Does separation mean divorce?

In Hollywood, that’s what everyone assumes. Well I still hold out hope that Nick and Jessica will seriously consider their committments and vows they made to one another and dream a little outside the box: what if… what if they left LA and escaped the public’s eye (even maybe leaving the US)… what if they ditched Joe Simpson as Jessica’s manager? What if they lived a simpler life? What if they spent more time together? What if they appreciated the simple things in life again? What if they got counselling?

I hope that they will have space to talk.. really talk.. and dream again together

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Nick Lachey to star in TV show? says that Nick Lachey is hoping to regain his image in the limelight with a new sitcom - apparently he’s in negotiations to play a baseball star who’s a newly wed. Gee, I can picture it now: he’ll start dating his co-star (who would be the complete opposite of Jessica) and then it’ll be Newlyweds all over again….

As soon as I hear more info on the TV show, I’ll let you know.

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Nick: sad and relieved his marriage is over, Jessica happy and absolutely fine?

Star magazine (whether you trust their sources or not) have, of course, got inside info on Nick and Jessica’s marriage:

“He’s feeling pretty sad at the moment but totally relieved as well. Nick seems relieved that it’s all finally out in the open. I think he feels he can now start getting on with his own life at last. He’s really sad that things didn’t work out between them but it hasn’t been working for a very long time and its probably been torturous to keep things together for so long. He’s going to keep things very clean and he’s adamant that he’s not going to get involved in any mud slinging and name calling. He just wants to be able to move on to living the rest of his life with as much dignity as he can.

I think the announcement was made just before thanksgiving because they probably both decided that they couldn’t go on pretending they were a couple when everything was so over. I bet they both knew that if they didn’t pretend to be together it would just bring this avalanche of stories again about it being over so they decided to cut their losses. Joe Simpson probably wanted the two of them to stay married but neither Nick nor Jessica wanted to anymore. In the end I hear Nick just told Jessica that ‘enough is enough, I just can’t do this anymore.’

Jessica’s happy and she’s absolutely fine. Jessica spent most of the holidays trying to reassure [her grandparents] that she’s OK and that everything is good.”

More in Star magazine.

People might put on a brave face and say they’re happy - but deep down I can’t believe that a marriage breakup is ever happy - perhaps a relief that it’s over but it’s not a happy joyous time. It’s a time where you admit your dreams weren’t realised, where your humanity is in the forefront of your mind and life.

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Commentary on how Jessica’s family changed

Here’s a sobering article about Jessica’s family and how far they have come. Has fame and wealth cost them the most important things in life? Did Nick and Jessica get married too young? Did Joe Simpson meddle too much in their affairs? What do you think?

The more Jessica’s popularity stretched off the charts, much to her father’s managerial persistence, the less a Bible-carrying Baptist Jessica became. And the less her dad appeared like a Baptist youth minister….

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Nick and Jessica offically separate

It’s a sad day :-( After all the tabloid rumours, I had hoped that their marriage would defy the cynics and be a happily ever after story. Nick and Jessica have officially separated, according to their publicists.

“After three years of marriage, and careful thought and consideration, we have decided to part ways. This is the mutual decision of two people with an enormous amount of respect and admiration for each other. We hope that you respect our privacy during this difficult time.” Simpson and Lachey said in an official statement.

Nick and Jessica were married in October 2002.

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Jessica Simpson pregnant?

Star magazine published a story saying that Jessica and Nick are having a baby and that Jess is now 6 weeks pregnant!

“They tried to keep their secret to themselves. But one day recently Nick decided it was time to break the news starting with his mum, Cate. Jessica’s got to be pregnant. She’s smirking like she knows something nobody else does and she’s eating like a horse.” says the magazine.

The number of times silly pregnancy rumours come out, I’m not holding my breath that Jessica is expecting, but it would be very exciting for them if she was!

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Employee of the Month starring Jessica Simpson!

More movie news for Jess fans - and it looks like this time, she’s set to get the starring role in a movie called “Employee of the Month”. information is pretty sketchy but the movie is a comedy based around Jess being a sexy cashier (that won’t be hard to act!) who makes her workmates go weak in the knees who all try to get her to date them. They enter a competition for the employee of the month to get her attention.

Wonder who the guys will be? Who would you like to see her acting with or kissing on screen?

Filming will start early next year.

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Brad Cafarelli - Jessica’s publicist - quits

Jessica’s publicist, Brad Cafarelli has apparently quit (some reports are saying he “dumped” Jessica but isn’t she employing him?). He’s been her publicist for the last two years.

“Cafarelli would rather devote his time to his clients that don’t need a constant father-figure. We hear Cafarelli’s final straw was utter exhaustion, the sort that comes from pretending, for the benefit of the press, that Simpson’s marriage to … Lachey isn’t a total sham. Cafarelli had had enough,” Yahoo says.

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Jessica calls Ashley “so stupid”

Jessica Simpson was overheard telling her mom Tina during the Accessories Council ACE awards in New York:

“Mom, Ashlee is so stupid. She left the popcorn in the microwave and almost burned the house down.”

Like none of us have said things like that to our family about our siblings… must be a slow news day when Jessica’s private conversation makes headlines. Besides, it is a stupid thing to go. Hehe, go Jess!

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Jessica unlikely to win I dream of Jeannie role

Rumour has it that sadly Jessica Simpson is no longer likely to get the role of Jeannie in the upcoming movie based on the classic 1960’s tv series “I Dream of Jeannie”. Sounds like Lindsay Lohan, Kate Hudson or maybe even Jennifer Garner could get the starring role. I personally would love to see Jennifer Garner pull it off over the other two, now that Jess isn’t likely to be in the movie.

The movie will be out in 2006 and directed by Gurinder Chadha (Bend it like Beckham, Bride and Prejudice). For movie updates see

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