Music psychology

I wonder how many times Jessica Simpson thought about this every time she chose a song for her albums?

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A Public Affair - album cover

I’ve been watching on Amazon lately to see when they’re updating the cover image for Jessica’s album, A Public Affair. People were complaining that they’ve got the old image but today it’s been updated:

It reminds me of a J Lo photo shoot for some reason. It’s a little strange seeing Jess in such a casual t-shirt for the photo but she looks wonderful.

What do you think of the album cover?

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Jessica to record song with Lee Ryan?

Lee Ryan

Lee Ryan - who was once in the boy band “Blue” and now has a hit solo career with songs such as “Army of Lovers” - is now hoping to record a gospel song with Jessica Simpson for his second album. No news yet from Jessica’s rep to confirm whether she’ll take him up on the offer but I think that while their voices would sound sweet together, he looks a teeny bit too much like Nick in some pictures that I’d be sad she wasn’t singing it with him.

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Jessica’s New Record Deal!

Jessica Simpson has just signed a massive $35 million deal to stay with Columbia Records.

“Jessica Simpson is one of the most consistent, hard-working artists we have on our roster,” a spokesman for the label said. “She really has earned this deal. But this wasn’t an exchange of money for guaranteed anything.”

“I am so excited with this new deal and I’m looking forward to finishing my upcoming album,” Jessica Simpson said in a statement. “Columbia has
been my home since the beginning of my career. I am happy to be continuing the relationship and I look forward to working on new things with my extended family.”

Jessica Simpson’s massive contract makes her the youngest artist ever to have such a big deal.

Jessica Simpson will release four new albums and one greatest-hits compilation, and according to the contract, will get $8 million straight away.

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Jessica’s Album Delayed?

I was wondering why we haven’t been hearing too much about Jessica’s new album “And the Band Played On” which was originally set to be released next month but now MTV is saying that it won’t be coming out until May or June 2006!!! I was so looking forward to hearing some new music from Jess cos I wasn’t the biggest fan of Boots.

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Jessica’s new album - And the band played on

Jessica’s new album will be released sometime in November 2005 and she’s the executive producer on it. Other producers are Corey Rooney, Scott Storch, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Rumour has it her first single will be called “Fire it up”.

Song titles (tentative list):

  • All Of My Life - Written by: Andrew Fromm, Gary Baker, Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson
  • “Fantasize” - Written by: Guy Chambers & Jessica Simpson
  • “I Want” - Written by: Jane Bach, Tamara Hyler & Jessica Simpson
  • “King Of Love” - Written by: Guy Chambers & Jessica Simpson
  • “Made To Order Miracle” - Written by: Robert Orrall, Robert Palmer & Jessica Simpson
  • “Midsummer Sky” - Written by: Guy Roche, Jessica Simpson & Elizabeth Vidal
  • “Shine” - Written by: Edward Hill, Jessica Simpson & Michelle Lewis
  • “Show Me How” - Written by: Gordon Kennedy, Wayne Kirkpatrick & Jessica Simpson
  • “The Way I’ve Changed” - Written by: Adrienne Follese & Jessica Simpson
  • “Through My Eyes” - Written by: James Harry, Ed Hill & Jessica Simpson
  • “Whatcha Gonna Do?” - Written by: Robert Orrall, Robert Palmer & Jessica Simpson
  • “You Can’t” - Written by: Matthew Gerrard, Trina Harmon & Jessica Simpson
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Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey - New albums!

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey are both working on new albums and they’re ready “to step out and really make an impact on the music scene once again,” says Lachey.

Jessica is happy about being in control of her as-yet-untitled follow-up to In This Skin.

Read more here.

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Jessica Simpson in Michigan

Jessica will be singing at the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort (Mt.Pleasant Mi) 6800 Soaring Eagle Boulevard on August 25th at 8 pm. Tickets will be going on sale in July!

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Jessica and Nick record new albums

JESSICA SIMPSON and NICK LACHEY are both recording new albums after taking time out to make movies and star in the reality TV show.

Jessica’s currently working on songs for the film’s soundtrack, including a duet with co-star WILLIE NELSON.

“I was just in the studio with JIMMY JAM and TERRY LEWIS recording the single. I can’t wait for people to hear it… I can’t give away any of my new secrets.”

Former 98 DEGREES singer Lachey is working on the follow up to his debut solo album SOULO in a custom-built studio at the couple’s luxurious home.

He says, “It’s definitely not gonna be the straight-ahead pop ballad thing that people have been used to hearing from me. I’m trying to mix it up a little bit. Part of the beauty of music is experimentation and kind of finding yourself and your direction.

“That’s what I’ve been doing the past few months - writing and singing and ‘demoing’ and getting back to the kind of musical frame of mind and what it is that I really want to do.”


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Jessica Simpson to sing with Westlife

JESSICA SIMPSON is set to record a song with Irish boyband WESTLIFE in a bid to boost her profile in Europe.

Westlife - currently on a sellout tour - will record a new album later this year and duet with the blonde.

“The band will be going into the studio in July and can’t wait. Jessica’s a real character and is huge in America,” says our insider.
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