Christians protest over Jessica’s video

Jessica Simpson’s video for ‘These Boots are Made for Walking’ featured on the new Dukes of Hazzard movie being released August 5th 2005 has the Christian group ‘The Resistance’ calling for a re-shoot.

In the steamy video Jessica Simpson dances like a stripper, grinding her butt on old men, and kisses Willie Nelson. At the end of the video she prances around in a bikini while washing the General Lee. “She should be ashamed of her self” says John Conner, spokesperson for ‘The Resistance’ and author of ‘The Resistance Manifesto.’

“It’s disappointing to have Jessica, a pastor’s daughter and Christian role model, join the ranks of the ’singing strippers’ such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera” explains Connor. “She has one of the most beautiful voices, and is a very beautiful girl, but it’s sad to see her whore her self out like this. What’s worse is that pastor, Joe Simpson is Jessica’s manager, as well as her father.


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  1. Taylor Says:

    if u don’t like have two options and they are as follows:

    1.) don’t watch it

    2.) get over it and complain all u please but they arent gunna change anything for u. its an industry.

    thank you!

  2. yag Says:

    jessica should be ashame as a christian she should be cover up and not be making soft porno music video her video is a mess.she make britney and christiana look 1,000,ooo,000 times better than her which they are to me because none of their video is that digusting . God will punish jessica she not a singer she don’t even have 1 hits the only thing that made her sucessful was her relity show that it beside that no want no her as a singer or can name her songs like brit and chris. she will be charaterize as using sex to sell which she is. let see how much she will music sell by exposing herself this much not a dam thing. she is a slut and whore let it be said. God will punish her for her sin Example of that punishment her movie may not be release and if it is release it will flop. she will not see no alblum she has not even sold 10 million alblums like those girls before she acting like a stripper. mandy morre is 100000 better than jessica. jessica should not even come out in the feture to say some one pressure her because she always have lies to tell about being pressure to be like chris and brit,those girls are on break right now so no excuse. her father he sikens me he is not a pastor as far as i am concern.

  3. christina Says:

    why don’y you work on ur spelling b4 you start to judge her.

  4. I agree Says:

    I agree, I love Jessica Simpson, I think she has an amazing voice and she’s really pretty! But why she pulled a sexy stripper video like that out I don’t know…she always said she just acts like herself, I don’t think that’s her at all, so whatever producer pushed that kind of video needs to be fired. I am very dissapointed in this video, and she sounds gross! She’s not singing like she did in her past album. I hope all the songs aren’t like that or I won’t be buying this CD.

  5. Angela Says:

    Hey Guys! I am a big fan of Jessica. The fact is that sex sells. If that weren’t true then Britney Spears would never have been so successful. Britney Spears is an entertainer, not singer, so it’s not fair to compare her and Jessica. That being said, I am a little disapointed in Jessica’s video, but I’m keeping the perspective that perhaps she made this video beacuse it’s her playing Daisy Duke. Jessica worked hard to keep her morals a high priority, even if that meant having lower sales. I truly believe she’s a good person and I guess her next album will tell where her focus is this time around. Let’s all hope it’s the same Jessica we know and love!

  6. LaRae Says:

    I agree with all of you, in some degree. Sure, sex DOES sell in our society, but Jessica is also a self-proclaimed “Christian” and to attach that title to you, means attaching ALL of yourself to that title, not just your Sunday mornings. On one hand, sure she might be trying to sell albums and “join the ranks” of her fellow female pop-stars, but COME ON, does she have to go that far? I mean, she has raw talent, an adorable personality and a great look, I don’t think she had to go this far. Also, her father is a MINISTER….and frankly, by him being her manager and agreeing and possibly encouraging (no one knows) her to participate in these videos, movies, etc. is downright shameful. Im not going to go all radical and scream “JESSICA AND HER DAD ARE GONNA BURN IN HELL!”…because the Lord knows that I am just as much a sinner and needing of God’s grace as the next human being (i dont strip or do any of that junk, but you know what I mean), but I would love it if she recognized herself as the rolemodel she is and stepped up to the plate as that rolemodel. I think she is a great girl and quite a sweet person, but has just made a few harming career and life choices. I’m sure the allure of fame and fortune has gotten her caught, but there is so much more to life than just getting rich and famous and “being a good person”. Jessica knows what else there is “more to life” and I know one day she’ll recognize that. Until then, I just pray she realizes the tremendous impact she is having on the youth of our society, male AND female. Furthermore, I once heard her comment on the wanning provocativity of her clothing (how it’s gone downhill) and she responded with “Now that I’m married, I can dress that way!” Miss Jessica, our brothers in Christ are trying to live a life of purity both physically and mentally and by you “dressing whichever way you want now that you are married” doesn’t just have an effect on your beloved, it has an effect on ALL MEN. You are simply way too naive if you believe that you’re husband is the only man lusting after you! Don’t want to end on a sour note, so I hope ya’ll ALL understand the complexity of the situation, it’s not just “black and white”, it’s MUCH deeper than that! Goodbye and Goodnight!

