The Nick Lachey Project - Information

Now Nick is going solo in a quest to jumpstart his musical career with a new MTV show of his own and a new album slated to be released later this year.

“The Nick Lachey Project” will follow Nick through the entire process from Nick building a studio inside his home, hiring producers and writers, signing with Jive Records, part of the Zomba Label Group, recording, and finally working with the label to get his CD in stores.


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7 Responses to “The Nick Lachey Project - Information”

  1. marta Says:

    i think this will be a very exciting thing!!!!!good luck nick…and i think this whole idea is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!
    you and jessica are both gorgeous people…you are my heros…..and my hope for my life…you guide me in the right direction…thanx!!!!
    cant wait to get ur new album

  2. Dianna Says:

    I am glad that nick is getting away from Jessicas dad and can be himself. He needs to start looking at his career. I want the best for him and jessica.

  3. brandi Says:

    when and what channel will nick’s show come on

  4. coletedford Says:

    it is coletedford i want to kown you i want come oer your home to talk to you nicklachey and jessicasimpon
    i want to kown
    i lik your song nicklachey and jessica
    cool Buddy by coletedford

  5. tim wiggins Says:

    Nick. Give it up dude ! 98 degrees is gone .

  6. rae Says:

    nick and jessica are the greatest and nick should do great on his new show and alblum

  7. saff Says:

    Can’t wait to see it i loved Newlyweds and think Nick has such an amazing voice i hope he finds great sucess he deserves it.x


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