Gavin Arvizo - Unlikely to lie

Gavin Arvizo (Michael Jackson’s accuser) would not invent his child molestation claims because he’d hate to be labelled gay, a psychologist told the singer’s trial yesterday.

Dr Stan Katz interviewed Gavin and said:

“It would be unusual for a boy like this to make up allegations to suggest that he has had inappropriate sexual relations with a male. These children are so protective and guilt-ridden and ashamed by anything extra-normal.”


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16 Responses to “Gavin Arvizo - Unlikely to lie”

  1. Daneane Says:

    God Forbid - Who will his own children be able to go to, it is inevitable that they will be molested too, if it hasn’t happened already. If he gets out of it this time, shame on the system.

  2. Gail Says:

    It still does not prove anything…everyone is not the same…some ppl can look you in the eye and lie and are very convincing….others are not so……

  3. Tammy Says:

    This is not a usual case, in fact if anything is unusual this case is. Money can make people do and/or say anything. There are a lot of inconsistancies in this case, A LOT. Michael is not normal in the eyes of most people. You normally don’t see people acting like he does - that does not mean it is wrong. Maybe if everyone grew up the way he grew up and was deprived of a childhood we would all be like that. Christ, I’m a 36 year women with no children who loves to play games, watch disney movies and if I wouldn’t feel like such a raging idiot would go to Chucky Cheese or the playground and ride on all the rides and play all the goofy games. But, and I say But, if I did do that all the time people would think I’m a nut. We have all been brought up to beleive that once you are a certain age you have to behave a certain way. If this case involved John Doe from anytown USA he would be quilty as sin. BUT, and I say BUT, this is Michael Jackson. Everything about Michael is not usual. Look where he lives. Look at how he acted way back when, before all this started. He is a little boy at heart. Everything that has happened is indeed weird. But weird to us because we don’t live this everyday.

    Thats just my two cents. I don’t know if he is quilty or not. I do however have an open mind and lean on the side of viewing this from a different angle. There are a lot of holes and weird things going on. I just think sometimes things are not what they appear to be and in a case with someone as HUGE as Michael Jackson he becomes a target. Especially when he is as unusal as he is. It makes him a target that might seem beleivable.

  4. Jake Says:

    This is a totally bogus, malicious prosecution.

    First off, California Evidentiary code 1108 is blatently unconstitutional.

    It allows any American citizen in California to be prosecuted for crimes that occurred before the current offense, simultaneously.

    Second, the ‘93 kid was given Sodium Amytal by his dad via a ‘Hollywood’ drug doctor. SA creates ‘false memory’ syndrome and that is why it is now banned in interrogations.

    Third, Sneddon lost the ‘93 case when it could not be brought to trial because of the above.

    Then, in 94 Jackson humilated him with a song that depicted the single prosecutor as a KKK Hick. After 35 years as a DA, Sneddon took that VERY seriously and the result is this witch hunt.

    Fourth, the kid (Gavin Arvizo), admitted he lied under oath… His brother also admitted he lied. That is why LA Child Protective Services, refused to prosecute and the kid’s lawyer (coincidentally also te lawyer for the ‘93 kid) called a shrink (also the shrink for the ‘93 kid… get it?) and they called Sneddon (also the DA in ‘93…)

    Not a better place to hold it than extremely racist Santa Maria, not a better time to hold it than during a global guerilla war that cannot be won and the simultaneous dismantling of Social Security and the economy at home.

    Network TV, job well done.

