Jessica in W magazine

In the upcoming issue of W magazine (out March 17th), Jessica gives a new interview on life after being happily married and there’s a four page photo shoot of her too.

“I don’t know what happened to me. It’s so strange. I’m just proud of allowing myself to think and to act and to be. I just feel alive. I feel free. I feel like I can do anything and there’s nobody to answer to but myself. I’m just proud of allowing myself to think and to act and to be…I didn’t want to let my fans down, my family down. But then you just have to realize that if you’re not happy, you can’t make anybody else happy. When you walk away from something and there’s no gravitational pull, then you know you’re doing the right thing.” says Jess in the interview.

Jess has been frustrated by the papparrazzi and even went to the extreme of renting a dozen different cars and hiding in the trunk of a car in just one day!

“I can’t save anything from being talked about. It’s so cruel and I just try not to let it affect me, whatever everybody was thinking about me. If I did, I don’t think I’d be here right now. I feel like everybody’s always out to get me, and that’s a weird feeling. But you can let the chaos consume you or you can stand next to the chaos and just walk along with it.”

She admits that she still talks to Nick often and thinks he’s one of her best friends and says their breakup isn’t as crazy as the media makes you think it is.

“I love life. I’m very blessed with where I’m at.”

More in W magazine!

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Jessica and Ashlee Simpson together on Teen People magazine

Teen People - Jessica and Ashlee Simpson

The December/January issue of Teen People, on newsstands November 4th, will feature both Jessica and Ashlee Simpson — the first time the sisters have ever appeared on a magazine cover together!

For Ashlee, it’s clear that she is now in charge. “I’ve had to learn that my voice is the most important one,” Ashlee asserts. “Otherwise I’ll drown in what everyone wants me to be.” Ashlee also talks openly about her now infamous debacle on Saturday Night Live. “It’s like people saying I can’t sing when I know I can,” says Ashlee. “Yea I messed up in front of everybody,” she continues. “I love to sing. It’s a joy to me. I don’t do it for anyone else — I do it for me.”

Jessica speaks candidly about her tumultuous year and the never-ending pursuit by the paparazzi. “They run red lights to catch me,” she says. “One time they almost hit this mom with a baby stroller!” Jessica also opens up about seeing a therapist. “Yes, I have,” says Jessica. “I respect knowledge of the psyche. I would be a therapist if I weren’t an entertainer.”

Jessica, who has spent the last few months denying reports of an impending split from husband Nick Lachey, tells TEEN PEOPLE: “Hopefully mine and Nick’s story will continue for the rest of our lives, like what we vowed, through sickness and in health.”

Jessica does tell TEEN PEOPLE that these times have brought her and Ashlee closer than ever. Perhaps that’s why it was time to pose together. “We are completely different people, different artists but at the end of the day we love music, we love each other, we love our family, we share a lot of the same interests but a lot of people would not know that until you read TEEN PEOPLE, which I think is very cool.”

“Ashlee and Jessica Simpson are quite different when it comes to their music and their personalities, but loving sisters nonetheless. Each of them has worked with TEEN PEOPLE since before they made it big, so we’re thrilled to have them both on our cover this month.”

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No more reality shows for Jessica and Nick

This quote is from a recent interview that Jess did:

“No more reality shows. I think that people have seen a lot of our reality. More than anything, we enjoy doing our ABC variety specials. We might do a couple more of those. Everybody always asks me how I deal with the rumors: you just have to let it roll off your shoulders. I’d be nervous if they weren’t wanting to write about me. In some ways, you just have to look at it as a compliment and just keep going and hope that your character will prove all the false wrong.”

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Jessica on The Bert Show, Q100

Jessica Simpson spoke with The Bert Show on Q100 in Atlanta about the rumors of her affair with co-star Johnny Knoxville, as well as how rumors like that even get started. She also talked about how she changed her body for the role of Daisy Duke. Listen to the interview here.

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Jessica Simpson in OK! magazine interview

Hi guys! Here’s some quotes from Jess’ interview in OK! magazine about her future plans:

“If I got pregnant, I’d be ecstatic, but we’re not trying. We’re definitely practising though! There’s still so much stuff that we want to do together. We’d still like to do some mission work, visit Third World countries - I have this whole plan to save the world. I’ve been visiting orphanages with my parents since I was a little girl. That has taught me so much about friendship and family. I definitely want to adopt. I don’t know if we’ll do it first or after, but we will.”

Here’s some quotes about when she met Angelina Jolie recently:

“Angelina is one of my biggest role models. I got to interview her recently. I didn’t know her at all, but just sitting in front of her, I felt this incredible peace. She was breathtaking. I couldn’t help but stare, but it’s her inner beauty that you really feel. She’s had her struggles and she’s been open and honest and I love that about her.”

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New Jessica Simpson Interview!

You looked like you had fun playing up the sex appeal of this character. Is there a line you won’t cross?

Oh, there’s a lot of lines I won’t cross. I did have fun playing up the sex appeal of Daisy Duke because she’s a woman, she’s a smart woman and she definitely knows how to use her body! [giggles]

Did you learn anything from her?

