Jim Carrey disses Jessica Simpson

“I think people feel desperate to be noticed sometimes. It can lead you to give too much away. I’m just not going to do that. My love life will never be for sale. People can speculate all they want, but it will never be up on the auction block. It will never be used to promote myself.”

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Jessica Simpson’s new divorced image causes concern

The California based Christian group ‘The Resistance’ which received international attention for criticizing Jessica Simpson’s slutty music video ‘These Boots are Made for Walking’ preceding the release of the Dukes of Hazard are now concerned about Simpson’s new image as a divorced party girl, her hooking up with P. Diddy, and the effects on impressionable young fans.

“It would be really sad to see Jessica turn into someone like Paris Hilton or Pamela Anderson� explains John Conner. “It’s just tragic to see her go from a perfect marriage in MTV’s Newlyweds just a few years ago, to a party animal hanging out with Jackass Johnny Knoxville and Satanist Bam Margera.

Once a wholesome role model in a sex saturated culture, and a shining jewel of beauty and abstinence, Simpson has now jointed the ranks of the singing strippers such as Brittany Spears and Christiana Aguilera on MTV and in pop culture.

“Her husband seemed like a pretty normal guy, and I’m afraid Jessica’s going to hook up with someone like P. Diddy, or Tommy Lee� laments Conner.

All this news comes on the heels of the DVD release of the Dukes of Hazard uncensored version, which includes gratuitous nudity, now sealing Simpson as an actress in a skin flick.

Conner’s advice to Simpson is simple. “The Devil has you in his grip, Jessica, and the decisions you make now, will affect millions of fans around the world in how they mimic and follow you. I hope and pray that Jessica doesn‘t flush her career down the toilet by doing a movie like Showgirls 2 or putting out anymore slutty music videos�

‘The Resistance’ is an international association of Christians and has been critical of MTV in the past particularly for celebrating the homosexual agenda. The Resistance is dedicated to resisting the erosion of morals in America and in the media. The group’s website is TheResistanceManifesto.com.

What do you think of their press release?

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Nick starts working on a new CD

A source close to Nick Lachey told OK! magazine, “[Nick] has been focusing on work the last couple of weeks… it’s a difficult time, but you have to get on with your life and move on, so that’s what he’s doing.” He’s in the studio recording a rock-pop album - the name hasn’t been announced yet though. I’m sure it’ll be interesting to read his song lyrics (if he has a hand in writing them). Will he do a song like Justin about Britney?

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Jessica falls out of love with Nick

Star magazine reports that when Nick and Jess had their final meeting together at her parent’s house, Nick pleaded with Jessica to try once again - to start over and fall in love again. He also was said to have brought in flowers for her whole family and a get well card for Ashlee - who was recently taken to hospital.

“She just shook her head no,” a ’source’ told Star. Apparently she told Nick that she was filing for a divorce and “she wasn’t in love with him anymore.”

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Jessica buys a new home!

Not long after filing for divorce, Jessica Simpson has bought a home in Beverly Hills 90210, worth $3 million and has moved in. She’s been staying with her parents since she separated from Nick. Nick’s staying (currently) in their house in Calabasa (the one on Newlyweds).

Approximately 35,000 people live in Beverly Hills, including celebs such as:

Tom Arnold and Roseanne Barr, Pamela Anderson, Julie Andrews, Janet Jackson, The Osbornes, Simon Cowell, Jack Nicholson.

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Jessica holidaying in Hawaii

Jessica, Ashlee and her parents are currently holidaying at Diamondhead Hawaii together, having time out from the spotlight. Poor Ashlee recently admitted she’s suffering from anorexia and of course Jess has a lot on her plate, recovering from her recent separation from Nick. US Weekly has even said Jess has developed ulcers and is in a lot of pain. I hope Jess and Ashlee get the rest that they need and are able to return to full health quickly.

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Jessica requests a new judge

TV show Extra says that Jessica’s attorney wants a private judge to hear the divorce case, “The Judge is prejudiced against Petitioner (Jessica
Simpson) and/or Petitioner’s attorney. He and/or Petitioner cannot have a fair and impartial trial.”


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Merry Christmas everyone!

Rachel Thanks for everyone who comes along to this blog and  I want to wish you all a happy and safe Christmas and I hope you get to spend lots of wonderful time with your loved ones.  We’re having both sides of the family get together at our house and I’m cooking Christmas dinner for the first time (!).  I can’t wait!


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Jessica to star in James Bond movie “Casino Royale”?

The next James Bond movie is about to start filming in a month but uh oh, the movie’s makers haven’t yet found a girl to play the Bond girl alongside the new James Bond, Daniel Craig. So far, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson and Charlize Theron have turned the role. Producer Michael G. Wilson said that they looked over 200 actors searching for the right one!

Rumor has it that Jessica is in talks for playing a Bond girl. “She is sexy, blonde and seductive, so she could be perfect,” an insider said.

Read more » and here.

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Praying for Nick and Jessica

I’ve been getting a tonne of emails from people wanting to tell me that that they’re praying for both Nick and Jessica. If you want to add your note to say you’re praying for them here too, that would be great.

I pray that they both really re-evaluate their lives and what’s important in life, that they take a good look at their lifestyles and re-realise that happiness isn’t bought. I pray that they will turn to God in this time and that the people around them will give them wise counsel. I pray that if there’s any way possible for Nick and Jessica not to go through with the divorce and to work things out with counsellors, that it will happen.

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