Jessica Simpson on Baywatch

Jessica is said to have signed on for another tv-show-movie-remake, this time it’s Baywatch. (Heh, wonder if David Hasselhoff will have a cameo role?) She’ll be playing Pamela Anderson’s role and I guess that means we’ll be seeing more of Jess in a swimsuit. If she does a song for the movie, what will she do this time? She’s already washed a car in a bikini. Running along the beach in slow motion, anyone?

Ahh well, if the guys all want to go along and watch her in that kind of role they can. I liked Baywatch for a little while… way back in the day.

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7 Responses to “Jessica Simpson on Baywatch”

  1. carrie Says:

    What is it with these roles she is taking!!!!

  2. Beverly Says:

    She’s becoming a joke.

  3. Princy Says:


  4. Felicity Says:

    I dont think I could bear to watch that movie the series was bad enough….
    C’mon Jess there must be better roles for you out there.
    Its looking like she’s desparate now.

  5. carrie Says:

    The show wasn’t actually that bad, but they tried to play the lust card!!!

  6. Kylee Says:

    I am sick of Jessica and her box dyed hair. Her unintelligence is overwhelming. Although she has unbelievably actually learned something… how to take off her clothes and show her goods for popularity and money. Way to go girl! The young girls are looking up to a great role model!!! (Read with MAJOR sarcasm)

  7. I Love Jess Simpson With All My Heart Says:

    Who cares what you think about Jess???

    You obviously like her…if not, what the he!! are you doing searching for her websites at the net????


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