Michael Jackson Trial Verdict

With the Michael Jackson Trial approaching its end the speculation in the media about the Verdict is growing.

We’ve heard most of the evidence from the defence and all of the evidence from the prosecution - so what do you think? If you were on the jury what would be giving as a verdict?

Have your say about the Michael Jackson Trial Verdict with your reasoning in comments below.

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92 Responses to “Michael Jackson Trial Verdict”

  1. Grant Says:

    My Verdict: Guilty - although I suspect he’ll get off

  2. herb Says:

    my verdict, not guilty. what a lot of people are saying is that he should go to jail for having the sleepovers but, he is not on trial for that. some folks may not like reasonable doubt but there is a truck load of it here. i also think that it is more than just doubt that will exonerate mj. the prosecution never proved its case and have had it torn apart by defence witnesses. mrs. pryor was the blow to the head, the prosecution now is reeling. so instead of trying to bolster what they claim all they can do is humiliate michael

  3. Angelica Says:

    Not guilty of molesting anybody. I just don’t think he did what his accuser said he did. I think anybody looking at all the evidence so far would have to make that judgement.

    And now, with the sale of Neverland, an era passes. But I don’t think the world has heard the end of Michael Jackson.

    And if I was on the jury, and it was within my power to say so, I would have the mother and the accuser charged with perjury.

  4. roseena Says:

    Guilty - of course everyone already knew my take on the trial. I will add though, to angelica and edinburgh, you were incorrect in saying i probably didn’t like michael - actually - i loved him in the 80’s (who didnt) and still thought he was original in the 90’s. And now, as a 36 yr old adult, I see the claims and incidents differnetly as i did in the past. I believe he is guilty, I believe he molested those boys. I believe he was very inappropriate and careless with the children who visited his ranch. I believe he is guilty. But I can’t say I hate him, I just want him to be punished for his crimes.

  5. Sue Says:

    I still believe he is guilty, although I’m afraid he will get off. I believe he molested those boys and will continue to molest unless he goes to prison. He is a sick human being and needs help and I truely hope he gets it.

  6. Yvette Says:

    Not Guilty!

  7. Anthony Says:

    I’m betting guilty on three counts. I guess we will see if I’m right.

  8. Frederick Says:

    Juries are harder to predict than Great Lakes weather. If reasonable doubt and credibility of witnesses have any bearing, the verdict must be: NOT GUILTY. The prosecution’s case is weaker than it was in O. J.’s trial, and that one was shamefully weak, made even worse by evidence tampering and even evidence fabrication. My personal belief? As charged, not guilty, but the accusers will seek civil action and probably win, thanks to an illogical glitch in our system of jurisprudence.

  9. Cheryl Says:

    I think the jury must come back with a not guilty. It isn’t about the star-studded defence or the emotional prosecution, but the standard of the reasonable person. There are not enough relaible witnesses on the prosecution side, and the defense has done an excellent job of showing that!

  10. Ronnocosed Says:

    I still think MJ has been entirely inappropriate with young boys. However guilty he is in my eyes, on the evidence the jury will find him not guilty.

  11. Rabontle Says:

    NOT GUILTY, those people are looking after Wacko’s money. i think they should just ask for it in a proper manner and IF possible HE will assist them as he has a loving HEART to help the POOR at anytime.

  12. Chidi Says:

    Not Guilty, the prosecution has succeded to prove the weakedness of man. The city michael is been prosecuted, has a history of jailing celebraties. A histroy is in the making…, but God has his own judgement

  13. Kgomotso Says:

    NOT GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT. The jury will tell us more but i personally from all the evidence given it is clear that MJ is innocent as the prosecutor is well know for Ripping off celebrities

  14. Lynda Says:

    I believe that he will be found not guilty due to the reasonable doubt clause. But I also believe that he is a pedophile and will eventually be back in court again.