    “In the land of the blind, the man with one eye is king…”

  5. MJ Fan For Life Says:

    I have read about this Gavin Arvizo (the accuser) and his mother (Janet Arvizo, who recently just married her live in boyfriend by the last name of Jackson) way before the press has taken everything out of context and aboslutely ran anway with this story prior before it became so globally known. I find it odd that this mother and her sons and daugter, found it convenient to stay at Neverland as long as the did, while MJ was paying for all of their expenses, trips, and for the mothers hair dresser appointments and spa visits as she deemed fit…after 3 to 4 years decide now to cry WOLF. MJ even paid for Gavin Arvizo’s doctor bills as he was going through his Cancer treanments. He is now in remission with his cancer as well. I also find it odd that they’re willing to take MJ to court to sue for molestation charges when there has been testimony from the defense witnesses that actually witnessed Gavin Avizo and his brother masturbating without MJ even being on the premises, and also there has been insurmountable testimony of Gavin not telling the truth as well along with his mother. Janet Arvizo has never really held a regular job and took the 5th Amendment to prevent herself from being exposed as a liar and committing fraud with the State of California pertaining to welfare fraud, in which there is proven testimony and documents of her signing her welfare application fraudulently and deliberately omitting pertinent and factual information pertaining to the $157,000 she was awarded in the JC Penny law suit, as she later sued for 2 years later, after she had given sworn testimony she wasn’t after money…after her son Gavin, was caught by the JC Penney security guards for shoplifting.

    To make a long story short, I have not seen any physical eveidence, concrete, factual eveidence, or a doctors report presented during this trial to justify MJs guilt and Gavin being molested. Only verbal statements and opinions have been rendered here, nothing physical to justify Tom Sneddon’s case at ll. This trial has all been speculation, I heard, I thought I saw, a bunch of ifs ands or maybes. It’s MJs word against Gavin’s word. All hear say and speculation…nothing concrete and factual, and defintely no physical eveidence such as a doctors report, doctors diagnosis to justify these child molestation charges and kidnap charges. Everyones opinion has been spoken here. I also noticed that if the prosecutor Tom Sneddon, had such an open and shut case for Gavin Avizo, why did he find it necessary to dig back 13 years, from a case MJ was accussed of and wasn’t even found guilty of or convicted of, to hlep try and win his case. What ever happened to Double Jeopardy? All because Mr. Sneddon realized his case wasn’t strong enough without the 1108 rule which is a prior bad acts law only used in the Stae of California, to try to help get a conviction for MJ, all because he knows he doesn’t have enough physical evidence or actual proof to win his case without the Prior Bad Acts Ruling..1108. I have not seen or heard anything concrete against MJ. All has been speculation, assumptions, and accusations made for the prosections case, to even convince me that MJ deliberately gave this Gavin Avizo alcohol, when there has been testimony that shows Gavin & his brother ,freely drank on their own. Even MJs chef has testified how Gavin requested him to make him a milkshake or some other type of drink, and asked MJs chef to put some alcohol in his drink, and if MJs chef didn’t adhere to his wishes…”He was going to tell Michael, and have you fired from your job” What kind of innocent 13 year old is this that uses blackmail to threaten people? I just find it very hard to believe that this Avizo family is now willing to point the finger at MJ, use his money, and his home to live and stay there as conveniently as they wished, and because MJ decided that since Gavin’s cancer has gone into remission…Gavin doesn’t any longer need his services financially along with the rest of his family.

    It’s hard for me to find any guilty based on the accusers statements that shown he’s been caught in lies, a mother who knows how to manipulate the judicial and legal system to suit her & her families benefit even if it means taking the Fifth Amendment to not reveal the actual facts and true story behind her filling out a welfare application to falesly receive money from the State of California, a mother who has set an example and a lifestyle to present and show directly in front of her children that it’s OK to commit perjury and fraud regardless iof it’s right or wrong, just as long as you get what ypou want & when and how you want it. It’s really hard for me to belive that Tom Sneddon who represents the State of California, and chose to represent a client who is committing fraud against the State of California… took it upon himself to prosecute MJ with this families tainted and tarnished background and history of dysfunction. How can the pot call the tea kettle black? This family has no room to accuse anyone of anything from all what I’ve read on their background and history that is being deliberately left out of the newspapers, magazines and the television media, who I actually think wants MJ to be found guilty. Let me put it bluntly. We all know this is s streetwise family that knows and understands how to manipulate the rules and the laws to suit their benefit. I’m just gald I can see through all of the smoke that’s been thrown out here.

    I predict MJ moonwalks out of the courtroom.

  6. Yvette Says:

    I agree with you all the way!!!!!!!!! We know all this stuff too.

