“I came out wearing high heels”

Jessica makes me laugh. Here’s her latest cute funny quote:

“I think when my mum had me, I came out wearing high heels. I go to the beach in high heels. I walk around my house in high heels.”

I wish I got used to wearing high heels - my feet start hurting after a while. Hey, but whatever works for you Jess :)

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Jessica’s photo shoot too sexy

I’m sorry but when is it time for Jessica Simpson to ditch her dad as her manager and move out from the influence of her parents. Sometimes it just seems like Jessica Simpson is a 16 year old who’s parents get to make all the decisions for her (and clean up her mess) still.

I’m referring to a recent photo shoot that Jessica did for OK magazine where she was apparently photographed lying on a bed just wearing lingerie while a hunky male model was putting on his clothing in the background (with obvious implications).

The story goes that her dad, Joe Simpson (infamous for comments about Jessica’s breasts) thought it was a great idea but her mom Tina Simpson thought it’d be a bad move for Jessica’s nice-Christian-girl image and it made it look like a slut. (Hello, where was her mom while she filmed the Dukes of Hazzard video? Or the Public Affair clip for that matter.)

Rumour has it that the parents had a rather heated argument about it, to which her mom ended up winning. Others are speculating that her cover photo for the album has also been made less raunchy. I’m not so sure about the cover but one things for sure: Jessica seems to still be under her parents finger. When will she tell them to rack off, she’s a grown, divorced woman?

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Jessica Simpson’s upcoming guest appearance on The View

Be sure to check out “The View” on ABC on September 5th when Jessica Simpson is going to be a guest on the show - no doubt she’ll be talking about her brand new album, “A Public Affair”, which will have launched a few days earlier.

There will be a tonne of other appearances that Jess will be making and I’ll let you know about them as they are announced!

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A Public Affair - album cover

I’ve been watching on Amazon lately to see when they’re updating the cover image for Jessica’s album, A Public Affair. People were complaining that they’ve got the old image but today it’s been updated:

It reminds me of a J Lo photo shoot for some reason. It’s a little strange seeing Jess in such a casual t-shirt for the photo but she looks wonderful.

What do you think of the album cover?

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Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo - what do you think?

Everywhere I go, I keep hearing about “Hollywood’s newest couple”. Perhap’s it’s because Nick’s single features Vanessa taking Jessica’s role that it keeps cropping up but I’m sceptical. I find it hard to believe the tabloid rumours and until I see or hear it from the people involved myself. I still find it strange about Brad and Angelina - even though they’ve had a baby together - because I haven’t seen an interview with them professing their love for one another and saying they’re a couple.

Do you think Nick and Vanessa are actually a couple, or is it just tabliod rumours which aren’t true - or they’re distorting what’s really going on?

The latest rags have reports of Nick supposedly making out with Vanessa at a club called “Hyde” last week. And, like in the soaps, guess who is meant to have also been in the club? Jessica and her friends having a drink. An “insider” revealed that “Jessica froze in horror.”

  1. If they are a couple, so be it (I find it strange though)
  2. Why should Jessica freeze in horror? She divorced Nick, she’s flaunting her body and being rather raunchy in her new videos. In all her interviews she says she’s moved on.

What do you think?

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Jessica Simpson to host Teen Choice Awards

Watch out for Jessica on August 20th when she hosts the Teen Choice Awards 2006 (you can still vote for the awards!) with her co-star in Employee of the Month, Dane Cook.

Teen Choice 2006 will be on Fox on August 20th, 2006, at 8pm ET/PT with the red carpet pre-show starting at 7:30pm ET/PT.

Jessica says, “I’m glad I’m doing it with Dane because he’s used to the stage. I will be messing up many times, but he’s good at making it a good thing. Dane and I are very good friends. He’s an awesome guy. We talk a lot, but I’m not dating anybody.”

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A Public Affair - your opinion?

Jessica’s new album is out on August 29th and judging by her new single “A Public Affair” it’s going to be her best album yet! The song is a perfect track to put on while out running in the summer evenings, out cruising in the car with girlfriends or dancing to in the clubs. It’s a fun summery song that you can’t keep still to when it comes on and it’s the best song I’ve heard for a while! Let me know what you think of it - personally I’m so glad at this new direction Jess is taking with her music.

Listen to it now on her official site or pre-buy the album by clicking below:

A Public Affair - Prepurchase on Amazon.com

The video intro is hilarious - celebs mocking celeb stories (I wanna be so famous that I have my baby in Africa etc) - with Christina Applegate, Ryan Seacrest, Eva Longoria, Christina Milan, Andy Dick appearing in it with her. It gets a little raunchy with suggestive iceacream licking - actually licking all around - but it’s a video which will make you smile and feel happy.

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