  15. from Edinburgh. Says:

    At the end of the day Michael Jackson does not have to prove his innocence- the prosecution has to prove BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT his guilt.

    Due to the very weak evidence in the case I would expect a verdict of not guilty… however- none of us were in the courtroom watching, listening and judging the credibility of each witness so we can’t know how the jury will return. All we can do is hope that the accuser doesnt end up adding Jackson to his ’success’ list…

  16. India Says:

    Michael is NOT GUILTY there is no way such a wonderful human being can do this. Michael is in this situation because he’s nice. A little bit too nice and a manipulative mother took his kindness for weakness

  17. Mary Says:

    NOT GUILTY!! There is not evidence of his guilt. The mother & son should be charged for false accusations and perjury. The mother needs time in jail and the son needs some serious counseling. The district attorney needs to retire soon because he is making himself look like a fool!!

  18. Tammy Says:

    I belive that he will be found NOT GUILTY because of Resonable Doubt. As to if he is really Guity or Not Guily is ONLY truly known by him, the accusers and God (and maybe the fly on the wall). ANYTHING ELSE is purely speculation and potentially slanderous, reputation, career crushing opinions and HAS NOT been proven as of yet beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    Can you imagine if our judicial system was based on speculation and opinion. Thank God it isn’t.

    Either way, if MJ did it he along with ALL the accomplices (parents, employees, etc) will pay for it in the end and if he didn’t the accusers will pay for it in the end along with all their accomplices.

  19. Tammy Says:

    God, I can’t spell - sorry!

  20. Cheetah Says:

    NOT GUILTY, NOT GUILTY, NOT GUILTY!!!. Most of the allegations against Jackson came from people other than his two accusers. In fact, one accuser has remained strangely quiet, refusing to testify. His selfishness especially regarding the heinous nature of the current accusations just doesn’t cut the mustard. If he were actually victimized shouldn’t this be a chance to bring closure? Shouldn’t he empathize with the other victim? Shouldn’t he want this horrible monster stopped?
    Child molesters are called predators for a reason. There is much invested in the hunt and their victims are generally more numerous. Many are subjected to frequent and sustained instances of abuse and honestly fear loved ones will face retaliatory strikes if they admit their abuse to authorities because abusers are predatory.
    This accuser sought out Michael Jackson despite the past allegations and subsequent pay off. This accuser and his family sought to grow close to Jackson even to the point that the Mother allowed her children to frequent Jackson’s bedroom and groomed her children to call Jackson “daddy”. Again, with full knowledge of Jackson’s past.
    In this case, I think Jackson was the hunted and the family are predatory “grifters”.
    Sneddon should be ashamed for wasting the Santa Barbara County taxpayers’ money. There are real child molesters out there who are victimized by real monsters. This trial has just been a waste of time and money.

  21. Cheetah Says:

    Oops! I meant to say that there are real child victims out there who are victimized by real monsters.

  22. Kenel Ernest Says:

    Not gulity.But Micheal should be very careful because his conduct over kids are not pure only that Galvin lack lots of credibility and because of JC Perne case shows that her mother is just a money graber.

  23. Makhonza Says:

    As a South African, it scares me to bits to see the behaviour of so-called civilised individuals of the first world of a super-power country in the world! The fan-fare with which Michael was pounced upon at his ranch could have passed as a raid of some terrorist hideout! But as the days went by, one progressively got the impression that these are acts of a society more divided than can be imagined in a so-called third world country like mine. In this country, one is presumed innocent until proven guilty. An example of this is the lack of the kind of animosity that could have been displayed when the Boeremag (Boer Force) went on trial for planting bombs in Soweto (a Black Township of over 4 million, near Johannesburg) that killed a Black woman. Many more could have been killed had the other bombs gone off where they were planted among more than 100 taxis that were ready to ferry Black people to work in the morning. The point I am making is that if you contrast the behaviour of the majority of Americans (White) with that of the majority of South Africans (Black) towards the minorities, Black and White respectively, the Michael Jackson trial smacks of despicable racism! I liked Michael a lot, in the past, and when these issues were brought forward, I paused to consider the evidence. So far, I cannot but help sympathise with him! My attitude towards rapists and paedophiles is that they cannot be reformed. The only cure for them is to line them up against the wall in front of a firing squad! But at least, they should first have a fair trial! With all this mockery of justice displayed by the Americans, I am glad to be living in South Africa where the death sentence has been outlawed!