  7. \..oralee..// Says:

    shez a slutt

  8. Sam Says:

    Whats the matter with you guys?!
    This is an ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. So basically if you dont go with the flow, people will step on you and toss you over. Jessica is promoting her new movie which will be out in august i think, and in that movie she will be in a bikini most of the time based on HER ROLE. So when you see artists in music videos now-a-days, they are not protraying themselves, they are protraying an artist of the millenium, and if that takes taking off their clothes, then that is what the pop industry’s requirement is. Wether you hate it or not, thats reality.

  9. Denise Says:


  10. Joe Says:

    Once your in the entertainment industry, you become part of that family, doesnt matter what religion you belong to. So you guys should post complaints on people in your everyday lives rather than dwelling on an industry where one becomes a product.

  11. hippo Says:

    jessica simpson IS a slut and she sings about as well as her sister. i don’t think there should be a reshoot because that song doesn’t deserve a video in the first place…

  12. Courtney Says:

    hey dont diss jessica just cuz shes tryin somethin new. its probably just a phase get over it!

  13. Denise Says:

    Not all things which are new are good and to be applauded.

  14. M Says:

    Idiots. Where does it say that a Christian can’t be sexy? I don’t think it’s a whorish video at all, and I am a Christian. So get over yourselves, that video is great, and she’s finally shaking off her goody-goody image which was cute for awhile, but never sent her to number one!

  15. Denise Says:

    Read your bible matey.

  16. M Says:

    denise, you’re retarded

  17. Denise Says:

    I’m being serious - there’s lots of stuff in the bible about not causing your brother to lust etc.

  18. daisy Says:

    well, Denise, why don’t you prove it and tell us where to find those passages in the bible.

  19. Standup Says:

    Jessica is an adult! I am a christian, and for years shes been the perfect role modle, but I am growing up too, and starting to have more sex appeal… Why can’t Jessica? Everyone grows up, and becuase shes famous shes just becoming more sexual infront of everyone… its no big deal… it happens to everyone. Ofcourse Jessica will always be the sweetest… shes just proving shes happy with herself and her body, and she should!!! i love the video!

  20. Denise Says:

    Here’s an example:

    “I also want women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety” (1 Timothy)

  21. SARAH Says:


  22. daisy Says:

    Good for you Denise for finding an example but you didn’t quote the whole verse. “I also want women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God.” - 1 Timothy 2:9-10 Don’t you think in our day a lot of good Christian women braid their hair and wear gold and pearls. You can’t just pick to follow half the quote if you are going to be literally following the bible. I’m really curious what definition of Christian some of you are trying to apply to Jessica? Is not a Christian simply someone who proclaims Jesus as their Lord and Saviour?

  23. Denise Says:

    Yes - but not just with their mouth.

  24. Melanie Paddles Says:

    I think that Jessica is a very pretty girl and can show off her body but not the way that she did in her video she looked like she would be standing on the street. I think that it was very wrong of her to act like that if she is a christian!! I have been a fan of Jessica for as long as I can remember, but if she is going to start acting like a slut I will not buy anything else of hers ever again!!! I think that she will lose alot of her fans thanks to this video. Hopefully she will reshoot it and act like the christian girl that she is!!

  25. LauraLee Says:

    I was a fan, but the video is a disgusting attempt to snare young, male fans, but at what price?

    Her father/manager said during the “Making the Video” special that “She looks incredible, why shouldn’t she ’show it off’?”

    The man is a former youth minister!!!

    This from the same girl who flaunted her virginity like a badge. What kind of role model is she for other young girls?

    Plus, the song is awful!

  26. Kimberly Says:

    my gosh, for all these bible thumpers here, why not remember the BIG picture?? Don’t Judge people!!! You are judging her character based on a video. GROW UP!! My gosh she’s in her mid 20s now, I think she’s entitled to dress what ever way she wants.

