wouldn’t be good television to show a newlywed couple fighting all the time.” Adds the insider, “Jessica said there have been few times they’ve really gotten to see any disagreement to the end because of the cameras.”

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Johnny Knoxville and Jessica rumours surface again

At least one eyewitness at “Scrubs” star Zach Braff’s birthday party at 40 Deuce in Los Angeles last Saturday night told PAGE SIX she saw Knoxville and Simpson stroking one another’s hands when the lights went down.

However, Knoxville’s rep said: “Jessica and Johnny are good friends as a result of working together last year. Any stories suggesting otherwise are ridiculous.”


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