Michael Jackson ‘Undergoing Major Make-over’

‘Michael Jackson’s appearance is undergoing a major revamp as he hides away from the American press in Bahrain and prepares to relaunch his career, according to an American author.

Michael C. Luckman, who wrote Alien Rock: The Rock ‘N’ Roll Connection, claims the 47-year-old is working on a more macho appearance which has seen him working out, wearing shorter wigs and using less make-up.’

Read more at Jackson ‘Undergoing Major Make-over’

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49 Responses to “Michael Jackson ‘Undergoing Major Make-over’”

  1. Sue Says:

    What he needs is a new nose… one that does NOT fall off his face!
    No amount of working out, less make up or shorter wigs is going to make him appear more “macho”. All he has to do is talk and it’s all over. Since he’s undergoing a major revamp in hiding… I suspect he’s having more surgery. Do they implant musles???

  2. Yvette Says:

    Sue, why are so negative with regards to Michael Jackson? Have you ever heard of the saying, “peaople who live in glass houses shouldnnot through stones” are byou perfect Sue? Hell No! no one is. Look in the mirror, do you have a perfect body? gorgeous skin, how about a winning personality? I doudt it. I can tell you don’t have one. How about your bank account? Got million, billions or do you work day to day sounds to me like you’re a bit geolous Sue. I DARE YOU TO CHALLENGE ME!

  3. Sue Says:

    First off…This blog is NOT about me. No I’m not rich, don’t have a perfect body, my skin is dry and weathered (from good old fashion hard work). As for my personality, I make friends very easily and have had no complaints until now.
    My problem with MJ? HMMM… oh yeah.. HE’S A FREAKIN MOLESTER THAT GOT AWAY WITH IT… AGAIN!!!!
    NO I’m not jealous (that’s the correct spelling by the way, there’s no G), I’m outraged, pissed off… tired of the rich getting away with murder and molesting.
    So… I will continue my negativity towards MJ. It’s my right of free speech.
    Just as you will continue your worship of him….which to me is very sick. By the way, I never “throw” stones… I use boulders. Yvette, do yourself (and anyone that reads this blog) get yourself a dictionary or use spell check. Your ignorance is showing.

  4. Yvette Says:

    Sue, you can kiss my sweet BIG ASS!

  5. Sue Says:

    hehehehe… so eloquently put. Ahhh..maybe you should look that one up in that dictionary you so desperately need. Have a nice day!

  6. Yvette Says:

    comment deleted by Site Admin for offensive language

  7. Sue Says:

    Darn! I’d LOVE to know what you said.. too bad it got banned. Is there anyway you can say it… and not use offesive language? lol

  8. Yvette Says:

    You are a racist redneck Sue!

  9. Sue Says:

    hehehe.. you’re so funny! I do so enjoy a good chuckle.
    I assume you call me a redneck because I’m in Tennessee. Well, I’m not from here. I’m from the beautiful Evergreen State, Washington. I’ve only been here in Tennessee for a few months now. Not nearly long enough to wear the honorable badge of redneck!
    As for a racist, I have a grandaughter that is half black. She’s very pretty and I love her the same as the rest of my grandkids. If you had ever paid attention to any of my posts in the last few months, you will know that I hate raceism of ANY kind. So…. as usual.. you’re dead wrong!!!
    Face it… you worship MJ and you can’t even expalin or give a good reason why. I on the other hand, believe he’s a child molester. I will always believe it. He got away with it, but he will trip up again someday…they always do. When that happens, remember me.

  10. Phil Says:

    screw that freeky scarecrow!

  11. Jin Says:

    You’re saying you don’t like people that are rich and get away with molestation, and thats the reason you hate MJ. Well you should do your research first find out if he’s guilty then see if you still hate him. Please do that, I’m not being nasty in any way but you should seriously check your facts up. If they turned around and said ‘Oh look Sue’s a peadophile’ I wouldn’t instantly hate you, I’d check up on things.