  24. Rafe Says:

    Makhonza - why is the trial racist? We have just been through a round of trials of mostly white Catholic priests, many of whom are spending long prison terms. If a black man abuses a child, or a white man, he should be punished. Your charge of racism just does not compute.

    I am confused also by the fact that you seem proud that your country outlawed capital punishment but at the same time you would like to execute offenders by firing squad. Would they get a cigarette and a blindfold?

  25. michelle Says:

    To Frederick
    OJ Simpson is so guilty. Did you only see the part where the glove didnt fit???
    How about the DNA evidence that proved that he was at the murder scene. Man what would it take to get thru to some people do you need a picture of him slicing her throat.
    Same thing with Jackson as far as I am concerned he has been guily for a long time they just dont have a picture of him molesting these kids.
    Look what money can do for anyone black or white.

  26. MLT Says:

    Not Guilty! The evidence against MJ was not sufficient for a conviction. Also, the testimony of most of the prosecution witnesses was unbelieveable and contradicted by the witnesses themselves or defense witnesses.
    Why is this trial always being compared to the OJ trial. Why not the Robert Blake trial.

  27. Jo Says:

    NOT GUILTY of any of the charges. Duh! Books can be written on how much of a scam perpetrated by the accusing family, and assisted by the DA with a grudge, it all is.

  28. roseena Says:

    makhonza - i am not sure why your so offended by the neverland raid. It was appropriate action for the situation. And even if the raid was extreme (in your view) why would that make mj innocnet?

  29. Wen Says:

    Not Guilty! What Michael did wrong is: he did not follow and obey the standard social code. What Michael did wrong is: he is rich (not really) and famous

  30. Yvette Says:

    The only problem I see Michael having is a drinking problem.

  31. getreal Says:

    come on, he is guilty and so is OJ. But he probably will get off. This is not the first time he has been accused of this. Once, maybe but not likely. Twice, I don’t think so. How often have you been accused of this? He is either the most stupid person in the world or, he did it. And I don’t think he is stupid, but he’ll walk.

  32. Yvette Says:

    I believe OJ is guilty. However, Mr. Jackson will be aquitted of all charges.

  33. Anthony Says:

    That’s hilarious Yvette. If OJ could be guilty and walk why is it so unbelievable that Michael could be guilty and found innocent. And by your rational couldn’t it be possible for someone innocent to actually be found guilty. If so, then what does it matter what the verdict is. Guilty or innocent, nothing will be proven. You sit back and ridicule those that have the same feelings about Michael as you have about OJ, and the verdict isn’t even in yet for the Michael Jackson case. You’re a real piece of work lady. Pull your head out of your ass.

  34. Mary Says:

    There are just too many people who have come out and made similar allegations about Michael Jackson, for the past 15 yearsor so for there not to be some validity to the child molestation charges. Unfortunately, I believe Michael is probably suffering from mental illness and needs help.

  35. neutral observer Says:

    Dear brother Anthony has said something very true.

    No matter what the outcome of the trial is, the actual truth will likely never be known, simply because no-one but Michael and the boys were around at the time of the allegations.

    By this time the judge is certainly aware of this reality, and he also knows that MJ is most certainly protecting certain highly classified information-he just can’t prove what the information is, but the sheer fact of it’s existence will most certainly affect his ultimate decision.

    Michael’s career as he knew it is very much over now and he knows it as it shows on his face.