  27. megan Says:

    OMG you guys who are being rude to Jessica need to stop. She is young and she has it all going for her. So what if her dad said she looks “She looks incredible, why shouldn’t she ’show it off’?� she should. If I was her I would be doing the same thing. If you dont like it then dont pay any attention and stop talking about her.

  28. Rachel Says:

    It’s not a straightforward black-and-white issue for me. I think she has crossed the line with her latest video as a christian but that’s just my opinion.

  29. ashley Says:

    alrite, all of you who are saying “oh im so ashamed of jessicas video she looks like a whore” you guys need to chill. Were you making this huge fuss like this for christina aguileras “dirrty videos” or britney spears’ “do something”, “my porogative” or “slave 4 u” video. You can name mostly n e female artist and they have done a video where their in bikinies or half naked what ever. Look Beyonce’s an amazing singer and in her “naughty girl” video or “baby boy” video she was acting a little sluty….who cares its not about the video its about the song , the video is just a visual presentation to go with it. If u dont like the song then thats fine but if u dont like her song or video becuase shes wearing a “bikini” then the hell with you. Plus jessicas a gorgeous girl its not like this video is hurting n e body….i mean when u go to the beach do u think n e girl wearing a bikini and swimming in the ocean is sluty???….im Christian and i dont find this video offensive i find it funny, shes acting as daisy duke like she did in dukes of hazzard. If u dont like the video then change the channel cus i doubt her or her new image is going n e where.

  30. BONNIE Says:


  31. AARON Says:

    These Christian groups just needs something to complain about, thats all their good for. You know that John Conners guy watches that video every night before he goes to bed.

  32. Ashley Says:

    To all of the people who call us Christians a bunch of run-off at the mouth overbearing buttholes, I’m a firm Christian and Southern Baptist but please just here me out. I read the reviews. Some things I agree with, Some things I don’t. I’m from the South. I live in NC. I was born country and raised as homegrown Southern dixie girl. On the original show, Daisy Duke was the same thing. Yeah, on a lot of the shows, she dressed like a slut. Her shorts were a little to short, her tops a little too tight and low, just as Daisy Duke’s is on the movie. But the difference is that Catherine Bach didn’t flaunt it. Whereas script writers flaunted Jessica in everyone’s face. But that don’t really matter. What makes me mad is Daisy was a true Southern American girl. If you don’t think working in a restaurant is hard, even if it was the Boar’s Nest, you’re crazy. Then she got home and took care of her 3 men. Uncle Jesse, Bo, and Luke. She treated Enos, her boyfriend, with love and respect unless she was trying to save her family. She had values that most girls raised as I was have. But that’s not what Hollywood wanted to capture. They portrayed her as some stupid, sex kitten who dresses like a whore, and that’s not Jessica Simpson’s fault so everyone needs to quit blaning her. She’s doing her job and that is performing, but she does claim to be a Christian and playing a role like that doesn’t go well for the testimony but I don’t have the right to judge her and say whether she’s a Christian or not. The original show was a picture of the true South, the way it was back then and the way it still is now. Without cars flying everywhere, and Boss and Roscoe’s crazy schemes of course. The blunt of the show talked 2 young men who would die for each other,always respected their lady cousin and other girls as well, treated their Uncle with respect and who helped out their friends and their enemies whenever they could, an Uncle who always respected everyone around him and was respected for being a trustworthy and loving, good man, a hardworking girl who loved with all her heart , and whole bunch a good ol’ boys and sweet dixie girls who helped each other out when times got tough. None of them really had a lot of money but they did what they were able and there was always food on the table. You can say the folks in the original Hazzard lived on love, leaned o the Lord, and cared for each other. That is a picture of the good people of the Southern Country, or a whole lot of them anyway. And I think that was what should have captured. NOt just 2 boys flying in around in a car with their gorgeous shorts wearing cousin, evading police and scheming their way out of crazy schemes, and that’s all I have to say. I’ll be back to check your reply,

  33. Tracy Coffie Says:

    I watched some of the new video..and I must say I was very offended by the way “so called” christian Jessica acted in the video…I’ve watched her story and how she got started and I’m just really disgusted how a young woman says she’s a christian conducts herself!!

