Why Bahrain?

If MJ has indeed gone to a place that is unfriendly to the USA that is his right. It is a priviledge to live in America. Anyone who does not think so can think so…

I was wondering why MJ would choose such a place? Is he making a statement about how he sees some people in America or the American Justice system or is the visit to Bahrain simply a way to escape all scrutiny and any rememberance of the trial? Not sure myself…I guess the reasons will play out over the next few weeks. Well, didn’t think I would ever be posting about MJ again. :-)

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37 Responses to “Why Bahrain?”

  1. roseena Says:

    I would assume MJ is making a statement. Considering he moonwalked right out of court and was found not-guilty, in my opinion, he should be thankful and appreciative of our system. There are many places to vacation and “get-a-way”, he choose such a contraversial place to retreat as a means to send a message to our country. I hope he makes Bahrain his permanent residence. In my opinion we can rid our country of a pedophile and traitor with his relocation!

  2. HERB Says:

    this is what i am talking about, i have tried to be respectful of opinions and views in this post but, some times people just hit below the belt. now mj is a traitor. how about less mudslinging, the prosecution tried that and it backfired. mj can go anywhere in the world he chooses to. of course you would expect him to go someplace to get away from it all. the news coverage in the states was very bias, and pro prosecution. how do you put on a show about what prison life for mj would be like and he was not even convicted at the time. you have gloria “allwrong” dogging his heels to get publicity. it is just senseless. you want a good post that is interesting and stimulating, back up your words with facts and not just add to the drama that hounds michael.

  3. roseena Says:

    Herb - why is my comment mudslinging? If mj is retreating to an American enemy, you (as a mj supporter) should find that offensive and at least in poor taste? (probably moreso than me, because i didnt stand bu his side throughout the trial) You herb supported this man throughout the trial, now he chooses to burrow in enemy land. How can you not be insulted? Why didn’t he go to a discreet island? His choice in location is sending a message, loud and clear. I do hope he enjoys Bahrain so much, he decides to relocate permanently.

  4. HERB Says:

    rossena, you like the prosecution are trying to kill mj with out proof. the united states has enemies one minute and allies the next. saddam used to be our ally against russia, and japan attacked pearl harbor. osama bin laden had ties to the bush family, michael is an international celebrity, meaning he can go anywhere in the world and be welcomed with open arms. if he went to japan would he be a traitor. it does not matter if it is michael jackson, simpson, or blake. these are free men who have the right to go and do as they please. so since you did not get the verdict you wanted all you can do is sling mud and call names. if you could offer me any proof that michael was indeed guilty i would of changed my mind. but 12 people who knew way more than you of what the evidence was said not guilty. so if you want to persecute michael without peoof be prepared to have people like myself waiting to take you to task to back up your claims and opinions with facts

  5. roseena Says:

    Herb - First off, do not get mouthy with me, so take your need to “take to task” elsewhere. - if you cant deal with being exposed to opposing views, get the hell out of the forum. Now, if you have not noticed, much of the forum is not about michaels trial since the verdict was read. The forum transformed into a place for firey debate over the trial into fan-based site. I have participated in topics that have spun-off from the mj trial - most recently being his choice of retreat. So when you bring up the verdict and dwell on the verdict, it bores me. I thought mj was guilty, he was found not guilty - i moved on. there is nothing left to debate on the “trial” and my opinions of other mj issues have nothing to do with the trial herb. mj disgusted me during the trial with the charges that were against him, and now he proves he is not a man once again by fleeing to an enemy-site. You are right in saying it is his right to travel anywhere he wishes, and it is my right to hope he finds perm residency there. get over the anger or whatever the hell your harboring herb. not every opinion and thought in the world is driven by race, or driven by like or dislike for mj - actually, my current opionion on mj’s vacation choice is driven by my loyalty and patriotism for our country. I just do not agree with americans vacationing or whatever his agenda is for being there in terroist territory.

  6. Yvette Says:

    Sources say believe it or not, the Michael Jackson case is not over. Even though they lost the case, the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s office is still refusing to turn over evidence they seized at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch 2003 and 2004.
    Papers filed in Santa Barbara Superior Court, made available late yesterday, indicate that the problem is not easily resolved.
    Stay tuned!

  7. roseena Says:

    well, the prosecution should return whatever they are holding, unless they have a legal right to keep the items for a civil suit - i don’t know. Oobviously they retuned his passport.

  8. Yvette Says:

    Tom Snrddon is a sore loser!

  9. numenarh Renders his opinion. Says:

    Oh and it is James Burke, it has been ten years since I have seen “Connections.” by James Burke. And he also is on the Learning Channel. LOL! Okay, check out James Burke. Connections3.