  7. MJ Fan For Life Says:

    Yes Yvette…This family is a real piece of work here. They have the American public and media eating out of the palm of thier hands all due to deceit and deception.

    According to the above post #4, regarding the 93 case involving Jordy Chandler, I read an investigative report done by a free lance writer who did an extensive background check and history on the 93 accusser, Jordy Chandler, his father, the lawyer Larry Feldman, who is none in the LA area as being an unethical attorney and will do and say anything to make a case.

    As you noticed Jordy Chandler refused to comeback and testify for this trial, all because of the actual facts that are written according to the above statement in post #4. The father of Jordy Chandler was bankrupt, lost his dental license for the State California, and also intoduced Jordy Chandler to MJ. The father also wanted to get into producing movies and asked MJ to loan him 20 million dollars which MJ refused to do…thus evolves the child molestation charges for 1993, in which MJs legal advisors informed him to settle out of court due to him being on his History tour and not being held liable in braking any of his concert performing contracts which ran into the multi millions of dollars, if he didn’t show for court. The media has always been against MJ in this country and here in the USA, we give him the hardest time of all where he pays his taxes and lives as a USA citizen. Nowhere else in the entire world is MJ treated like he was born. I’ve been to all 7 continents in the world and he’s bigger abroad than he is here in the place where he was reared and born.

    It’s just a shame that nice people and giving people are used and abused like sitting ducks. I believe this has taught him a lesson this time, which will lead to him becoming more reclusive than what he already is.

  8. Yvette Says:

    It’s all sickening!

  9. MJ Fan For Life Says:

    Yes Larry Feldman who is this Arvizo family’s attorney, who also represented Jordy Chandler had a tainted background history as well and is known as a legalized crook in the LA area. He only made a name for himself after agreeing to represent Jordy Chandler & his father, since he was a friend to Jordy Chandler’s father. There is also a book that has been released from the paralegal that worked with Larry Feldman’s law firm, after the 1993 settlement was made between MJ and Jordy Chandler, which explains in detail how she felt MJ was being setup by Jordy Chandler’s father & Larry Feldman, due to Jordy’s father being in such financial difficulty. She over heard several of the father’s conversations stating “what he was going to get that’s due to him” and he’ll do what ever it takes to get a big substantial payoff amount in a settlement. In other words, this paralegal that worked for Larry Feldman’s firm felt that MJ was unjustly being accused and she could tell there was a financial motive involved.

  10. bob smith Says:

    I think MJ is quite gay and needs to be put away.

  11. roseena Says:

    He probably is gay (my personal opinion), but that doesn’t bother me - what bothers me is he molests boys. That is the crime Bob.

  12. Cheetah Says:

    It’s not against the law to be gay or unorthodox. Nor is it ethical to call someone a child molester when it hasn’t been proven that they are. An allegation is an assertion without proof. Michael is an alleged child molester, not a convicted child molester. This trial has been held to prove guilt or defend innocence. It’s not over yet.

    If Michael is proven to be a child molester he needs to go to jail. However, if this jury finds him to be innocent of the allegations made against him he needs to be left alone. For too long now the climate of his life has been fueled by speculation and innuendo. This really needs to stop. Cruelty may be socially acceptable these days but it is none the less morally unacceptable. The barage of nasty comments and deceptions that have been levied against him have been unprecedented and if he’s found innocent he will not have been deserving of any of them.

    Let’s let the law run its course. In this country a person is percieved innocent until proven guilty. Lynch mobs and vigilantes are not promoters of true justice and hopefully never will be considered as such. That means that a person is not guilty just because you or I think they are. A person is considered guilty when a jury of their peers uses fact and testimony to deliberate so.

  13. debi Says:

    The jury could find Michael “guilty” or “not guilty”. That won’t make it a FACT. The jury ain’t God. They don’t know for a fact WHAT happened; they can only give a legal and binding decision that will change a man’s life — maybe forever. I would not want to be in that position.