    Check this site out, it’s non biast about MJ… http://www.mj-case.net

  12. Sue Says:

    Jin, Wow… an honest to goodness sane and informative comment. Thank you!
    Yes, I’ve researched this case quite a bit. I read the trial transcripts daily on the Smoking Gun (untill they were pulled)
    I followed the trail on the Court TV mesg boards. That is a place where you will find a TON of information, both pro and con on MJ’s guilt or innocence. So yes, I am well informed on the FACTS of this case and of the previous ones. I believe he molested Jamie, but I also believe the mother was out to exploit the fact and her actions ruined any type of conviction on the molestation. She spun too many webs and it backfired on her. If she wold have just stuck to the truth he would have been convicted, but she made up so many stories… it was really ignorant on her part. I don’t “hate” MJ… I have never said that. What I hate, is the molestation of young children. I hate that adults can get away with it because no one wants to believe a child. I’m in NO WAY jealous of MJ’s money and fame. Money and Fame don’t buy happiness…I have neither and I’m happy the way I am!

  13. Jin Says:

    The smoking gun has a tonn of bullshit on it. I wouldn’t believe anything they say. 1st off did you know the mother changed the dates she said her kid was molested. She went into court and they announced the dates, then MJ’s lawyer came and proved MJ wasn’t even at neverland on some of them days, he was in other states. They then changed the dates again. Also did you know about how the family filled for a law suit before any criminal trial. And also did you know the Jordie Chandler case that Jordies Dad was recorded on tape saying to his brother in law something like ‘I don’t care of my sons interests I want to win big time, i want money’. Did you know how the father in that case sent MJ a letter saying MJ should give him 60 million otherwise he’s going to say this and that to the police, then MJ said to him to screw himself cos’ he’s done nothing. Also have you seen the contract MJ signed back then, when he settled. It basically says in lawyer terms that MJ is not admiting guilt and the family is lying but he’s paying them 15.3 million to get outta his life. And also why did the Jordie Chandler family file for a Law Suit, and still to this day haven’t done a criminal Trial. Also did you know that Jordy hasn’t spoken to his family for 10 years because they used him to make money and completely ruined his life…. i could go on for ages but I want to know how much you know… So did you know any of this stuff?

  14. Sue Says:

    Yes Jin…
    I knew some of what you write, but I didn’t say I got ALL my facts from the Smoking Gun.. I said I read the TRIAL TRANSCRIPTS on there. I got my facts from reading articles (pro & con), participaing in discussions online at Courth TV, watching endless talk shows, court TV, news reports ect. I felt as if I lived and breathed MJ for several months! If I wasn’t at work, I was on my computer reseaching the trial and anything that was said. When the verdict came in I was stunned… and felt as if I had been cheated. I blame the mother… but more I blame the media circus.

    I believe some of what you say is mostly “hear say”… unless you can provide me some links to prove your statements, I’m not interested. I went through all this crap during the trial on the Court TV mesg. boards… I’m not going to go through it again here. I’ve stated my opinion and beliefs. No amount of going over this again is going to change my mind. Unless one of these kids actually comes out and says it NEVER happened… then I will appoligize to MJ myself! And to all of you. But I know that day will never happen.

  15. Sue Says:

    JIn…one other thing. I just re read the settlement between MJ and Jordie. Here is the link to the page you are refering.

    ” Also have you seen the contract MJ signed back then, when he settled. It basically says in lawyer terms that MJ is not admiting guilt.”

    It does say that MJ admits to no guilt, but as for the Crimal Trial, if you read the whole settlement, I believe you will find that they can’t file any other law suits against MJ. Just thought you should know.

  16. Jin Says:

    Non of it’s hear say. I got that information from books on MJ, books that talk about both sides of the evidance. And the recorded phone call i have actualy heard myself, it was even on a tv program in the UK on BBC. All of the evidance i know is from people that have worked with MJ, and Police officers ect… All off CNN, and all the other news channels. And the contract which MJ signed has actualy been leeked, i found a copy of it on… I think it was smoking gun. And i know Jordie hasn’t spoken to his family because his mother has said so on T.V. I’m not a deluded fan, i’m very level headed, I mean i know MJ has bleached his skin and done all this and that. But with the case, he’s been taken advantage of.

    http://www.mj-case.net was a realy good website for evidance from both sides, but i don’t think its around anymore. That site had every single piece of evidance referenced from news channels, and books etc… You could have checked each piece of evidance. But that site aint working for some reason any more.

