Jessica’s new agent: Rick Nicita

Rick Nicita

Jessica Simpson has a new agent - Rick Nicita (email) who is the co-chairman Creative Artists Agency. He’s also the agent for Tom Cruise, Anthony Hopkins, Oliver Stone, Al Pacino, Kevin Kline, Kenneth Branagh and many other big Hollywood stars. Her earlier agent, Brandt Joel, apparently got into a big fight with Joe Simpson and Jessica then fired him. Who knows what the real story is, but it looks like Rick is a great agent.

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6 Responses to “Jessica’s new agent: Rick Nicita”

  1. carrie Says:

    i’m so sick of her dad!!!!

  2. Areyoudesperate Says:

    Hmmm. Her dad is a weirdo. Desperate Housewives Blog

  3. Angela Says:

    Did anyone read Jessica’s thank you’s on her new CD? Here is what she wrote to Ken:

    “Ken: “You wanna be my husband?â€? I truly believe you are. You give me reason.”

    I know he is gay. BUT this proves the point I have tried to make to people. She never gave her marriage priority. Ken and whoever else was always tagging along and I think she got so close with him that she lost interest in Nick. Maybe her and Ken do not have a physical attraction, but perhaps an emotional one.

  4. carrie Says:

    I agree Angela, plus her album only has a few good tracks!!!

  5. Mandy Says:

    Wow, I cant believe other people are realizing this to!

  6. carrie Says:

    I heard Jessica is dating John Mayer,and Joe loves him!!! Joe said you have to ask Jessica about her love life because he doesn’t interfere(are you kidding)!!

  7. Princy Says:

    Hell would freeze over before I bought her album, Thanks Angela, I would never know what stupid message JS said to ‘her hairdresser’… PITIFUL!!!!!
    Is she sick writing to “kennyboy/girl” ‘wanna be my husband’???? AND ‘you give me reason’ - her whole album and comments are PATHETIC!!!!!
    Angela, any other stupid statements in her ramblings?????

  8. carrie Says:

    Ken calls her his trophy wife!!!


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