Michael Jackson prosecutors present phone, bank records

‘Prosecutors used telephone records Monday in hopes of bolstering their contention that Michael Jackson’s associates tried to intimidate and control the family of his accuser, but a detective said the pop star did not take part in those calls.

The introduction of telephone and banking records Monday came as prosecutors neared the end of their case in the trial, more than two months old.

Sgt. Craig Bonner, a Santa Barbara County sheriff’s investigator, used a chart in court to outline a series of more than 40 calls among several of Jackson’s business associates, some of whom have been named as unindicted co-conspirators in the case.’

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28 Responses to “Michael Jackson prosecutors present phone, bank records”

  1. Marsha Miller Says:

    I think Michael Jackson is guilty and he needs to serve his time as any other person that uses kids. If he get off of this our justice system is over. O J is another example.

  2. chris bedell Says:

    How can people actually believe the story of the mother when she had over ten chances to escape. And what mother would let her child continue to hang out with someone she herself witnessed molesting her son? come on. and all these 11-08 witnesses owe jackson millions and had to file for bankruptcy. not to mention the states case is WEAK!!!!

  3. ronnocosed Says:

    Chris, do you think that it is acceptable for a 40 something to actively look to share his bed with young boys? The bottom line here is that most adults would not dream of doing this….so MJ needs help. Personally, I still think he is guilty, shame that this man has let himself get into this position.

  4. Rafe Says:

    Guilty, not guilty, anyone can have an opinion and that’s exactly what it is. Nobody has yet proven than Michael Jackson molested anyone. You don’t like it that he likes to sleep with kids in his bed? I agree with you, it’s weird and improper and suggestive (these are words that describe my attitudes - others may have different attitudes), but Jackson’s actions are not criminal on the face of it. It IS criminal if he improperly touched or sexually abused the kids in any way.

    Think about this. If he is a serial molestor as you charge, why are there not scores of kids coming forward to say: “yes, he did it to me too.” When serial pedophile priests were exposed, dozens of victims came forward, as you would expect. But not in this case.

    This story is bedeviled by people who want to believe the best of Michael Jackson on one hand, and people who want to believe the worst… both sides without evidence, both sides committed to a point of view and to hell with the truth of the matter.

    It seems we must either string him up for a devil, or put a halo on his head for an angel. In my opinion, Jackson is neither a devil nor an angel. I think he’s a deeply flawed indivudal, enormously talented, weak, brilliant, lacking in common sense, unaware of community values, incapable of normal social interactions.

    He may also be a criminal, but there is no evidence that he is, and the testimony – venal, self-serving, compromised in so many ways - has not so far convinced me that he is a criminal.

  5. Tammy Says:

    You have got to remember MJ is not like other people. It would be weird for any other 40 year old person to share his bed with young boys - but maybe not for MJ. Christ, look where he lives, how he lives - he is like a 10 year old himself. When you were a 10 year old didn’t you have slumber parties. I’m not saying he is guily or not guilty - I’m just saying you have to look at this as he is not typical.

    Also, this phone call stuff is stupid. After the documenatary aired of course all the people that take care of him both personally and business wise would freak out. That documentary did not come over good. They were doing damage control for his career like any publicist would. After any celebrity does something stupid or gets setup in the tabloids I bet their teams/associates cell phones go crazy with damage control. Dosn’t mean anything devious is going on.

    This case is crazy - lots of weird holes and unreliable testimony. I don’t know if he is guity or not guilty but I sit here with an open mind weighing the testimonies and like any responsible adult will wait to hold judgement until I hear the whole story.

  6. Roy Says:

    I agree with you Tammy, It’s all just weird and crazy. I have read tons and tons of different news strories on this trial since day one. Ive compared notes and have been able to read between the sensationalized lines that some of these people that call themselves reporters use. I do not like to make a judgement until the justice system proves a right or wrong but I know I can look at a judicial scale so far and think Michael Jackson is far from being guilty. Tom Sneddon has yet to bring any evidence to the table that Michael Jackson is Guilty and has yet to put anyone on the stand that can bring some proof to any of his allegations that Michael is guilty of any wrong doing. He has though, proven to me that this is personal for him and he wants nothing more but to win the case he had to close back in 1993/94 against Michael Jackson. He along with Diane Diamond who is one of the lousiest reporters to ever get on national television will end up publicly humiliated and shamed when Michael is proven innocent. I truly believe he will be proven innocent as Sneddon along with people like Diane Diamond cannot bring any evidential proof that any of this happened. I find it quite sad that because Michael Jackson throughout his life as become an eccentric superstar has to continuously be picked on and bothered by people who just don’t like him for whatever reasons or is money hungry. Hopefully they will hide their faces in shame and finally leave him alone when this is all over.

