Jessica breaks down over Valentine’s Day

InTouch magazine is reporting that Jessica burst into tears on February 15th when dining with the cast of “Employee of the Month”. When someone proposed a toast to family and friends, “Jessica’s smile faded and her true emotions took over. Jessica “completely broken down… suddenly burst into tears. She told [the cast] how sad it had been to be alone on Valentine’s Day. She said she felt lost”, says someone at the dinner party.

Poor Jess - anniversaries, Christmases, Valentine’s Days and the holidays are all times when you just want to be with your loved ones. On the other hand, this is the path she’s chosen, and these are some of the harsh consquences she’ll need to deal with.

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4 Responses to “Jessica breaks down over Valentine’s Day”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Poor Jess…. I know these three last months were very hard for her: christmas, new year, thanksgiving, and valentine’s……… Well, hopefully she’s always with friends that support her, and she have the love of the family, but it’s not easy!

  2. Princy Says:

    Tooooo bad Jessica!!!!!
    Maybe if Jessica and her Big Daddy Warbucks weren’t so money hungry, Miss Jessica would still have the love of her life! ! ! Less money but true love!!!!!!
    My cable company has been repeating The Newlyweds - ON DEMAND and it’s very sad to watch???? Jessica was pretty sarcastic to Nick allot!!!!!
    (you can tell I’m still bitter)

  3. carrie Says:

    I’m sorry but this is the choice she made.

  4. linz Says:

    She love nick and she is being selfish in letting her passion for money overcome her passion for love!! Stupid girl! She’ll realize one day and regret~


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