Employee of the Month Update

Filming has started on Jessica’s new film, “Employee of the Month.” In Touch Weekly is saying that Jess will appear in some sizzling scenes wearing a tiny bikini in a hot tub along with her co-star Dane Cook, who’ll be wearing… a thong. Ok, then.

Joe Simpson thinks otherwise: “This time she’s not a sex kitten” he says. I can’t believe Joe, an ex-pastor, is admitting that Jessica was a “sex kitten” in Dukes of Hazzard. Surely he would have been against her playing such roles?

That reportedly has Dane’s girlfriend worried. In Touch notes says Dane’s girlfriend is worried that he’ll fall for Jess and has flown in to be on set in New Mexico.

Jessica’s getting paid $1 million dollars for the role. Strangely, she only says 806 words (!) in the entire film.

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Jessica breaks down over Valentine’s Day

InTouch magazine is reporting that Jessica burst into tears on February 15th when dining with the cast of “Employee of the Month”. When someone proposed a toast to family and friends, “Jessica’s smile faded and her true emotions took over. Jessica “completely broken down… suddenly burst into tears. She told [the cast] how sad it had been to be alone on Valentine’s Day. She said she felt lost”, says someone at the dinner party.

Poor Jess - anniversaries, Christmases, Valentine’s Days and the holidays are all times when you just want to be with your loved ones. On the other hand, this is the path she’s chosen, and these are some of the harsh consquences she’ll need to deal with.

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Win Jessica’s boots

Pizza Hut has just launched a competition online where you could win an autographed pair of boots! Head over there and fill in the form to be in to win. You don’t have to buy anything.

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Divorce set to get nasty

If you were hoping for a “nice” divorce (if there’s such a thing) like Brad and Jen’s, think again. Nick filed papers at LA Superior Court on Friday where he asked for alimony, along with all the jewelry he gave Jessica and he also wants to keep all his income from after their break up.

Crazy thing to be arguing over too: Jessica says they broke up on November 23rd but Nick says it was on December 13. But there’s a reason for the argument… you guessed it: cold hard cash. Jessica did a concert worth almost one million dollars on December 5th. Nick says he’s entitled to half of that money.

The fact that Nick’s asking for the jewelry back is a strong indicator that things are going to get a lot messier for Jess and Nick this year, sadly.

The thing is though, Jess should have given back the jewerly if she didn’t want to patch things up. It wouldn’t seem right to wear jewerly from a former lover and it’s not as though she needs the money.

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Jessica to record song with Lee Ryan?

Lee Ryan

Lee Ryan - who was once in the boy band “Blue” and now has a hit solo career with songs such as “Army of Lovers” - is now hoping to record a gospel song with Jessica Simpson for his second album. No news yet from Jessica’s rep to confirm whether she’ll take him up on the offer but I think that while their voices would sound sweet together, he looks a teeny bit too much like Nick in some pictures that I’d be sad she wasn’t singing it with him.

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Back from holiday!

Hi guys,

Just got back from a holiday where we did a tonne of hiking with heavy backpacks :) I will upload some photos if any of you are interested… and back to new Jess news on Monday!!


Update: here’s the photos!

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I heard Jess’ song and felt sad :(

I was in a shop the other day and I heard “I Wanna Love You Forever” being played. I felt sad.

10,000 lifetimes together
Is that so much for you to do?

I’m not sure I want to hear about Jessica and Adam Levine, or Nick and Miss Kentucky right now sorry.

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Jessica’s New Record Deal!

Jessica Simpson has just signed a massive $35 million deal to stay with Columbia Records.

“Jessica Simpson is one of the most consistent, hard-working artists we have on our roster,” a spokesman for the label said. “She really has earned this deal. But this wasn’t an exchange of money for guaranteed anything.”

“I am so excited with this new deal and I’m looking forward to finishing my upcoming album,” Jessica Simpson said in a statement. “Columbia has
been my home since the beginning of my career. I am happy to be continuing the relationship and I look forward to working on new things with my extended family.”

Jessica Simpson’s massive contract makes her the youngest artist ever to have such a big deal.

Jessica Simpson will release four new albums and one greatest-hits compilation, and according to the contract, will get $8 million straight away.

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