  7. herb Says:

    It seems that now people are starting to put 2 and 2 together they are seeing that this case is heading towards not guilty. the timelines are off and the defence hasdone a beautiful job of laying the trap for the mother. now all her lies will be brought out. where will the mj haters be then. the prosecution is grasping at anything now. I believe that the prosecution now knows it has lost this case and now only want to humiliate michael in any way they can. bank records, so what. overspending, what person on this planet does not overspend and live above there means. Its gotten to the point of stupid now. i fully expect them to say that because of the way he dances it might suggest he is a sexual predator. get real. End this now

  8. Yvette Says:

    I agree with you Roy anf Herb. This people are jealous of Mr. Jackson and Sneddon and Diamond both have vendetts’a out for Mr. Jackson. Soon, they will have eggs on their faces. I can’t wait to see them when he is vendicated.

  9. ronnocosed Says:

    The comments above are well put BUT I don’t care if you are the king of England, 40 something males should not be actively looking to sleep with young boys! MJ needs better people around him.
    No matter what the verdict MJ’s name has already been and will probably always will be tainted. So nobody wins then…..

  10. Roy Says:

    The only reason why people have a problem with a “40 something” year old Michael Jackson sleeping with young boys or girls for that matter is because they themselves couldn’t be so innocent with children. That would be my guess. I never ever hear stories in the public opinion that “40 something” year old Scout Masters shouldn’t be sleeping in tents with young Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts which is a big difference. Michael Jackson is not some strange neighbor that could secretly have pedophilic feelings for young boys and joins a Scout Pack or Troop to be able to get close to his prey. Instead he is a World Wide Pop Star Icon who cares for underprivilaged and or sick children and gives them the opportunity to live out a dream to not only be able to meet their idol but to hang out with him. To enjoy as a child all the fun he himself as a child could not even imagine. He has the capability of giving and fulfilling wishes to these children. I could only dream as a child to just be able to meet Michael Jackson nevermind spend a day or get the chance to have an overnight slumber type party with him which would be beyond my wildest imaginative dreams. And my parents would have no problem allowing me to hang out and spend the night with Michael Jackson knowing it would be an opportunity that most kids who idolize Michael would die for such an opportunity. I do not expect everyone to like Michael Jackson - but if you do not like him - just leave him alone. And if a prosecutor like Tom Sneddon or a wanna be journalist like Diane Diamond think it’s so important to bring Michael Jackson down with these incriminating allegations then the least they can do is bring to the table some actual proof instead of smoke screening the public and the jury. Sure when we read a sensationalized story by someone like Diane Diamond who would love to see Michael Jackson go down, we would think that he is guilty as sin. But when you look at the facts there is no credible proof for the alleged molestations and we are subjected to watch key witnesses who are broke and strapped for cash in which they easily get lured into suddenly remembering new testimony. It’s really all a bunch of bullshit and taxpayers have to sit and watch their money and time be waisted on such vindictive feelings from this DA who really ought to save face and crawl under a rock and hide from the humiliation that not only sits on his shoulders now but will weigh him down for the rest of his life. Hopefully, wether you like Michael Jackson or not, hopefully he will finally be able to be left alone after he is proven innocent.