    He will however continue to sell his previous records and make loads of money because he remains one the great musical wonders of the world, and forever will be.

    As to his fate? I hope and pray that he does’nt have to go to jail, but if you examine his character you will find just as much devil as angel in him as you will in all of us, which is why he absolutely could just as easily have done it as not have done it.

    Even if he is 100% innocent of all charges, another unspoken issue that has gone unrealized is that this man Superstar Number One, and that kind of magnitude of popularity and financial success brrings with it a very intoxicating felling of “Invincibilty”, leading any normal person to feel they are above the law.

    The problem he created for himself is that he put himself in such close proximity to the possibility of being guilty that on some level he may as well be.

    If the kids he slept in the same bed together with were his relatives, it is highly unlikely there would have been any allegations against him, but sadly for all of us who love Michael dearly and for he himself, they were completely unrelated to him, raising immediate concern for any person who either has or even just cares about the good welfare of children in general.

    As I think more about it, this case is looking very much like a “Guilt by association” type of situation, in which even if Michael is actually innocent, he deserves some sort of definite reprimand from the judge in some kind of way, for his behaviour is clearly out of bounds.

  36. Deb Says:

    Note to Cheryl. I’m so glad to see that SOMEONE can spell defenSe.

  37. debi Says:

    “I still think MJ has been entirely inappropriate with young boys. However guilty he is in my eyes, on the evidence the jury will find him not guilty. ”

    I agree 100% with that comment by Ronnocosed.

  38. hennie Says:

    I think he has commited a felony,but given the reasonable doubt,the jury will aquite,after all it is about how much justice one can afford

  39. Dana Says:

    The case is so lame. the accusers are corupt. Tom Sneddon was too busy to raid Neverland until a week after his City of Santa Maria hosted their annual Halloween bash, a complete display of his unurgentcy. Instead he chose. Michaels gratest hits album release day as HIS target, claiming he had no knowledge of this, just a mere co- incedence. What evidence was found. NONE! A picture book from a fan and little else. The accusers are greedy and handled Michaels generosity poorly. All this case prooves is you can accuse anyone of crime with great fanfare and drama, cauing the accused to bend over backwards trying to explain all of the lies being told. Prosecute the accusers for their purgeries. Not guilty, aquitted soon.

  40. TERRI Says:


  41. Abel Muvhimi Says:

    Not guilty one bit!!! What would Michael have paid to avoid this debilitating ordeal? I now understand why he did pay off those other kids. My other question is; should Michael continue commiting the crimes of loving, kindness, trusting and generousity because apparently that is all he is guilty of and the prosecution has proven that. I do not have a problem with my rationality because I’m not an MJ fan and who needs to be to realise that the prosecution’s case is desparate to say the least.
    I think celebrities like Michael should keep their kindness to themselves because apparently its not needed in America.

  42. roseena Says:

    What does “America”, or any particular country, have to do with WHY MJ is on trial. Maybe his behaviour and choices put him their. Can you fathom that? Your comment is nauseating. You feel “Americans” have shown prejudice towards michael, yet your comment is very narrow-minded towards America. abel, your a hipocrit.

  43. Nacho Says:

    Even though I am a big Michael’s fan, I still don’t know if he is guilty or not, and guess I won’t ever know. I just hope that if he is acquited, he focuses on boosting his career and making music and stop caring about people who don’t care about him. Charity is not deserved unless you try not to get it…. people asking for money without taking any actions are just piles of shite. If he is found guilty (Which I doubt because of the “reasonable doubt”) I think he will top himself which would be a great loss to many fans and the history of music.

    Sorry if I spelled something incorrectly or didn’t get to communicate what I was thinking, but I am spanish and I was trying my best

  44. Rafe Says:

    Hey Nacho, a good comment. If he is acquitted, and after Neverland is sold, I hear Michael Jackson is contemplating moving to Africa or Europe. I don’t think his money problems are as bad as people think. $35 million for Neverland just pays off the mortgages, really. One tour and he’s a billionaire again. Donald Trump would love to have him perform in Las Vegas.