I took a lot away from the set. I took a lot from Baton Rouge and just being in the Daisy Duke shorts.

How would you say she’s smart?

Um, she was the brains behind getting everybody out of trouble all the time. She would always undo everything that was all wound up.

What was it in your audition that impressed the directors?

My first audition I was very shy. I was really shy. I didn’t nail my first audition. I had to come back. They wanted to screen-test me anyway because it was already in the press that I had the role! That put pressure on me already, it was something that I wanted really bad, but I should have never said it to the press – I should never have said that I wanted the role. But actually, doing that, it – I told myself that you have to get this. When you walk in to do that screen-test, you have to walk in as Daisy Duke. So I went and worked one time with acting coach Larry Moss. He was basically saying, Just do what you’re doing. I was confident – y’know, he has trained a lot of amazing women like Hillary Swank for Million Dollar Baby. I was like, all right! I’m gonna go out there and do what I was doing. And just do what I would do.

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Jessica Simpson on July cover of GQ

Jessica Simpson sits on the floor of a Los Angeles recording studio, golden hair tumbling, sundress hiked over honey brown knees, skin glowing in the aromatherapy candlelight. She’s the picture of corn-fed health, voluptuous yet surprisingly petite. But a shade of unrest clouds her fine features.

What an enigma, this Bible Belt–raised, teen-pop-honed, reality-TV child bride. True, over three seasons of MTV’s Newlyweds, she has amassed the most astounding collection of blond sound bites in the modern age—including three abortive attempts to pronounce the word Massachusetts. Yet later reports hint at subterfuge behind the seduction. Husband Nick Lachey cites her “very deep, intellectual” aspect as key to his love. Her mom once put her IQ at a genius-level 160, suggesting that an anguished intelligence might lurk behind the telegenic facade. Read more »

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Interviewing Jessica

We just can’t get enough of Jessica Simpson. She’s in the paper almost daily about anything from the wandering eyes of her hubby/singer Nick Lachey to being sued by a beauty product company to her former reality show.

On getting that perfect Daisy booty:
“I’m trying. Trust me. I can’t even walk! I have a white-girl booty. For the past four days I’ve been in the gym 3 hours a day, so it’s going to be interesting to see if I can walk anywhere! I’m having to watch my diet, watch everything.”

On dieting:
“I learnt you can eat bread, but if you have it in the morning, don’t have it with dinner. Or have it - but don’t soak it in Alfredo sauce.”

On her charity Operation Smile:
“I love to be involved with children’s charities just because obviously they are our future, and I’ve really had a soft heard for kids ever since I was a kid. My dad was a minister, so we would go over to Mexico and to third-world countries and work in orphanages, and it always impacted me how much these kids smiled when they had absolutely nothing. What I love so much about Operation Smile is that you’re actually giving somebody a chance to smile.”

Jessica on her fashion icons:
“Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe. Brigitte Bardot is the all-time sexiest woman - curvy, voluptuous, just breathtaking.”

Favourite styles:
“Old Hollywood glamour, curve hugging, timeless, elegant looks.”

Outfit she most regrets:
“Dressing in a way where you’re not yourself. Life, I don’t have a specific outfit in mind because I love all the outfits that I’ve worn. But trying to be a pop start, trying to have an image when I’m not that kind of person. I don’t want the leather and the chains and the midriff and the head mike, that’s just not me.”

Anything you’ve worn that you’ve said, ‘I wish I hadn’t worn that’?
“No, I mean, back in the day. On my last album, yeah. I wish I wouldn’t have worn anything. Because it was all made. It wasn’t a designer. I love designers.”

Anything you would NEVER wear?
“Anything too exposing. You can expose in different kinds of ways. Too much skin is too much for the eye; it’s better to leave something to the imagination. If you wear a curvy Narciso Rodriquez dress people know what’s underneath, just as long as it fits your curves, that’s what’s hot.”

What styles look best on your body?
“Everything has to be fitted at the waist, otherwise it looks maternity.”

Source: New Idea, March 5, 2005

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Nick and Jessica on ET

Watch the video here.

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Newlyweds wins favorite reality based TV show

Pop star Jessica Simpson and husband Nick Lachey, fronting the vocal foursome 98°, were announced the winners for favorite reality-based program - 24/7 for Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica at the 31st Annual People’s Choice Awards held at the Pasadena Civic Center in California on January 9.

In her interview to TV entertainment show Access Hollywood, Simpson expressed her sympathy to Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, who have recently announced their split. “Any marriage is tough,” she said. “You go through struggles and it’s work. You have to make it happen.”

“I think they probably issued a statement because they thought they owed it to their fans,” AP reported Simpson’s admiration for the way Pitt and Aniston dealt with their breakup. “There are people who are fans of them together, and it’s good to hear from the person and not believe the lies.”

In November, Simpson, whose two-year-marriage has been surrounded by media speculation and gossiping, denied rumors about her rocky relationships with Lachey. “Our relationship is better than it’s ever been. We are absolutely not breaking up,” she told People magazine.


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