  11. Roseena Says:

    Roy - your posting is very creepy. First you claim people “envy” michaels bedtime episodes with children because they are perverts themselves. Come on Roy, surely you are trying to ruffle feathers because i find your expression of your thoughts too bazaar to be real.
    And you long to be in his bed? hmmmm

  12. Roy Says:


    Thank you so much for your comments. It shows how easily the public can sensationalize their own personal opinions and misconscrues what is real from what is not. No I do not “long” to be in his bed as if I wanted to lay with him and have any kind of sex play. If I may explain myself better to satisfy your obscure reflection on what you seem to perceive as to what I said, I merely meant that I am a fan of Michael Jackson and it would be a dream come true to be able to spend time to get to know my idol personally even if in his bedroom or in his very own bed without sexual contact. I have best friends whom I sleep at their homes in their bed with them and they do at my home too. I do not think sleeping in a bed with another person male or female means you must be having sex with them. I do not see where friends cannot sleep in the same bed together without being publicly accused of having sex with one another. I can only imagine that one would only fall alseep from pure exhaustion from the fun one would have hanging out with Michael.

    It brings me right back to what I was trying to say with Scouts. “Older men” sleep in tents with scouts - but the public deams that to be ok, older men share open showers in the nude with young boys in public community centers arround the world, but the public deams that to be ok, Older men, in some public restrooms urinate in large public urinals that multiple men/boys share together, but the public deams this ok - is it because these older men are not national icons that it’s ok in what they are doing? Sure they are doing things that are supposed to be totally innocent, but are they? Their is proof that older men are publicly accepted for doing alot worst than that of Michael Jackson sharing his bed with someone he deams his friend. And yet there is nothing to show that Michael Jackson is guilty of any of the allegations being made of him except that he himself is a child at heart. Beleive me - if he was in fact guilty regardless if I am a Michael Jackson fan or not - I would agree that he deserves to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. But so far it’s been proven that he is innocent rather than guilty. And I assure you - I am only posting my thoughts on the subject - I do not look to ruffle your feathers nor do I care if I do or don’t so I apologize if you thought I cared for such.

    And I agree, my posting is creepy. This is America that this is happening in - a place where a California Attorney General will turn his head and allow this kind of conduct to happen in a court of law. A place where a prosecutor is allowed to pursue a case on a capriced, notion. America, a place where civic society’s are far from constitutional ordinance. You bet it’s Creepy!

  13. Roseena Says:

    Roy - are your views displaced? Seems “you” sensationalize ” your” PERSONAL emotions into your opinions - not the “public” as a whole.
    And please do not forget, MJ is not on trial for sleeping with, prviding alcohol to, and fondeling a peer - (unlike your comparison to you sharing a bed with your friends/peers) - In a civilized society, that does make a difference.

    And please do not speak of America, our country in a negative or angry anti-american fashion - You are privileged to live in the greatest place - and if you dont appreciate it, use your passport.

  14. Roy Says:


    You remind me of those kids that try out for American Idol thinking they can sing when anyone can clearly tell they cannot on the first note. Instead of waisting my time continuing an argument that you’ll never make sense of, I will leave it alone as of here. : )

    But before I go, Let me again unscramble your screwy thought process. I am a proud American. I love my country. I have a right to express my views any way I’d like, it’s part of being an American. And like I said, as an American I am disgusted to see that the CA Attorney General allows such conduct from a DA who is allowed to spend millions of taxpayers monies to try and put a man away on suggestive testimony from witnesses who have crawled out of very dark backgrounds of their own with their personal, shady and tainted motives.

    Your quick to say me sleeping with my friends are far from the same - you have no idea how old I am nor do you know how old my friends are so how would you know any of this? It’s all good though, reading through some of your past posts, it’s more than expected that you would presume and write such stuff.

    And just so you do not misunderstand, I do very much appreciate your comments, regardless if they are absurd and meaningless. But now that I put you in your place I will no longer debate with you. I’ll just continue to post my opinions and views ignoring your ignorance to reality.

    In the meantime, here is some GOOD reading for you. Maybe it will help you better understand what you do not:

    Excerpt from Attorney Andrew Cohen analyzes legal issues for CBS News and CBSNews.com;
    After two months of twists and turns, stops and starts, grins and giggles, pajamas and protests, and many moments of “ick”-inducing testimony, the prosecution’s case-in-chief against Michael Jackson now is over.

    It is as strong as it is ever likely to be in advance of the defense witnesses who are to follow. Right now, theoretically, there should no be reasonable doubt in the minds of the jurors who have sat patiently and listened day after day to testimony in this famous child molestation and conspiracy trial. If District Attorney Thomas Sneddon doesn’t have the panel on his side now he shouldn’t presume that he ever will. For prosecutors, this is as good as it gets, to use a Hollywood phrase, and it is not too much of a stretch to say that it doesn’t appear to be nearly good enough.