  45. roseena Says:

    I know! I know how MJ can make a financial comeback… jump on the reality tv bandwagon! He can have a show where he has a cluster of minor boys in his home, he can have mini-dates with them, court the boys on fun-filled rendezvous and follow up with a romantic heart-felt rose ceremony…aahh, at last mj can find a trustworthy youngster to love.
    (Sorry - I am under sever sleep deprivation today )

  46. Rafe Says:

    Really… what were you doing up at all hours last night? You really have to tone down that opulent lifestyle, find a nice solid partner you can trust and settle down! You’re too old for all that sex and drugs and rock and roll.

  47. Michael Says:

    Michael should have quit after the Dangerous Tour was over.

  48. roseena Says:

    Rafe - 36 isn’t that old … (at least I don’t think it is?)besides, sex is good for you!

  49. roseena Says:

    If he wanted to go out while on top…he should have quit after his thriller tour!

  50. cc Says:

    He was just geting started then!

  51. Rafe Says:

    No, just hitting your prime.

  52. roseena Says:

    Rafe - You can make anything sound good!

  53. Rafe Says:

    Rosie, we’re in open forum, here.


  54. roseena Says:

    you’re right Rafe- I shouldn’t flirt in the forum…

  55. Jordan Says:

    Absolutley NOT Guilty of all charges, cause I believe every word that Michael says, because I prefer the truth from him than that liar (the accuser) and the biggest psycho (accuser’s mother), some of the evidences are a little too confusing and Michael said this before “He is really innocent and he he would never hurt any kid in any way.” These people can be so stupid that they don’t understand him correctly and I find nothing with having sleepovers with kids. Michael is a Child Lover and Child Star and NOT a Child Predator.

  56. trudy Says:

    i believe michael is not guilty. this is a con that is brought on by a mother who is amoney hugry lier.

  57. Jahangir Mustafa Says:

    Michael is 100% inocent and he is not guilty. because there are no evidence of molestion they are making the case. Tom is king of dogs and he did 1000 search warnts against MJ this is not legal in USA law. and snedon broke 40 laws to make this case and there details are available on the ne. i am sure tha MJ will be verdict.

  58. Cheetah Says:

    It’s weird that so many people are convinced of Jackson’s innocence. I’m not. I’m also not convinced that he’s guilty. I’m hearing all of this gushing from supporters and unbridled hate from the con Jackson camps. Court TV began a day long stick it to Jackson campaign after the prosecution rested yesterday. I can only imagine what transpired on other networks.
    I wish the family weren’t so crooked. I wish Jackson wasn’t so wierd and pitiful. I wish I weren’t so hopelessly stuck in the middle here. Am I the only one who feels this way?

  59. Angelica Says:

    nope. me too. The jury has a hard job. In the end it will be “beyond a reasonable doubt” most people dont know what that means it means you CAN have some doubt about what happened and still declare him guilty (I think). It has to be BEYOND a reasonable doubt… more than a reasonable doubt… that’s a slippery thought

  60. Cheetah Says:

    Mmmm…Let me think. In this country a person is innocent until proven guilty by a jury of their peers. So that boils down to the accused person being entitled to acquital if the jurors believe the case has not been proved beyond a reasonable doubt.
    I think that means that the jury would have to be able to say with enduring conviction that the accused is guilty or they have to acquit.
    If I were a juror right now I would have to find the defendant innocent because I’m not convinced he’s guilty. Any doubt goes to the benefit of the defense, I think.

  61. Angelica Says:

    Ok, define reasonable. You can have a lingering doubt, but unless it is beyond a reasonable doubt you must acquit. In other words, you can have SOME doubt and NOT acquit.

  62. The doctor . Says:

    Not guilty ,he is living in child’s dream : he is absolutely 100 percent not guilty .