  14. Cheetah Says:

    Debi- You’re absolutely right. Many people who have served time for a crime have later been found innocent through the admission of DNA evidence. Also many people who are guilty have skirted conviction and lived whole lifetimes without being jailed. Our legal process isn’t perfect. After all, as you say, none or us are God.
    However, just as DNA technology has made the system better, hopefully other advances will improve the system also. Until that occurs we have our legal system or anarchy. Which do you chose?

    Just for the record- “God” is a real high standard for us fallible humans to reach for. “Mostly right,” is about all we’ve got coming.”

  15. David Says:

    Geetings. I am an employee of the State Bar of California. I also work in the Office of Professional Competence. We run the Ethics Hotline for Attorneys. It is my firm belief after watching Mr Sneddon and Mr Zonen ply their case that ethical and professional complaints need to be filed aggainst them. They have violated many Professional Conduct codes in their zealous attempt to convict Mr Jackson in this case. Some of the charges could be labeled frivilous. There is a code by which legal athorities are to proceed. If a wittness that can be proved by the defence to have lied in prior legal cases her testimony should be stricken completely. It appears Mr Sneddon and Zonen will turn a blind eye to that , which run specifically against the Rules of Professional Conduct. It is true that the process is adversarial
    by nature but it appears to me that there is a blatent vendetta at play here (1993 case) and that is against the Rules of Professional Conduct for any member of the bar. I wish to say Mr Mesereau has done a good job in poking the holes and exposing the family for lying on a continual basis. Did you know all the prosecution witnesss meet with them and they coach them on the answers? Well, what a sweet suprise. I do not have the time to go point by point but just to say that if it is ever determined that members of our Bar abused or mis-used the license we gave them to attack a obviously vulnerable target … I will personally alert Cheif Tral Council to their abuse of their license to practice law in California. If you are in California, you can call the Complaint Hotline at 1-800-843-9053 — Attorney Complaint Hotline Unfortunately. the Bar can not comment on a case … but if you can competively organize your remarks and base them on one of our members professional activities Mr Sneddon #39406 - or Mr Zonen,#85094, the State Bar will listen and take action. The two individuals are given license to practice law — but they are not licensed by the Bar Assosiation to attack or persucute without conclusive evidense ‘beyond a shadow of a doubt’ prove you or me or any individual. I am ashamed by these two members … they have no desire for the truth … only desire to send MJ to jail and stop all his efforts to heal the world. Pray you never meet these individual in the court. They will make you look like a pedophile and expect you to prove you are an angel …. tbc

  16. David Says:

    Greetings again. Do any of you remember from the ugly ‘Living with MJ’ program that when Gavin A came on he was so happy? A short time later we see the two together … jackson is his idol? But the film continues …. first thing we see is Gavin, Star and his sister in the kitchen with Jackson.. Gavin does some military marching move in unison with Star .. and Jackson is watching. BS ” What is it that makes Mchael connect so well with children …. GA “Because he is really a child at heart .. he knows how a child is … cut to next sceen happy times! Sister talk about how he improve. Plan for his funeral. But now he better .. remmision, I guess. They always tell us if we have cancer, our cure will be linked with those that support us. Sweet that he had MJ to give him power to fight the disease. Disgusting that, like a pit bull, he turn so fast to hurt his beloved benefactor. It comes to mind, the expresion “It is not good to bite a gift horse in the mouth” The MB video continues … GA ” There was one night I asked to sleep in the bedroom .. Michael said ‘no-no .. if you love me you sleep on the bed and I sleep on the floor, ok? Jackson- “did I sleep in the bed? Gavin — no he slept on floor … Later the accuser, with assistance from his brother have made wild accusations. You be the judge … the point is the prosecuting attorneys need to be held accountable for their representaion of clients who are liying and for their attemt to manipulate 1108 evidence to convict … I wonder why Michael Jackson continues to distrust people, adults and claimed-expert … I vote for aquittal on all charges and vote for complaints to be filed on the DA and his office for malicious and contrived and frivilous actions and should be disbarred from State Bar of California. You can call the Complaint Hotline at 1-800-843-9053 — Attorney Complaint Hotline

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