And the band played on pushed back again

Jessica’s new album has been pushed back again, most likely as a result of her personal life and her acting committments. MTV has a good article up about her thoughts on her new album and some hints about what it’ll be like.

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6 Responses to “And the band played on pushed back again”

  1. Princy Says:

    Jessica would be wise not to release her album soon and interfere with Nick’s new album (which I think is going to do great).. His single “What’s Left Of Me” is on fire! ! ! !
    I did like Jessica’s (early released) song ‘Fired Up’ but she should get rid of that album title “And The Band Played On”.. That was a name of an aids movie in 1993….(very good movie)

  2. Princy Says:

    Very interesting MTV article, thanks Rachel…
    Like I said before “I don’t believe anything that comes out of a Simpsons’ mouth anymore”……
    (my opinion)

  3. swiss chick Says:

    I agree Princy about NIck’s single. I love it! He has a great voice and the style of the song is so fresh. I am def buying his CD….1)because I like the single, and 2)to support him. Not sure what to expect from Jessica’s CD. Her last albums were all about love, and NIck,him being her soul mate…and blah blah blah. Look where that lead.

  4. carrie Says:

    I hope Nick’s new cd does better than the last.

  5. carrie Says:

    I will definetly buy Ncik’s new cd!!!! I might buy Jess’s when the hype dies down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. carrie Says:



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