  10. herb Says:

    roseena, my words were directed to your use of the word traitor, it applies that mj was unamerican. it is another label that has been put on him. if you want to get to it is it unamerican to spend money with companies that use child labor, who import from our enemies. i can respect opposing views, i have been a big supporter of you giving your views even though i disagree with them. no one knows why mj went to this country, but to say he is a traitor is not ok. i respect your views, respect mine

  11. Yvette Says:

    …”Prosecutor’s unlawfully withholding Jackson personal property”
    During the course of the Jackson trail, and now afterwards, there appears to be people trying to make sure Saddaam Hussein’s right’s aren’t violeted than people trying to make sure Jackson’s rights are trampled! That is bot disguting and shameful.

    What’s up with the Defense’s 995 Motion? That is a debate for your ass…

  12. Brett Says:

    First off, Bahrain is not unfriendly to the US we have troops there including my father being paid by the Bahraini government to protect Bahrain, second I think Mike just needs some media attention

  13. yoli Says:

    No he cant leave. I LOVE YOU!

  14. yoli Says:


  15. Haha Says:

    You stupid americans, Bahrain is your ally, it has the biggest american base in the middle east, without it you wouldn’t be able to continue fighting iraq, so be grateful to bahrain you fools.

  16. getalife Says:

    mj is a dork.

  17. Expert Says:

    What do we know about Bahrain’s record on prosecuting pedophiles?

  18. Yvette Says:

    …We don’t. Check it out.

  19. Hakeem Says:

    I just stumbled on this forum and would like to correct some errorneous opinions. Let it be known to you that Bahrain as a country or the government of Bahrain is regarded as enemy to America. In fact, Bahrain is an American ally in the war agains terrorism. What marvels me is that most Americans apart from the elite know little about International politics. Americans tend to think life starts and end in America because most don’t travel outside their country. The ones that travel don’t go beyond the Islands or Canada. Another observation is that to an American, every middle east country, no matter how cordial its diplomatic relation to America, is regarded as enemey country or terrorist county. The reason is because the middle class in the states are most times very myopic - shortsighted. MJ can go to anywhere he likes and being in Bahrain does not make him a traitor.

  20. Hakeem Says:

    Correction to above statement: Let it be known to you that Bahrain as a country or the government of Bahrain is not regarded as enemy to America.

  21. roseena Says:

    First allow me to say that your assumptions/observations of “Americans” is just as myopic - shortsighted as a person judging mj for his choice of residence.

    Oh, and by the way, I AM reluctant to trust mid eastern countries and it would be the last place on earth I would care to visit. Not that I am saying I “hate” the mid east and I am going to throw out a list of “assumptions” about them as you did about America - I am just honest in saying the trust and level of comfort is NOT there for very obvious and valid reasons. And if you or any other individual cannot understand why this feeling exists in me and others, that is you problem to deal with or overlook (however you choose) - Apologies or excuses will not be given, I think the “label” that will be forever upon mid eastern countries is justified and deserving.

    and finally, personally, I am pleased with MJ’S choice of moving to Bahrain - America now has one less child molester to watch. Way to go Mike!

  22. Eddie Best Says:


    Your comments are typical underline prejudice of some ignorant Americans. Don’t condemn a nation of people due to a few crazy individuals in a society. Should all Europeans be looked at as suspicious because of the legacy of slavery? Should all Germans be outcast from the world community because of a insane man called Hilter and the atrocities committed against Jews? I’ve lived in the gulf countries and America and know there are decent people in both socities. Perhaps MJ finds a true acceptance that does not exist in America. Racial bigotry unfortunately still manifest itself in all forms in America. Stop hating people beacause they don’t look, act and talk like you. Diversity and a open mind is key to getting rid of racial bigotry.


  23. roseena Says:

    fast eddie b-
    explain why you and hakeem (or whomever) can voice comments/opinions/feelings generalizing Americans yet your so thin skinned and offended when an American voices an oinion of another country. My post has nothing to do with race - I was stating if I or anyother proud patriotic AMERICAN feels uneasy to a mid-eastern nation, it should be understood - with no apologies.

    Get over yourself already Fast Eddie - The damn race card has “been done played” enough already - my post was based on the importance I put on the protection and safety of my country.

    And again, I think it is fabulous MJ moved to Bahrain - truly. He made a mochary of our judicial system and hurt children.