  34. brit Says:

    ok all i have to say is that those people who are saying that jessica is being a slutty non christian have a very distorted point of view. i saw the video and i agree that it was more “slutty” than her other videos. but honestly if you look at all the other music videos out there, there are very few that dont have some sexual reference to them. there are music videos with women rolling around in their bras and panties, for goodness sake. i can see how people can say that jessica has changed, but i think she has just become more comfortable with who she is. and this fuss that everyone is making about her video is just unfair. she is not the first artist to make a sexual video and she wont be the last. so leave jessica alone!!!

  35. crazykate Says:

    ok denise, i am catholic. i go to church almost everyday. i pray in the morning and when i go to sleep. But thats just a part of me! it is not slutty to dance and shake your butt. its not like she did it in a bar or something in REAL LIFE. your acting like you just saw her in a porno! besides, in the time that these men wrote the bible, different things were believed. for instance, MEN ARE BETTER THAN WOMEN. do you notice how few women in the bibles names are mentioned? their just, “the women at the well.” or something. do you agree that men are bettter?
    and furthermore, because of those types of instances, i tend to just focus on what Jesus did in his life. He forgave a whore (mary magdalene) for her sins. i highly doubt jess is gonna burn in hell.
    i dont think she did anything wrong anyway. and you know wat? i dance like that everymorning to “get it started” in my undies and cami. so stop focusing on what everyone elses problems are and focus on yourself!!!

  36. crazykate Says:

    o come on! her vid is not that bad! i love it! and when you compare it to one of britney or christina’s vids, jess seems to be about as “slutty” as the Pope

  37. jules Says:

    In response to crazykate

    crazykate: “ok denise, i am catholic. i go to church almost everyday. i pray in the morning and when i go to sleep. But thats just a part of me! it is not slutty to dance and shake your butt. its not like she did it in a bar or something in REAL LIFE”

    response: You can call yourself catholic, christian, or whatever, and still not follow Jesus or listen to him. You can spend lots of time in a church, and praying to whomever, and still have nothing real sink in.

    Excuse me, it is slutty to dance and shake your butt like Jessica did in the video.

    Excuse me, she did it in real life. She was standing there and doing it, and cameras were filming it. We can’t say, “oh, there’s somebody playing a slutty part, but don’t worry it doesn’t look slutty or anything.”

    crazykate: “your acting like you just saw her in a porno! ”

    response: ummm…do you need to watch it again?

    crazykate: “besides, in the time that these men wrote the bible, different things were believed. for instance, MEN ARE BETTER THAN WOMEN. do you notice how few women in the bibles names are mentioned? their just, “the women at the well.â€? or something. do you agree that men are bettter?
    and furthermore, because of those types of instances, i tend to just focus on what Jesus did in his life. He forgave a whore (mary magdalene) for her sins. i highly doubt jess is gonna burn in hell.”

    response: The culture had evolved to regard men as better, but Jesus consistently acted in a way that showed that women should be valued. In fact, Jesus’ interaction with the woman at the well was regarded as shocking to the people of the time. And yes he forgave a whore, but it needed to be forgiven because it was WRONG to be a whore.

    Jessica simpson may go to hell if she doesn’t repent of her sins and ask Jesus to save her by the work of the cross, just as anyone will if they don’t have their sins forgiven.

    Look at any of the news any day. Look at yourself even. No genius is needed to say humanity is broken. We are broken. Sin. AAAAAAH I said it SIN ooooh don’t say that it’s politically incorrect AAAAAH! We need God’s merciful gift to “overwrite our sin account”.

    crazykate: “i dont think she did anything wrong anyway”

    response: If you really listen to God, you will hear him telling you what is right or wrong. You will have instant clarity of vision when you look at something.

  38. jules Says:

    M said: “Idiots. Where does it say that a Christian can’t be sexy? I don’t think it’s a whorish video at all, and I am a Christian. So get over yourselves, that video is great, and she’s finally shaking off her goody-goody image which was cute for awhile, but never sent her to number one! ”

    Forget it, you’re not any Christian.

    You make that clear by agreeing that anything goes in order to get fame and success.

  39. La La Says:

    Alright, here’s a little message to all of you who are so dead set against Jessica Simpson:

    Get over it. Look around you. All celebs show some skin to maintain their status. Brittany did. Paris did. Christina did. The Pussycat Dolls did. Destiny Childs did. And so many more. Some who are Christian. DO you know why they do it? Because they have to start some where, and that’s how. It’s a way to get people to turn their heads, and pay attention. And to continue paying attention.

