Jessica and Ashley are best friends

Aww, how sweet :)

“People always ask if there is competition but we are very different people and we just adore each other. Both of us like each other’s music. Jessica told me the other day that she listens to my CD very night before she goes on stage. That was cool.”, said Ashlee.

“Ashlee, my mom and I are all best friends.”, said Jessica.

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Jessica tells Britney to quit

Jessica Simpson has told Britney Spears to quit her reality TV show before it takes over and ruins her life: “Only do one season and make sure your contract is good. We were locked in. We thought it was going to be a six-episode documentary about being a newlywed. It ended up being two years.”

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Dukes of Hazzard News

Here’s some quotes from Jessica:

“I’m not really into the deep drama roles. I wanted to see myself up on the big screen. When I found out they were making the movie, it was a dream role for me. I wanted people to know that I’m a strong woman. I went after this role as hard as I could. I went straight to the gym. I had to look good in a bikini. When I found out I got the role, I hired a trainer, a dear friend from high school, and trained six days a week for two hours a day. I’m definitely shy. I don’t even walk around in my bathing suit at the beach. So it was definitely acting for me to drop the coat and be in a bikini and try to get my cousins out of trouble by using my body. That was definitely acting. I had to feel comfortable. I had to be proud, had to walk confident. But they didn’t get too short. My butt cheeks were never hanging out. Dolly Parton is my favorite. I love Dolly so much as a woman, as an entertainer, as a personality. I’m such a blonde. It just doesn’t make sense for me to have dark hair. I don’t think people would take me seriously. They take me seriously as a blonde.”

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Jessica praises Nick

Jessica Simpson said, “I’m married, and my husband is my romance.” Simpson tells GQ magazine the story about her having affair with Johnny Knoxville were way off: “We both laughed about that. I really adore Johnny Knoxville, I think he’s great. If people wanna make that romantic, they can.”


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Let’s talk about sex

“I have fantastic sex. My body was made for sin. But I’m not domesticated. I’ve never used an iron or a washing machine and I can’t dust, cook or Hoover.” - Jessica Simpson.

But she CAN wash a car! Donning a skimpy bikini to tackle the famous General Lee for the film soundtrack video, Jessica showed why hubby Nick Lachey isn’t complaining. She also revealed how she kept the brakes on their lovemaking until Nick made her his wife. Jessica, 24, a Baptist minister’s daughter, explained: “I didn’t want to give that part of me to anybody but the person I marry. After that the sex was incredible …darn red-hot. I couldn’t believe I’d let myself miss out for so long!”


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Jessica’s fed up with the rumours

Jessica’s finally spoken out on “those rumours” to US Weekly - she says that nothing happened with Johnny Knoxville. Johnny has come out previously, saying the rumour was complete rubbish.

“I adore Johnny - we worked together and that’s all that happened. I am tired of the lies. It gets old. Nick and I are strong. It makes some people feel better to think we aren’t. But we are. We are so in love. That is the truth. I can’t worry too much about anything else.”

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Nick Lachey’s tired of the rumours

Nick Lachey is becoming increasingly frustrated with false reports about the demise of his relationship with his wife Jessica Simpson:

“It’s more frustrating than anything else. You have friends and family reading (the tabloid stories), wondering, ‘Is this true?’ I think we were just shocked by how long these fabricated stories continue to stay out there. No matter what you do, people just spin it and misinterpret it. You’d be called defensive if you answer it, but if you don’t, there must be something wrong ’cause you’re not answering. You can’t win. You just gotta learn to ignore it and know it’ll pass. Like anything else, it’ll come full circle, and they’ll be loving you by then. If people have the desire to talk trash about you, at least they’re interested in what you’re doing.”


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Jessica Simpson’s self esteem issues

“I didn’t start feeling comfortable in my own skin until I was 20. That’s when you begin to accept your flaws because you can’t change them.

Before that I had notes taped on my mirror saying, ‘you’re beautiful in this skin’. I told myself that every day and eventually I got married and fell madly in love with my husband who loves every inch of me. I realised I didn’t have to compete with anybody and people liked me for me. Mess-ups and all.

One thing that drives me crazy about myself is that I lose everything. I’m a disaster. And I watch the show and cringe - could I say, ‘I’m so tired’ any more?!”


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Burt Reynolds praises Jessica Simpson

Reynolds most enjoyed working alongside Jessica Simpson in her Daisy Dukes. “She really got in shape,” said the actor, who bonded on the set with Simpson’s grandpa, who, like Reynolds, was a football jock. “If I’d had Jessica’s legs, I would have been All-American.”

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Johnny Knoxville supports Jessica and Nick

Former ‘Jackass’ star Johnny Knoxville shot down rumors of marital troubles between his ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ co-star Jessica Simpson and hubby Nick Lachey. “It’s such bullshit,” Knoxville insisted. “He visits her on the set, and she is just the sweetest girl.”


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