New photos of Nick

Here’s some new photos of Nick the other night coming out of a nightclub in Westwood California at 3am. He was with his friend AJ DiScalia.

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Nick starts working on a new CD

A source close to Nick Lachey told OK! magazine, “[Nick] has been focusing on work the last couple of weeks… it’s a difficult time, but you have to get on with your life and move on, so that’s what he’s doing.” He’s in the studio recording a rock-pop album - the name hasn’t been announced yet though. I’m sure it’ll be interesting to read his song lyrics (if he has a hand in writing them). Will he do a song like Justin about Britney?

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Jessica Simpson pregnant?

Star magazine published a story saying that Jessica and Nick are having a baby and that Jess is now 6 weeks pregnant!

“They tried to keep their secret to themselves. But one day recently Nick decided it was time to break the news starting with his mum, Cate. Jessica’s got to be pregnant. She’s smirking like she knows something nobody else does and she’s eating like a horse.” says the magazine.

The number of times silly pregnancy rumours come out, I’m not holding my breath that Jessica is expecting, but it would be very exciting for them if she was!

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Jessica calls Ashley “so stupid”

Jessica Simpson was overheard telling her mom Tina during the Accessories Council ACE awards in New York:

“Mom, Ashlee is so stupid. She left the popcorn in the microwave and almost burned the house down.”

Like none of us have said things like that to our family about our siblings… must be a slow news day when Jessica’s private conversation makes headlines. Besides, it is a stupid thing to go. Hehe, go Jess!

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Jessica and Ashley are best friends

Aww, how sweet :)

“People always ask if there is competition but we are very different people and we just adore each other. Both of us like each other’s music. Jessica told me the other day that she listens to my CD very night before she goes on stage. That was cool.”, said Ashlee.

“Ashlee, my mom and I are all best friends.”, said Jessica.

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Jessica doesn’t want Ashley blonde?

A source tells Life & Style Weekly that Jessica Simpson isn’t happy sister Ashlee Simpson has dyed her hair back to blonde. “Jess has not only asked her sister to change her hair color back to brunette, but she’s begged their father — who manages them — to ask her to do so,” the source said. Source

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Nick Lachey’s tired of the rumours

Nick Lachey is becoming increasingly frustrated with false reports about the demise of his relationship with his wife Jessica Simpson:

“It’s more frustrating than anything else. You have friends and family reading (the tabloid stories), wondering, ‘Is this true?’ I think we were just shocked by how long these fabricated stories continue to stay out there. No matter what you do, people just spin it and misinterpret it. You’d be called defensive if you answer it, but if you don’t, there must be something wrong ’cause you’re not answering. You can’t win. You just gotta learn to ignore it and know it’ll pass. Like anything else, it’ll come full circle, and they’ll be loving you by then. If people have the desire to talk trash about you, at least they’re interested in what you’re doing.”


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The Nick Lachey Project - Information

Now Nick is going solo in a quest to jumpstart his musical career with a new MTV show of his own and a new album slated to be released later this year.

“The Nick Lachey Project” will follow Nick through the entire process from Nick building a studio inside his home, hiring producers and writers, signing with Jive Records, part of the Zomba Label Group, recording, and finally working with the label to get his CD in stores.


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Jessica Simpson buys Nick Lachey a Ferrari for Christmas!

Pop beauty Jessica Simpson gave her husband Nick Lachey a dream gift over the Christmas holidays - a FERRARI! The singer, who has been married to Lachey for two years, decided to spare no expense on her beau, and was thrilled when she received a large, flawless emerald ring in return. She coos, “We had a big Christmas. I’ll be wearing my ring with my T-shirts!”


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Jessica: Female Star of The Year

JESSICA SIMPSON is the big winner in American magazine IN TOUCH’s end-of-year (04) readers’ poll, claiming the Female Star of The Year and one half of the Couple of The Year with husband NICK LACHEY. Congratulations Jessica and Nick!


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