    They’re doing these things for your benefit, so you can continue listening to their amazing music.

    AND if you want to start getting down on people for being non christian, why don’t you start a little club against strip joints? Or inappropiate websites? Huh? They ACTUALLY show a lot of skin.

    Didn’t Jessica save her virginity before marrige? Didn’t she sing for the Christian faith? Didn’t she attend church every Sunday? Somehow, magically, you all forgot those things the second the video came out.

    And, have you ever thought that her manager had something to do with it? The music video directors? Everyone was pushing her to do it. I’m sure you would too, no matter what you say. You’ve never been under that kind of pressure, and neither have I. I can’t imagine it.

    Lastly, if you have a problem with it, don’t watch it. And don’t insult someone you don’t know. You don’t know what she went through to get her career, how hard it was, how much she struggled. Did you know she agreed to wear these awful clothes on stage that were long and loose to hide her figure, during Christian concerts? She did that for you, so you can stop complaining for her.

    Go nag on something more important. Like people dying in Iraq. Or the sudden rise in temp. I think those subjects need more attention, not some poor girl who made a movie, and wore a bikini in it (which, in rap videos, every girl is wearing, and those guys who rap believe in god. Is it because they’re boys that your not getting down on them?

  40. Turtle Says:

    Jules: No freakin duh. People have to work to stay famous. You know why Jessica did that video? To promote her movie. Do you know why she needed to promote her movie? To keep on singing, and spreading her beautiful voice around the world.

    Also, think hard. Hmmm, aren’t Chirstians suppoused to give people second chances? Not insult those who have sinned, but helped them? Well, I guess that makes all you who are calling her a whore bad Christians.

    Uh oh, better go cry to god.

  41. Ian Says:

    Lol, turtle person. Jules:

    Think careful about what your saying there. Your telling woman to cover up, which is perfectly fine. But let’s go back to when there were no clothes. Can’t cover up there, can ya? So, I guess all the woman there were whores?

    Maybe you should move to somewhere where woman are forced to cover up. I’m sure you’ll like it better there. People won’t be able to see your face, but hey, better then living in this sinnful land with those evil…music videos. :-D

  42. crazykate Says:

    i agree with turtle. and jules, i said, in my earlier that i tend to focus o what Jesus did. I know He respected women. I am talking about the writers of the Bible. Jesus didn’t write it. Some men did. Who believed they were superior. and i know its wrong to be a whore. but jessica isn’t a whore is she? she is just a great singer, who danced in a video, in….a bikini! OH mY SWEET LORD! thats terrible (rolls eyes). jules, Christians like you are hypocrites. They preach about God’s love, then say a person is going to hell for dancing in a bikini. You dont deserve to be called a christian. You are not a Christian, as far as i’m concerned.

  43. crazykate Says:

    next thing you know you will be saying i’m going to hell for dancing like jess in my underwear in the privacy of my home. i should be ashamed! well im not. so go shove your theory up your a–.

  44. XoMorgan Says:

    Jessica Simpsons video is slutty and I think that it is ashame how she has changed since she’s became famous. She used to be a role model but now she is worse than christina or britney ever were. A few of the responses from some people states that a lot of stars show their skin and are christians… well its easy to say u r christian but the hard part is living the word of God, which Jessica appartenly does not do since shes acting like a slut in her video. I used to love Jessica.. I watched her first season of Newlyweds all the time and I thought she was such a sweet, and real girl.. but the second season showed how the fame changed her. Now she is completely different… and i find it funny how she waited to lose her viriginity until she was married but after she was married she turned into a slut. Christians have a right to be upset and disapointed by Jessicas video. A lot of us are trying to raise our children to be wholesome christians and if our children are exposed to that video they will most likely want to act like that since she is a “christian” role model. It’s sad that Jessica is using her sexuality to make money and become even more famous.. how selffish is that?? Not very christian like Jessica. Jessica is a perfect example of a HYPOCRITE.

  45. Ley Morgan Says:

    Everyone is commenting on how Jessica was ‘in character’ in her video…then why does CNN have a story on how a member of the original Dukes of Hazzard on how Jessica has sexed up the character so much that he wants ‘true’ fans to BOYCOTT the movie…I wonder if it will bomb in the box office or no…

  46. Millie Says:

    Jessica’s Dad has always given me the creeps–I think he enjoys watching his daughter bump and grind a little too much. Poor Nick-he must be looking for the girl he fell in love with on America’s Most Wanted, cuz she sure has disappeared!

