Jessica Simpson to star in “Room Service”

Room Service is a rags-to-riches comedy:

“Katya Morgan (Jessica Simpson) is a rich, pampered heiress who spends her days shopping, partying, and chasing guys… until she is disinherited from the family fortune by her father. With no money to her name, and no job skills, Katya takes a job as a maid at the plush swank Royal Palmetto hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona. But when she falls for Alex Sheridan, the general manager of the hotel where she works, Katya learns that getting what you don’t want can sometimes be the best reward of all.” (Source)

The film is currently in production and slated for release in 2006. It’s based on the novel by Beverly Brandt.

“Simpson will play Katya Morgan, a Paris Hilton type who’s always getting into trouble — until she gets the news of her father’s death. In short order, the character goes from luxuriating in a villa to cleaning toilets and making beds to pay off her bill in the Scottsdale, Arizona, hotel where she stayed during her father’s funeral…”

“‘I’m hoping there’s a few scenes they won’t change,” Brandt said, “like when Katya is at her stepmother’s house five miles away from town, and she won’t let her in, and she has to pee. She can’t walk in to town in time, so she’s squatting with the scorpions when the police come to arrest her. Or when she’s at a charity benefit, and she doesn’t realize at first that they’re auctioning off her belongings. When she does, she starts stuffing her shoes down her shirt. They end up tackling her on the stairs, and the shoes go everywhere.’

Beverly is thrilled about the casting choice, saying, “I think she is perfect for the role.” There is no news yet as to when the movie is set to go into production, but we’ll be sure to let you know. Subscribe to Beverly’s no-spam newsletter and be sure to get notified of future big news. (Source)

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