  17. Jin Says:

    This site is’nt as good as the other one I was talking about but check it out…

  18. Sue Says:

    I’m sorry Jin…but a site with the byline of “Michael Jackson was never guilty
    From lots of facts I have Gathered It seems not even Debaitable at this point
    dispite what you may here in the US media.” is NOT an unbiased site. Nor is it one that I would trust for information.
    The photos of MJ taken in the 80’s are so obviously fake, you can tell they have been doctored! Do you actually think MJ would pose for a photo looking that way? NO WAY IN HELL. I understand where someone that believes in his innocence would see this site as proof…but it don’t wash with me. Just another “fanatacial fan site”.

  19. Jin Says:

    No no, i didn’t say its where i get all my info from… i said its not as good as the MJ-CASE.NET site, but it’s the best i got at the moment. I didn’t say that site was unbiast. It’s the only site that has audios of people that are unbiast talking about MJ. Like the ‘Drudge report’. And those pictures I’ve just seen em now, I personaly don’t think he had vitiligo, thats got nothing to do with the site any way. It’s all about the case.

  20. Jin Says:

    There’s info about the 93 settlement and all that stuff on it….

  21. Sue Says:

    go READ the settlement.

  22. Sue Says:

    You can read the settlement here:

  23. Yvette Says:

    *** Jin, please don’t wast your time trying to convice Sue, (who is a redneck) Tennessee about MJ’s innocence. She wilo never understand.
    She says she watced Court TV! That is the most biased program offering news. That was Diane Diamonds work station.
    Oh! didn’t she get fired???? she was hooked up with Tom Sneddon. I wonder why is he being sued right now for misconduct in the MJ trial? Dah…. it seems to me that Sue has been misinformed, therefore, she has been conviced and hoodwincked into believing the stories she has heard about MJ to beleliving that they are true. I’m out here in California and live less than 10 minutes from the Jackson family home. I’ve met the family and I truly believe that MJ is innocent! that because I see what is happening-not just looking at the tv.

  24. Sue Says:

    you should mind your own business! Jin and I are having a mutal discussion here. One without your name calling that you seem to be so very fond of. By the way, I lived in MODESTO, CA untill 6 months ago when I moved here to Tennessee… I am not a redneck. I was born and raised in Seattle, WA and am proud to still call WA state my home. But if you ever paid attention to my past posts, you would have known that. I told you the LAST time you called me a redneck. You are so good at reading my posts, but not paying attention to what I am saying. Show me where I said I watched it on Court tV? I said I participated in discussions on the Court Tv msg boards, and on other msg boards discussing the PROS & CONS of the trial. I don’t know about you… but I WORK for a living and can’t sit at home all day and watch TV. I did however see some of Diane Diamonds coverage of the trial.. I found it to be very bias… she dripped with disgust for MJ. So I took what she said with a gain of salt, and found out on my own what was happening, not taking her word for it. See.. you know nothing about me Yvette, all you do is call names and worship MJ. I really think you should start proof reading your posts… it is hard for someone to make out what you are saying with all of your “typ os” as you call them. Luckily I’m smart enough to read “stupid people type”.
    There.. now I’ve sunk to your level… excuse me while I climb back up.

  25. Sue Says:

    Hey.. I lived less than two miles from Scott Peterson, but I don’t think he’s not guilty! And we worked on the same block! I met his parents, I went to the vigil…does that make me special? NOOOOOOOOOO…..you are so pathetic Yvette.

  26. Yvette Says:

    So are you Sue!

  27. Jin Says:

    I hope Jordie Chandler just comes out one day and tells the truth.

  28. Kaylee Cravenor Says:

    Well to all you people who think that Michael Jackson is quilty….. Your dumb he is a lover of all creations and he would never hurt any body on purpose. He has good heart all he wants to do is have the childhood he never had, try to preform everyday of your life and not ahve the time you want to spend with your family and see how it feels! And for you people who have a problem with his surgeys I beleive that he has a logical explanation for it MAYBE to hind the emotional scares his father left on him SO BACK OFF ALL YOU MJ HATERS!!! I LOVE YOU MICHAEL JACSON!!!!!!!

  29. Sue Says:

    Oh god.. just what we need… ANOTHER fanatic fan. Really… you guys need to get a life. I’m beginning to see a common demonator in all of you though…NONE of you can spell or type worth a darn.

  30. Yvette Says:

    Sue, all you do is bitch and moan about others who like MJ. Look, there is nothing you can do to change anyone’s feelings about him. Are you sure your not Roseena in disguise?…whatever, we will continue to post our good feelings regardless if you like them or not! wHY DON’T YOU GET A LIFE???