  63. Cheetah Says:

    Angelica, this is where it gets murky for me but I’ll try to explain this the best way I can.
    The burden of proof is on the prosecution so the jury must be satisfied that the prosecution has proved every element of the crime.
    I don’t think all doubt needs to be removed. Just the doubts that would be considered reasonable by an ordinary person. When the jury decides this standard has been met by the prosecution then the case has been proven beyond a reasonble doubt and the defendant can be convicted. However, it the jury feels that reasonable doubt still exist then the prosecution has not met this standard of law and the defendant must be acquitted.

  64. Cheetah Says:

    Angelica, I just thought of something else. Each charge against the defendant has to meet this standard separately. So the defendant can be found guilty on some counts but not on others. Now, here’s the scary part.
    Sometimes, most often in criminal trials, the jurors can’t agree on a verdict. When this happens the jury is said to be “hung or deadlocked”.
    A lot of law pundits say this happens because jurors tend to hold onto thier early opinions about a defendants innocence or guilt but that’s niether here nor there. Anyway, when a jury is hopelessly deadlocked the judge declares a mistrial. When a mistrial is declared the trial must start again with another jury. Ouch!

  65. unknown Says:

    ok,maybe he molested those boys but…i dont want him to go to prison so…. NOT GUILTY!!

  66. William Macdonald Says:

    michael jackson is innocent those nasty people are trying to put him away for something he didnt do and its terrible.

  67. William Macdonald Says:

    Michael Jackson is the biggest superstar on this planet and if he goes to jail i will kill myself cause i love him as a singer not sexualy and i have also liked him since i was 5 years old so i would be sad to see him go to jail for something he didnt do to those boys. those boys have been teached by their mother and its terrible.

  68. Louie Says:

    This is Louie here

    I think Michael Jackson is in alot of trouble, it’s my belief the within a day or 2 he will be locked up from society and will die in jail.

  69. Louie Says:

    News just in:

    Michael Jackson has been found guilty
    in all counts against him.

    He will be detained in a maxium facilty
    by white men with big private parts, he will hit notes in jail he never could on the outside.

  70. Louie Says:

    Whats michael jacksons favorite food?


  71. Louie Says:

    Just kinda wondering if they’ll let him wear those cute little bunny slippers in jail, lol

  72. Wanda Says:

    Oh my god, I believe he is guilty
    and in gods eyes he will pay, if not jail then to hell with him.

  73. Allen Says:

    Absolutely 100% GUILTY. This perverted monster is the worst kind and won’t stop until he is forced to stop. I hope he gets rapped and killed while he rots in prison.

  74. mom to a boy Says:

    Absolutely guilty. What a freak

  75. TONY GRUET Says:

    i believe that micheal jackson is ill and should not be put in prison but a where help can be gained. The man has a mind of a child. prison isn’t the answer! he needs help……..

  76. Rick Says:

    What ever the out come, let’s pray it’s correct–though I am not in the position to judge, I feel in my heart that Michael is not guilty. I only know that which ever end is–that they will be held accountable in God’s time. So in the mean time, we can only hope that justice is sought out here on earth when the trial is complete and that such things are eliminated in the future to make this world a better place for all…

  77. Denise Says:

    He’s guilty. He will never go to jail, but he’s guilty. I have never been a huge MJ fan and never will be, but come on people, there is something major wrong here. If you had a child, would you want them sleeping in the same bed as MJ? I know I wouldn’t. He thinks there is nothing wrong with that. He need help and the help he needs he won’t find in the jailhouse. Of course, I’m sure that there is someone in the jailhouse that could teach him a new move or two.

