Nick Lachey and CaCee Cobb Rumours

National Ledger says that in the new Star magazine there’s an article about Cacee and Nick Lachey as a possible couple. Their website is down right now for me but it seems to be a rehash of old rumours that surfaced when photos were published of Nick and Cacee looking like they were flirting together in a pool a couple of years ago.

The new fuel for these rumours? CaCee has resigned her position as Jessica’s personal assistant and finished up on May 7th. Star magazine apparently says she quit because she couldn’t turn her back on Nick. And furthermore, Nick and CaCee went out clubbing together on May 1st.

Personally, I think it’s an unfounded rumour at this point. Imagine being close friends with a couple and working for one. When they break up, you’re stuck in the middle and your business dealings and personal life suddenly get all messy. It can be easier to get out before things got nasty.

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Nick’s album and conspiracy theories

Hi everyone!

I haven’t forgotten about you - I’ve just not had too much news to add here. But, I’m very excited, today my copy of Nick’s album arrived in the mail from Amazon!!! Who knows when (if ever) it’ll be released in New Zealand so I preordered a copy and patiently waited until it turned up.

I love the album - it’s so heart-felt and full of emotion. You know, I haven’t had any desire to buy SoulO but I felt compelled to buy this one after seeing the music video online and feeling so emotional when seeing the camera crew come into view and seeing the wedding ring around the girl’s neck.

I was talking about the album with my husband and said that normally when you hear sad love songs, you think of applying the words to sad times in your life. When I hear Nick’s sad love songs, I imagine every word is about events that happened betwee Nick and Jessica. It’s almost as though I don’t need to see any music videos for his album - all the images and scenes are playing in my mind. I said that this is the first time I’ve heard an album of sad love songs and thought they were coming from the heart, they were genuine, because I knew what he had been through.

My husband, the great guy he is, thought it was all an amazing publicity stunt, especially the bit with the ring on the necklace. He even predicts Nick and Jessica will do a duet next year at the Grammy’s and get back together. I hope he’s right about the getting back together bit, but hope is fading.

Imagine if it all really were a massive publicity stunt? How far do Hollywood celebs go in order to stay in the news, stay popular, stay rich and famous?

Maybe I don’t want to know.

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Nick Lachey up to #6 in the charts

Nick’s new single “What’s left of me” is climbing up the charts - jumping from #33 to #6 this week!

You can buy it here by clicking on the iTunes button:

Nick Lachey - What's Left of Me - Single - What's Left of Me (Main Version)

I just saw the video for the first time and wow. Was it ever a gut-wrenching feeling watching that. When the camera zooms out and you see the film crew - ouch. I felt a little to blame for what went on - we were the people watching their every move. Fascinating to see that the girl in the video wore the ring on a necklace - just like Jess did recently!! Is this a massive play or what?

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