Jessica and Ashley are best friends

Aww, how sweet :)

“People always ask if there is competition but we are very different people and we just adore each other. Both of us like each other’s music. Jessica told me the other day that she listens to my CD very night before she goes on stage. That was cool.”, said Ashlee.

“Ashlee, my mom and I are all best friends.”, said Jessica.

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4 Responses to “Jessica and Ashley are best friends”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Hey jessi, hang in there with all the rumors swirling around. But I just wonder one thing. Are you guys divorce?

  2. anissa Says:

    hi jessica and ashley am so happy 4 you guys i wish me and my sister were like that bestfriends i wish that you could come and help us be like you


  3. anissa Says:

    hi jessica dont give up your beautiful and no rumors can take that away hope that your doing ok and that those rumors wont get to your head remember 1 thing you always have your family and friends to count on and if you need to talk to a fan of yours am here 4 you:) dont think that am just trying to meet you cause your famous no i just care and am only 12 so am not like 1 of those crazy people who try to take pics of you anywhere you are. so i wish the best to you and your family

    much love anissa&family

  4. Princy Says:

    anissa, sorry to say but realistically, I don’t think Jessica Simpson reads this site…
    If you want to leave Jessica a message go to her official website - not sure but I would think it’s
    You sound very sweet and I bet you and your sister will become ‘bestfriends’ in time.


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