  47. brianna Says:


  48. brianna Says:


  49. Megan Says:

    dude…Jessica is really trying to change her image you know.. some younger children like Jessica.. and she is showing off like a slutty whore.. no offense.. i just think that video is really inappropriate.. she is very pretty.. but you know.. shes really overdoing it.. i like ashlee better than her anyday!

  50. Megan Says:

    brianna Says:
    August 1st, 2005 at 8:01 pm

    you dont know any of us honeys….. =( , just because we dont like Jessica that much or maybe we just don’t like how she was way overdoing it… get over it…..

  51. Megan Says:


    isn’t that kindof judging us? =o … anyways im off to surf the net.. people get over it.. theres gonna some people that love her and some that absolutely can’t stand her and im in between… im off to lurk.. see ya =)

  52. aj Says:

    yea i’m sure u do bee och that’s cheezt=y as hell just so u know fat ass caugh caugg

  53. Ian Says:

    Alright, well, obviously people (other then CrazyKate, Turtle, La La, Bonnie) have decided that they know Jessica Simpson and her father, and they were there when the decision to create the video happened. And they know that there was no pressure on Jessica, or her father, from the movie producers.

    The sad part is, you weren’t there. You have no right to judge someone, especially because of a religion that some people don’t even practise. Most of your arguements, on the Christian side, is that she is a ‘whore’. Do you realize that you have no right to judge anyone? Just calling someone that should make you a sinner, to god and humanity.

    Also, THE VIDEO IS ALREADY OUT. Okay? There is nothing you can do about it. Don’t like it? Then don’t freakin watch it. And stop nagging at something you have no control over.

  54. Rachel Says:

    Here is a question for all of us: are christians to judge other christians? what does the bible say about this?

  55. daisy Says:

    For starters—
    MATTHEW 7:1-5:
    “Judge not, that ye be not judged.

    John 8:1-11“Let the one without sin be the first to throw a stone.�

  56. Rachel Says:

    “The Christian, on the other hand, is never given the right or the responsibility of eternally judging anyone (unless they have clearly rejected Christ permanently). Christians cannot correctly weigh action, motives, opportunities, nor know all things about any individual: God alone is capable to do so.

    However, Christians are to make decisions (appraisals, discernments, and even take corrective actions). But even judging in this aspect is intended to be remedial, and leaves the door open to the person for repentance and reconciliation. Any judging on the part of a Christian which does not, is a false aspect of Christian judgment. We are called upon to ”judge righteous judgment” (John 7:24) and failure to do so is to be negligent in a crucial aspect of our Christian calling.”

  57. why do u care? Says:

    i think jessica is not a slut for doing the video for these boots are made for walking!BECAUSE ON THE VIDEO IF U WERE SMART ENOUGH TO KNOW THAT SHE HAD TO BE DAISY DUKES ON THE VIDEO AND SHE DID!!! 2-the chritians told her she could not make that type of music because her Apperrance was not that type because she had the body!!!!!!
    3- shes young expiriencing new things u guys have no right to interfer in her life so leqave her alone shes so good and she loves the fans and we should respect that!!!!!!! stop inteferring in hes life leave her alone!! i thing jessica rocks im her biggest Girl fan she rocks!!!!!!!

  58. why do u care? Says:


  59. Jesus Christ Says:

    God Almighty y’all are a bunch of Jesus freaks. Get of your high horses and chill out will ya. All the girl has done is prance around in a bikini next to a car, and the scenes in the bar are hardly extreme. She imitates a lapdance for about 3 seconds but is never nearer than 2 feet from the guy.

    Britney and Christina have done much stronger videos than this. It’s one of the mildest ones out there.

    Jessica has one of the hottest bods of all the pop starlets and I’d seriously love to “hit dat” and give her what Nick wasn’t equipped to provide. Daaaamn dat girl is banging. I hope she does a playboy spread (sic) in future and stars in her own paris hilton style sex video. I’d pay to see that.

    Don’t you all feel seriously stupid running your whole lives based on some second rate novel ? The bible falls down when you take it apart - so many holes in the story. Religion is for people who have a mid-life crisis and can’t figure out what they’re here for so they cling onto something like a higher purpose. They know that the whole idea of having to have faith means people can’t argue against it. Ah but we don’t need proof - we have faith. That’s such bullshit.

