Newlyweds - final season DVD - out now!

Anyone bought it and can tell us about the extra features on the DVD? It does seem a little strange to be thinking about Newlyweds after the sad news of their separation. I wonder if it’ll affect the sales or not?

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Newlyweds on DVD

Great news - Paramouint will release “Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica - The Complete Second & Third Seasons” on DVD this June 7th. Extras include “Never-Before-Seen footage”, “‘Happy Birthday, Jessica, From Nick” Special”, “A Nick & Jessica MTV Timeline”, “Newlyweds promos and more!” Source

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Nick & Jessica’s Tour of Duty

On Monday, May 23, the network will unveil the celebrity couple’s third variety-show two-hour special, “Nick & Jessica’s Tour of Duty.” The focus of the show will be on entertaining U.S. troops stationed overseas.

“Tour of Duty” will feature appearances by Willie Nelson, country stars Big & Rich, Jimmy Kimmel, Brian McKnight and Lachey’s brother Drew. ABC also says Simpson and Lachey will deliver “emotional surprises from home” to some of the troops. Source

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Nick and Jessica show really ending

Say goodbye to “The Newlyweds.” The MTV reality show airs its last episode at 10 tonight after three seasons that revived the career of former boy band member and Cincinnatian Nick Lachey, and helped make the career of his wife, Jessica Simpson.

If one believes the tabloids these days, the show and marriage are really over, but that is a real reality story still to play out.

All we know is, last June Simpson told The Post the couple had agreed to do one last MTV season and seemed content that the public aspect of their life be over, having served its marketing purposes.

“That’s it. After that, no more cameras,” she said at the time.

The MTV show has followed the couple through 30 episodes documenting the first 2½ years of their marriage.

This season, the two acted more like a settled married couple, moving on with their lives together and separately. We saw them romantically touring Napa Valley wine country, Jessica starting a movie career in “Dukes of Hazzard,” and Nick getting back to recording.

There was the Christmas in New York with Nick’s Cincinnati family and a recent cute episode about limiting what they spend on Valentines Day.

Nick proposed $10, Jessica argued she is worth $20. Nick came in at $16, Jessica barely held herself to $90.

And there was the lost boys wild weekend in Cabo where Nick and his friends manage to trash a Baja car with a minor $10,000 in damages. But we also saw Nick and Jessica pine for each other as their work schedules kept them apart

It short, it was a cozy fun season befitting an “old married couple” and didn’t make for especially great TV. There were few Jessica-isms like the infamous “chicken or tuna” remark. Simpson’s impulses were probably right: The show needs to end.

Of course, through it all, we never really know what is reality - the cuddly TV show documenting the couple’s comings and goings or the recent tabloid headlines suggesting a divorce is imminent.

Viewers will next see Nick trying to revive his music career in what’s tentatively being called “The Nick Lachey Project,” a new reality series tracking his recording and marketing a new album.

MTV has not yet announced an air date for the project, possibly debuting in June.


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Newlyweds: Tonight’s Show

On tonight’s episode of the Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica, at 10:00 p.m. on MTV. Jessica spills something on her dress. Nick and Jessica are in Miami with friends and attend the Orange Bowl, where they watch Ashlee’s halftime performance. Nick starts building a recording studio for his next album and Jessica takes driving lessons for her role in “The Dukes of Hazzard” movie.

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Is ‘Newlyweds’ Star Jessica Simpson Pregnant?

“I thought I was for a split second because the entire media was saying that I was, and I thought that everybody knew before I even knew, so you’ll see a scare there,” Jessica told Access.

In the March 3 episode of “Newlyweds,” Jessica takes a home pregnancy test to “make sure the rumors aren’t true.”

So just how does such a rumor get started? It turns out an item ran in a NY paper in February, claiming that Simpson was indeed preggers.

“Well, there was a rumor that I was pregnant — actually it was a month ago,” revealed Jessica. “I began to believe the rumor because I was very, very sick and could not stop, you know [vomiting].”

In fact, at a press conference back in January for her new line of edible body products called Dessert, Jessica warned the media she wasn’t feeling well.

“I kind of have a flu bug but I’m not pregnant, I’m not pregnant. That’s not what it is… but I just have an upset stomach,” said Jessica.

While promoting the new enhanced version of her CD “In This Skin” on “TRL,” Jessica offered her opinion on how the rumor got started.

“Well, I think I said I wanted a dog and people thought I wanted a baby,” she said.


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Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy Party

I’m curious about Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. They came to Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party with her dad and manager Joe. I know they posed for paparazzi, but it’s unclear if they stayed. Despite the constant tabloid rumors, Nick and Jessica remain stuck together with no visible complaints. But they’re thrilled to be done with their reality show.

“We have three days of shooting left and that’s it, thank God,” he said.

He just signed with Jive Records and will have his own show on MTV. She just wrapped playing Daisy in “The Dukes of Hazard” movie.


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Episode 304 - Newlyweds Season 3 Recap and Transcript

Will be coming shortly after the show is aired. If anyone wants to help me out with writing it, please leave a comment!

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Episode 303 - Newlyweds Season 3 Recap and Transcript

The show starts with Jessica on stage at a concert and she’s interrupted by Nick on a large screen talking to her -

“Jessica I’m so sorry I couldn’t be with you there in Dallas, your home town, on your birthday - I sent something over to the venue which I’m hoping is going to make things a little better.”

Suddenly he walks in with a little puppy under his arm, Daisy! She rushes over and is so excited, she mentions something about the dog having big toenails (?!).

Six months later…

Nick tells off Daisy for pooping on the carpet. Jessica doesn’t feel like picking it up.


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Episode 303 - Daisy trained!

Next time on Newlyweds:

Daisy goes in for a checkup at the vet so she can start being trained but Jessica and Nick have differences of opinions on the method.

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