    The case against Jackson so far has been supported by the motliest collection of witnesses I have ever seen assembled in one case. Like characters from a Damon Runyon story, many of them have stepped out from hiding places and shadows, with dark backgrounds and shady motives, to bear witness against the King of Pop. Jackson may be a freak but the people Sneddon has relied upon to put him in prison aren’t exactly Pat Boone, either. With the exception of the mother of one of Jackson’s earlier accusers, and perhaps two or three other, lesser lights, not a single vital prosecution witness came to or left the stand without serious and substantial credibility or accuracy issues. Not a single one.

    You know you have a weak prosecution case when the journalists and lawyers covering it are asking why some of the witnesses, including those in the accuser’s family, haven’t been indicted as well. And you know you have problems as a prosecutor when the defense keeps scoring more points with your witnesses than you have. And yet that happened with stunning frequency over the past two months. The case against Jackson seems to have so many holes in it right now that Thomas Mesereau, the lead defense attorney, could call not a single defense witness and still have a reasonable belief that the jury would acquit his client. He won’t do that, of course, but if he didn’t I’m not sure I would blame him.

    That bad? Pretty much. The alleged victim in the case was a terrible witness, surly and combative on the stand, with the details of his story changing from telling to telling. He is not even sure how many times he says Jackson molested him and he told jurors that he is not the type of person who allows others to take advantage of him. The accuser’s mother, meanwhile, was even worse on the stand, playing to jurors with precisely the sort of acting skills and drama that Jackson’s lawyers say she used on the defendant and other celebrities as she trawled for money among Hollywood’s B-List.

    Moreover, there is precious little physical evidence linking Jackson to a crime, especially if you do not count the adult magazines that the defendant legally had in his home. Meanwhile, the mother of two of Jackson’s children, called by prosecutors to help them link together the conspiracy charge against him, did the opposite. Debbie Rowe says that Jackson was isolated from the men around him, the men with whom the alleged victim and his family mostly dealt — the men against whom conspiracy charges were not brought. If those men didn’t engage in a conspiracy despite all of their proven actions, jurors could reasonably ask today, then how could Jackson have done so? And if prosecutors didn’t charge these other men, the jury might add, then why are we contemplating convicting Jackson?

    Without a crucial ruling early in the case, the one that allowed jurors to hear about prior molestation allegations against Jackson, the trial probably would be over already with a defense win. And even with that huge boost for prosecutors I’m not sure they connected all of the dots. It’s seems reasonably clear now that prosecutors lumped the conspiracy case against Jackson in with the molestation charges because they needed the conspiracy evidence to convince Santa Barbara County Court Judge Rodney S. Melville that Jackson had engaged in a pattern of behavior in the past that warranted the use of prior-act witnesses during this trial. But most of the witnesses who paraded before jurors as a result of the “pattern evidence” ruling were just as shaky and dubious as were the alleged victim and his family.

    Some of these witnesses, to be fair, were somewhat stronger, testifying about alleged Jackson molestation that is similar to the conduct the accuser in this case says occurred. For example, jurors heard allegations that Jackson had frolicked nude with one young boy and had engaged in a sex act with him. But were those few good witnesses enough? Is their strength in numbers for prosecutors? Sure, but only if the witnesses generating the numbers were believed by jurors and also believed to be relevant-all of these “pattern” witnesses, remember, were testifying about long-ago events that did not at the time generate criminal charges. And, remember, this is the high-water mark of the case against Jackson-from here on in jurors will hear from defense witnesses whose intentions will be to undercut what the DA so far has wobbly built.

  15. Roseena Says:

    Poor Roy - you have to cut and paste excerpts from other articles as an attempt to make a point? You have to continually use peculiar analogies as an attmept to make a point. How pathetic.
    By the way, i never insinuated you to be ” any” particular age, as you did me by comparing me to an AMerican Idol contestant.
    Roy maybe I was wrong by saying you were creepy and anti-american - actually your more than creepy and anti-american, you tend to obnoxious and angry too.

  16. Rafe Says:

    Calm down, Rosie. I like it better when you’re thoughtful.