    Stop wasting your lives and live you bunch of Jesus freaks. Now I gotta watch Jessica’s video again and spurt some juice - she’s so freaking hot…

  60. lacy Says:

    Jessica is not a slut,She`s right if yall are truly christians yall would of kept it to your self or would of neve called her a slut,and she is a good role model for little girls out there.

  61. Donny Says:

    The bible, wat a joke. You can actually trace the book back to the Middle Ages. It was the first book printed, by some old guy. And then Kings used the Christian faith to keep people under control. Much like the greek gods, this religion was meant to allow people to turn to a higher power when something wierd happened.
    And then King Henry changed the religon, so he could divorce his wife. It’s name is now known as ‘Protestant’.
    I’d like to comment, that if you believe in the bible so badly, why did the Old Testament say that you can sell your daughter? Many people argue ‘but that was the o-old Testament.’ Then, did someone edit the bible to keep it up to date in modern times? Who could, if you truly believe in god, edit a holy book? And doesn’t that mean that, according to your religion, everyone should still be able to sell their daughters?
    Everyone has a right to their faith, to their mind and life. So I’m not trying to talk you out of being a Christian. I’m just reminding you that nothing is perfect, not even the bible. So don’t go judging someone you don’t know.

  62. nikki Says:

    I luv her new video but didnt really c da need 4 da bit wer she was washin the car lik. but the songs really good and dont fink its that slutty! u’s tr all making a big deal out of nothing!

  63. crazykate Says:

    quoted from LEy Morgan “everyone keeps commenting on how jessica was ‘in character’ in her video…then why does CNN have a story on how a member of the original Dukes of Hazzard on how jessica has sexed up the character so much that he wants ‘true’ fans’ to BOYCOTT the movie…I wonder if it will bomb in the box office or no…”

    1) it was probably a slow news day
    2) ok, this guy was on tv, like a LONG time ago. Do you really think this guy didn’t just want to get some air time? get noticed for once? i am not saying he didnt have a problem with the video, i am saying he probably was motivated by more than moral values. and besides, just because he was on the show doesnt mean hes right

  64. tia Says:

    i realy am proud that jessica is a christian

  65. Chrissy Says:

    I have to say that I am a christian and I am not offended at all by her new music video. She is playing Daisy in it. It’s not like she goes around and wears tiny tube tops and short shorts all over town. She is a performer. That is her job.

    The thing that really upsets me is that you guys are taking the time to put down Jessica for what she is doing wrong when God know’s you have your own sins in your life. Not only you, but so do your fellow church going Christians. I know this first hand because I have gone to church my whole life. I promise you the woman in the pew in front of you is cheating on her husband, the kid that everyone looks up to is going to parties and drinking at night, the pastor’s wife is havnig cocktails with her girlfriends at a Jazz club downtown and your friend or friend’s daughter is dressing sluttier then Jessica at Church on Sunday.

    So sit down and stop to realize that you are criticising her for what you think is sinful. When in reality you and everyone around at church is doing something equally bad or worse. I don’t think God will kick Jessica out of heaven for having once wore a pair of daisy dukes and a tight tee shirt.

    Ultimately we are all sinners. And that’s what it comes down to. Jesus never judged and neither should you. Don’t be one of those to throw stones on Mary. Be the one who walks away with dignity and humility. And while you think this is a sin, was it not Jesus himself who said, “He who is without sin cast the first stone.”? So when it comes down to it none of us have the right to sit here and criticize her. God knows the sins of your heart on a daily basis. Let him be the one to Judge and not you.

  66. *** Says:

    Really the only thing anyone can do is pray!!! Pray for Jessica and her family. Pray that the Lord will soften their hearts and open their minds. Only the Lord can change people. Saying things such as people are going to burn in hell isn’t right and its not going to make them change. You are making yourselves no better then the people you are criticizing. It says in Ephesisans 4:29 “Do not let unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.” If more Christians would pray instead of judging others, then maybe more people would want to be Christians.

  67. rhonda Says:

    when one becomes comfortable with sin you must ask, if they are true christians. I wonder if Joe Simpson every thinks about selling not only his soul but his wife and two daughters souls?

  68. christine brown Says:

    I too was a little shocked to say the least. It seems she maybe ” selling out” It’s a shame our young girls need positive role models……HOWEVER we must remember to let he who is without sin cast the first stone and be careful how we judge lest we be judged. PRAY that GOD will deal with Jessica and convict her of the error of her ways. He alone can judge her

  69. Kevin Says:

    That was Christ like!!!