  31. Sue Says:

    I will continue to post mine as well. Someone has to be the voice of sanity around here. Too bad MJ’s not in Mexico right now!!

  32. Yvette Says:

    Yeah, you’d like that would’nt you?

  33. Sue Says:

    Yes, I would like that! And so would a lot of other people who know that justice wasn’t served in the trial.

  34. Yvette Says:

    Well, it’s too late now for your ranting Sue, so you’re just going to have to live with it, you and the others!

  35. bob Says:

    suk lul

  36. Jin Says:

    Sue your spelling aint all that good either, demonator is spelt denominator, and that’s supposed to be two spaces after a full stop.

    In truth Sue doesn’t realy know much about the case. You make your judgment from what your friends say and what people like Diane Dimond say. In other words your a sheep…

  37. Jin Says:


  38. Jin Says:

    Sue… I just read that part you wrote about the contract right now. The part you pointed out the contract said the Chandler family couldn’t do other Law Suits against him. Well I did know that, and what’s wrong with that? He doesn’t want them to come back with other false alligations. You don’t pay someone 15.3 million, so they can come back and sue you again. Otherwise that’d be the most stupid contract in the universe. So I don’t understand why you pointed that out. The contract doesn’t stop the family from doing a Criminal trial. So why haven’t they done one since?????

  39. Sue Says:

    If you click the link I provided for you, you will see that I am right. Obviously, you didn’t do that. A cival suit is a lawsuit. I’m so tired of you guys “generalizing” what I say. I never have said I got my information from Diane Diamond or my friends. I READ the trial transcripts, I read articles pro and con, I watched tv reports, both pro and con. I am an informed person. I didn’t make up my mind on his guilt or innocence until all the eveidence was in. I was leaning one way but ended up the other.
    OH! and by the way, I spelled that word (denominator) that way I did for a reason. Why don’t you take another look at it…see if you can figure it out!
    Two spaces after a full stop? lol Are we back in typing class? If so… you better correct some other people on this blog!

  40. Jin. Says:

    Yeh man whatever… i didn’t bother reading the last half.

    I’ve read the law suit contract before and i understand what it’s about. I know it says the family can’t do a law suit. But that’s obvious, that’s why the whole thing was settled in the 1st place. It doesn’t stop em from doing a criminal trial, it basically stops them from coming out with alligations that have no proof. I don’t understand why you keep pointing that out?

  41. Yvette Says:

    Because she’s stupid!

  42. Yvette Says:

    Because she’s stupid!

  43. Sue Says:

    Well man.. if you didn’t bother reading the last half, then you are’nt very well informed are you? It also prevents them from doing a CRIMINAL TRIAL.
    What Yvette? Are you stuttering? lol

  44. Jin. Says:

    I’ve read the whole of the contract, I was saying that I never read the half of your post.

    Well that just shows how much you know about law and the MJ case as a whole. A criminal trial cannot be stopped by any form of contract. Otherwise people would be running around making there victims sign contracts, everybody would be able to do anything. There would be a major hole in the criminal justice system. In no way does the contract say they can’t do a Criminal Trial, that’s where your facts are false (show the contract to a lawyer and they’ll tell you the same).

    Michael lived like an adult in his childhood, now he wants to live like a child in his adulthood, what’s wrong with that… nothing at all.

  45. Yvette Says:

    Jin, Sue doesn’t understand the law of california, you see, she keepss skipping town for whatever reason. That lets me know that Sue is uninformed! Please don’t continue to waste your time reading and responding to your posts-it will not do any good!

  46. Jin. Says:

    Yvette… it’s just frustrating when you know something, and when other people are ignorant towards it, it pisses me off.

  47. Sue Says:

    Skipping town? What the hell is that about Yvette? As for California law, I know a lot about it. My daughters molestor was tried in a California court.
    And I’m sorry if I “piss you off” Jin… that does’nt even BEGIN to say what your posts do to me!!!!

  48. Sue Says:

    Jin and Yvette,
    Both of you know nothing about me yet you feel the need to belittle me and resort to name calling. Is that all you can do? When you can’t argue your case, you start calling names. I feel sorry for you people.

  49. Yvette Says:

    ooh Sueeee,
    Lazy WARlock, evil hateful wench. Did you hear that Sue? OH, do you need a HEARING AID! LOLOLOLOL….HAHAHAHA

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