Jessica Simpson Abortion Rumours

There have been a lot of people emailing me and commenting on the site about seeing rumours online about Jessica Simpson possibly having an abortion. This is a really serious matter and I don’t want to speculate about whether she might or might not have had one. If I was in her position, that would be one of the most hurful rumours for me to hear.

If she hasn’t had one, how bad do you think she’ll be feeling that people are thinking that of her? If she has had one, she will be going through a really rough time in her life. Either way, it hurts. I know she’s in the spotlight and all but she’s still human and people do deserve decency.

So, please stop emailing me about it. I don’t know if she’s had one or not. I’d like to believe she hasn’t and don’t feel like speculating further.


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Jessica to star in Lovers and Players?

Lovers & Players

Jessica has apparently bought the film rights to Jackie Collin’s brand new novel, “Lovers and Players”.

Apparently Jess has already read the book a few times and loves it and wants to play the lead role of an aspiring R&B diva (a wannabe Mariah Carey) who’s a waitress called Liberty who gets the chance of a lifetime when she meets a big hip-hop record label exec. The book is said to be something you can’t put down and is full of intrigue, revenge, romance, kinky sex, mafia, murders, drugs and fortune.

It seems a strange move to buy the film rights to the book just to secure a role in it - if someone ever wanted to make the book into a movie. Will Jess try her hand at producing or directing a movie this time? Only time will tell.

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Jessica launches yet another product

It seems a little ironic that Jess is now launching a fake product… fake hair that is. So now if we want to really look like Jess, we can have her clothing, makeup, shoes, perfume, exercise regime and hair extensions too. No thanks, I’d rather grow my hair naturally. But, each to their own.

The fake hair will be in shops in the middle of the year.

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Nick Lachey’s new video: What’s Left of Me

Vanessa Nick’s new video for “What’s Left of Me” is now out. I haven’t seen it here in New Zealand yet but it’s got Vanessa Minnillo as the girl in it (she’s a presenter on MTV and has done quite a few underwear photo shoots).

You can so feel Nick’s pain in his lyrics and wanting to escape the madness:

now I’m broken
and I’m fading
I’m half the man I thought I would be…
I’ve been dying inside

Nick’s video is said to fall along the links of Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River” - working through breakup isses in the public eye of a music video. The video has Nick and Vanessa in a house that looks really like his old Newlywed house (which they recently sold). In it, everything around him slowly vanishes and he’s left alone.

Everyone let’s say a collective “aww” for Nick and offer him a big hug. If he’s playing the sympathy card, it’s working for me :)

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Jessica to star in Dallas?

Jessica Simpson might be eyeing up a brand new movie role! This time, she’d be appearing in the remake of the hugely popular nighttime soap from the 80’s and 90’s: Dallas. The news is out that both Jess and Lindsay Lohan would love to play the part of Lucy Ewing, JR’s niece. She’d join a massive cast, with actors such as Jennifer Lopez, John Travolta, Luke Wilson, Marcia Cross, Shirley MacLaine and Bill Murray.

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The Jessica and Nick dating rumours list

Since the dating rumours seem to be new every day, I’ve decided to make up a list of all the people I hear about that Jessica or Nick have supposedly been going going on dates with or rumours of relationships. If you hear of someone else, let me know and I’ll add it here.


  • Gregory Coolidge (Producer of Employee of the Month)
  • Jude Law (Actor)
  • Adam Levine (Singer)
  • Trace Ayala (Justin Timberlake’s best friend)
  • Josh Lucas (Actor)
  • Mike Alexander (Personal trainer)
  • Johnny Knoxville (Actor)


  • Kristen Cavallari (Reality TV Star)
  • Elizabeth Arnold
  • Courtney Fob (Student)
  • Lizzie Arnold (Former Beauty Queen)
  • Cacee Cobb (Jessica’s best friend and assistant)
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Jessica’s mom supports divorce

Ok, this is a little strange. Jess’ mom Tina has apparently come out and said Jessica should always trust her instinct and follow her heart:

“I always tell my girls to trust their instincts because women have an innate sense of things. It took a lot of strength to know what she wanted to do and divorce Nick. For any person, it’s a difficult thing to do.”

I completely think that parents should be there and help their kids, no matter what decisions they make in life. But I’m not so sure if the advice of following your instinct is always so wise. Sometimes our instincts tell us just to give up and not persevere. Sometimes our instincts give us wrong first impressions of people. Sometimes our instincts get colored by our circmstances and we need people to give us perspective to our situation. That marriage is hard work and it takes more strength to work through problems than to divorce and never deal with them.

I’m becoming such less a fan of Jessica and her family because they’re not telling me anything different than anyone in Hollywood is. Have you heard Reese Witherspoon speak lately? Now there’s someone with real values, with a faith that is real. She doesn’t seem tarnished by Hollywood, fame and fortune.

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Jessica’s breakup poetry

They say that there’s nothing like a broken heart to get you writing and Jessica’s been doing just that. Since her marriage to Nick broke up at the end of last year, Jess has been writing her feelings down in poetry. And wait for it, she’s going to sell it.

Would you buy it?

I don’t know if I could bear to - I still don’t agree with her divorcing Nick and I wonder if this will be her way of justifying everything and making us feel sorry for her. Sorry Jess but maybe you should keep some things to yourself. Didn’t you learn anything from Newlyweds?

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New photos of Nick

Here’s some new photos of Nick the other night coming out of a nightclub in Westwood California at 3am. He was with his friend AJ DiScalia.

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Nick in new TV ads

Keep an eye out for ads featuring Nick Lachey and Brooke Burke - he’s helping her promote Gunnar Peterson’s exercise DVD called “Core Secret”. Gunnar is a celebrity personal trainer. Apparently he’s getting half a million dollars for the ads.

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