  78. linda Says:

    guilty, and he should have maximun sentence. all this bull about declining health its his concience killing him . if he has a conscience,which I doubt

  79. lorna Says:

    i agree that he was very careless having those sleepovers with those young children but i dont think he is guilty i think he has problems mentally, after all the problems he had as a child and being a star so young he never grew up properly and jus didnt think about how wrong it was to have the sleepovers. i think its jus poor families tryin 2 make some money off a star that managed to have enough problems mentally to mess things up i think he should have counsilling not go to prison. and i think the families should thing of better ways to make money without ruining someone elses life.

  80. ~Cheeka~ Says:

    Not Guilty for all the obvious reasons….

  81. hemingway Says:

    I think jackson is a cune artist to make the public think he didn’t do it . the evidents was in the court room clear as day. it was proven that he did it with thows childeren he is gulty no dout being in court before this long court triel.I hope he rotes in hell.so gulty

  82. Elsa Maria Says:

    Michael Jackson is not an average person and it is in another mental level other than the average thinker. He has a world of his own and there is not malice in his mind, but the perception of the so called society views him as a horrible human being. The power of slander and judgement can be so damaging. He is not guilty of child abuse, he is guilty of not understanding the situation he put himself in because the dirty perception of the average mind of us, Human beings. He is a child lets do not taint his childlike Peterpanish bahavior.

  83. ahmed Says:

    Personally i dont think that micheal did it but even if he did it,the fbi re not suppose to molest him the way they did.I think the fbi should be charged to court for what they did is another type of abuse.

  84. ade 1 Says:

    Pls free this man he is not guilty.

  85. roseena Says:

    elsa, peterpanish behavior? more like pedophile behavior. It is good to know someone (you) has a view into michaels inner mind -thanks for that pov!

  86. Rafe Says:

    # 81 - you have an illustrious name but the progenitor of it was a much better speller. Like you, though, he had no time for weirdos and fags, until he wrote a book called the Garden of Eden, in which he recounts that he agreed to act the female part in having sex with his bride, and she was the male, who raped-seduced him. And why I am writing this I do not have the vaguest clue.

  87. Rafe Says:

    except that it’s about weirdness

  88. sharon Says:

    I think anyone who belives Jacko is innocent should go sit with him in prison..if those kids were one of your own would’nt the thought of a skinned man touching your kid make your stomach turn??..for all those who call him innocent get a damn life for more than ever before we are plagued with child molesters and murderers..read the newspapers and watch the news..will help some of yall dying to send these men (in Jacko’s case ‘it’ ) to the gullitine..I hope he winds up in prison and finds some men to crawl into bed with him..Jacko and everyone who belives he’s innocent should not only drown themselves but have a ‘thrilling’ hot rod shoved up their asses.!!!!

  89. sharon Says:

    Jacko is just as Guilty as the Color of his fake skin !! Jacko should start entertaining the thoughts of a big black bubba’s penis shoved down his throat for in any case he’s going to end up choking on something like that.! GUILTY OF ALL CHARGES!!

  90. Lucian Says:

    All you rasists might as well go and fuck yourselves!
    Michael is NOT GUILTY and the only reason u god’damn KKK fucks say otherwise is your blindfully hatery and your lack of understanding.
    Your perverted minds can only see sin where there’s nothig but kindness.
    Wake up!

  91. Satrohan Persaud Says:

    Sharon is likely related to the accusers family. Look at their history of extorting money. If they knew this why were they stayin at neverland and enjoying all the niceities. Bikini wax, plane rides, limo etc.
    Sharon could fuck off. Let the man have his deserved freedom. The prosecutor has an axe to grind. He is wasting taxpayers money with a no case.

  92. Heather Says:

    GUILTY!! Unfortunetely the jury will most likely find him not guilty because the case does not revolve around him being the digusting child molestor and crazed plastic surgery pyschopath that he is. I feel he should go to jail and never come out. We have a human being here that doesn’t deserve any life if he is going to distort and ruin his body the way he did and then go on to ruin little children lives. I blame MJ and the parents of these poor children. Who would send their child to MJ sexual funland for molesting. No mercy for MJ or his fans!!!!

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