  17. Roseena Says:

    I tried that Rafe - But Roy just got too emotional. : (

  18. Roy Says:

    lol - I didn’t get emotional at all. I really do not care either way. You can think what you’d like - after all it is your given right.

    I normally have sex when and if I get as cranky as you. Why? Cause I can :)

    Play nice!

  19. Roseena Says:

    who are you trying to convince roy? me or yourself.
    Seriously, calm down Roy - It’s just chat - don’t be so emotional.

  20. Roy Says:

    That was calm hunny. :)

  21. Tammy Says:

    I agree TOTALLY with Roy. I have being reading these forums now since soon after the trials started and find that Roseena posts a lot of comments. I don’t think I have ever read one posting that I agreed with even a little.

    Some people are just ignorant and narrow minded. These are the people who hung all the witches because they were not normal. Who hung black men for nothing. Who killed all the jewish people in concentration camps. Who prejudge people based on their appearance. Who were FOR segragation? Who are against anything THEY don’t deem normal.

  22. Rafe Says:

    Tammy, people can have a viewpoint totally the opposite to yours and still be good folks. Rose isn’t ignorant, narrow minded, anti-witch, anti-black or anti-semitic. She just thinks Michael Jackson is almost certainly a pervert because he likes to take little boys into his bed.

    Like Roy says,

    Play nice.

  23. Roseena Says:

    Tammy -
    You seem REALLY hung up on what “people” see as normal vs “not normal” - You should care less about what other people’s interpretation of NORMAL is - fyi, my opinions/postings of MJ were not based on my ideal of what normal is, I simply base them on the information made available pertaining to MJ and the trial.

  24. Rafe Says:

    Roseena, I have to object. You have always said you didn’t trust MJ because it wasn’t normal for a man in his 40s to want to have children in his bed. right? If you are basing your opinion on the trial testimony, heck… the testimony is really thin and contradictory isn’t it?

  25. Jo Says:

    I agree with you totally Rafe, and Roseena, you come across as a very bitter nasty pieceof work. Give it a rest and have a break.

  26. Tammy Says:

    I was not directing the ignorant or narrow minded comment specifically toward Roseena. A lot of people repeat the same thing over and over and bring up “ignorant and narrow minded things that make no sense” or in other words jump to conclusions. It just bugs me when people bring up the “not normal thing” and prejudge people. Just because something is not normal doesn’t make it wrong. I see that a lot. Not just here and about MJ but about lots of stuff in life. It reminds me of the people who as I said “jumped to conclusions” with the witches, etc. If some of these people where in charge MJ would have been hung long ago even with the shotty testimonies and evidence presented to date.

    As I have commented before I don’t know if he is guity or not guilty I am just giving him the benefit of the doubt. Those people on that jury have a HARD job. They have to weigh all the evidence and NOT jump to conclusions but listen to everything presented and convict or not convict based on reasonable doubt.

    I’m sorry if I “wasn’t playing nice”. I just get very pationate about things.

  27. Roseena Says:

    Jo - so sorry you can’t appreciate my input - or should i say input YOU dont agree with - if you are so open minded why can’t you deal with hearing other opinions. funny : )

  28. roseena Says:

    Debi - Do you know how many people you offended by talking about Never land in a negative light? There are so many MJ supporters who insist his pedophile camp is a sanctuary for all those disadvantaged children. How dare anyone point out never land activities are questionable and may be a harmful environment to children.

    This person, MJ, not only enticed children into his lions-den with wonderful visions of “play” but he then hand selected the weaker ones for his sex toys, made sure they and their families were financially challenged and would never make “powerful” witnesses in court (if it ever came to that), manipulated the children with booze, porn, games, gifts, his image etc.. and molested them.
    Now that everything has come to surface, MJ hides behind his fellow Hollywood buddies, his less than joyful childhood (again, boo-fucking hoo), the self invented conspiracy plot, the money motive and last but not least, he defends himself by disguising his actions as being his undying need to make children happy. Enough bullshit already.
    Maybe it is time, for once MJ acts as a man, an adult, and takes responsibility for what he has done. I think it would take SEEING the act of MJ beating off with the kids in order for rafe and all the other people who choose to fall for MJ’s fantasy alibi, to even consider his guilt as a possibility.

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