  70. nathan Says:

    Jessica is an immature, air headed little girl, who is devolving, though she never was one of the brightest bulbs in her class, I am sure.

    I do not blame her half as much as I blame her father, who, as a “minister” will be judged by a higher standard. But we all know the church has its share of hypocrites.

    That said, the church has MORE than its share of Victorian prudes. Jess is a horny young woman who knows what God designed our bodies for, and understands that sex is SUPPOSED to be both beautiful and fun, and you have to give her credit for waiting. However, that does not give her license to be “leaving the curtains open” on her sexuality now.

  71. nathan Says:

    I also don’t know how her parents let her marry a pagan.

  72. nathan Says:

    Oh, and to all the ignorant morons out there, we are NOT judging her, we are criticising and advising her, such as parents, friends, and other intelligent people do all the time. Woe to them who do not speak out against indiscretions!

    IT’S CALLED TEACHING, MORONS! Not judging, or maybe you are judging us for being judgemental!


  73. jessica Says:

    I am very dissapointed with Jessica Simpson. I’m 22 and really liked her because she was a good role model and someone I could relate too. I thought it was strange how her dad commented on her boobs in vaious magazines and basically marketed his daughter, but went along with it. But this video? No, Im done. Its like promoting vegetarianism and then being seen munching on a hamburger..its so wrong. Women fought for their rights and there she is bikini clad, humping a car? And the excuse that its her “role” makes me even more mad because it sounds so lame! Ive never seen the original daisy duke gyrating on her car..have you? Mabye if her voice was halfway decent, but unfortunately, that also is lost on this song. Read the new marie claire internview with reese witherspoon..shes not too pumped about this new image either..and thats jessicas biggest role model!

  74. Carol Says:

    Ther is a big difference in PROFESSING Christ and POSSESSING Christ! I see absolutely NO FRUITS for Christ’s sake form Jessica Simpson and one day, IF she is saved, she will stand before Christ to be judged and be held accountable for everything she has done if NOT confessed! I would RUN the other way if I saw Jessica Simpson, she’s so nasty! I have a 12 year old son who I cannot take to the movie, (Dukes of Hazzard) because of the slut factor involved! I don’t WANT TO SEE YOU BUTT JESSICA! And I am from Texas and Willy Nelsin is so crispy old and disgusting it’s pathetic you KISSED him! YUUUKKKK!!! Go back home to your burping husband!

    Don’t confuse God fearin christians with the l;ikes of Jessica Simpson! If I see her in Heaven, I will tell her how stupid she was on Earth!

  75. Krissy Says:


  76. alex Says:

    “let my LIFESONG sing to you” -casting crowns
    you must turn FULLY away from your sins…there is a difference in being CHANGED and CHURCHED

  77. lisa cunningham Says:

    i dont mind her wearing a bathin suit but dat isnt a bathin suit shes wearin its hotpants and a show everything off t shirt. i would just like to ask one question to jessica whats your religon

  78. lovable Says:

    it’s bound to happen…come on now! It’s Hollywood guys! Anyways, its sad that Nick and Jessica aren’t together anymore…maybe the rumors about Jessica and that “Jackass” dude was true. Nick is totally hott and to die for…so is Jessica…(sigh) it’s sad to see wonderful couple breaking up.

  79. Merrick Says:

    I think out our whole world is goind down. I mean, women are wearing less and less clothes more and more… In the beginning of the Bible, we were ashamed of being naked. Well, pretty soon, we WILL be naked.

  80. cadie Says:

    i love jessica, but if she is going to claim to be a christian she has no right to dance around like a slut. she is giving christians a bad name and God will punish her for not going to church and living right.. hints why her marriage is no more…

  81. kristen Says:

    To respond to daisy, #22, Christians are NOT just people who ‘proclaim Jesus as their Lord and Savior’! You need to look a little further into the bible…Christians don’t just proclaim their love to the Lord, they put it in to actions. You can’t just accept the Lord without having Him in your’s like having two personalities-goody goody at church and then cussing like there’s no tomorrow later. You can’t just say it- you have to SHOW it.

  82. paige Says:

    it was only one video i mean get over it do you think
    she really wanted to look like a well slut. and god is not going to punish her if you read the bible it says that he forgives duh!!!

  83. Rachel Says:

    He forgives if we repent…

  84. paige Says:

    and the movie she promoted was awsome .

  85. paige Says:



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