  24. Eddie Best Says:

    You missed the boat. I said some Americans, not all Americans, not a general statement towards Americans. Patriotism has nothing to do with degrogatory comments about the GULF STATES. Speaking ill-fated about Germany and WWII doesn’t make you patriotic, very misleading example!!!!!!! America is nation of immigrants, Arab Americans, Native Americans, White Americans, Black Americans, Chinese Americans, Latin Americans and so forth. Loving your country dosen’t mean to hate others because of the foolish behavior of some. We are all Americans and this country belongs to all immigrants, not one group or mentality. Different PEOPLE and different CULTURES is what makes AMERICA so great. There are loving people in the GULF STATES.
    BY THE WAY, I’M AMERICAN JUST LIKE YOU, and LOVE this country just as much as the next American! I will not condemn an entire nation or people just because of some the faults of a few individuals, let’s be FAIR in our judgement! America is not into NATION bashing, but building relationships, again be FAIR.


  25. Eddie Best Says:

    By the way ROSEENA, if you think MJ will be the last person to make a mochary of our judicial system, then think again, if that is the case. Lot’s of money, high paid attorneys, celebrity status are all the components you need, to get what ever you want. Hurting children, evidence wasn’t conclusive. MJ made some really poor decisions regarding his involvement with children, no doubt!!!!!!! Leave the nation BASHING out of the equation. Just put blame where it should be, if it’s Michael then so be it. Simply be FAIR!!!!!!


  26. Yvette Says:

    Well said Eddie.

  27. roseena Says:

    f eddie b - i posted a response to you yesterday - not sure what happened - to sum it up - short version - reread my posts - i never at any point mentioned hate - for a person or country - i never mentioned race, appearance, religion - all things that you keep coming back to as your defense for your 2-sided hipocrital views -my point was merely to stress it is an American’s right to not trust the mid east if they want to - no excuses. how you draw race and blah blah etc issues from that?, i guess the clear thinking world will never know.

    my mention of being patriotic is logical. Any “true” American can understand that as well.
    BTW Fast Eddie, were you in the military? wondering why you lived in the mid east.

    and yes - MJ still sucks in my book.
    had to throw that in tomake sure the post is mj related and doesnt get deleted.

  28. Eddie Best Says:

    You still missed the boat rOSEENA!!! You’re drowning in your obtuse, self center ideas of what an American is! Educate your mind beyond the scope of mere petty insults that show your true VILE nature. You have know idea about America, a nation of immigrants. You’re entitled to you’re own opinion regarding MJ, but rather short cited with geopolitical understanding. The real issue here is geopolilical comprehension of MJ’s decision to establish a new live in Bahrain.

    rOSEENA, You stated from your own writing, “In my opinion we can rid our country of a pedophile and traitor with his relocation!”

    Remeber the American way allows people to choose where they want to live and how without being a traitor as you indicated!
    To many others have stated these facts rOSEENA, weather it be Yvette, Hakeem, Haha, Yoli, Brett, and Herb. They have all disagreed with you’re insults of nation bashing. If you don’t like America, then leave the country. We can do without this kind of behavior in this country. Leave the nation bashing out of the equation. Rid America of you’re waste.



  29. Eddie Best Says:

    rOSEENA, another impotent comment quoted from your writing “I just do not agree with americans vacationing or whatever his agenda is for being there in terroist territory.” Again you’re drowning badly with a lack of geopolitical comprehension. Try to remain poised when responding.


  30. roseena Says:

    first - you are obviously angry and pointless. You blurbed “respond with poise” actually, I am not sure how to respond becuase your post is pointless and senseless - i thought we were discussing mjs move to bahrain, which we both support for different reasons and my belief in an Americans right to distrust the mid east - why is that hard for you to understand? you cannot deal with my comment/opinion, which i was very specific about, so you fabricate an agenda around it in attempt to do invalidate my opinion and feebly support yours. You are trying to make my comment much more than what it is - break it down ed b, maybe it will come to you. The only person talking race, hatred etc is you. get over yourself eddie.

  31. roseena Says:

    BTW - You never answered my question -why were you living in themid east? stationed there or by choice? The answer may explain your sensitivity, drama, exaggeration. seriously - try getting over yourself

  32. Eddie Best Says:

    I was an exchange student several years ago through the Education Ministry of Saudi Arabia working on a university research project.
    The point wasn’t about race or religion. A mere short cite of your lack of comprehensiveness of geopolitics, which brought about your nation bashing. How can you possibly trust when the national media is you’re tool for education on Middle East affairs. Bias conclusions will always surface when education is not warranted, especially with other cultures. MJ moved to the Middle East for strategic reasons that may be beyond your scope. So again the point is more importantly about perception with an accurate understanding. Should you dwell in uncharter territory beyond that which you do not know. Just about everyone on this posting seems to disagree with you. Anger, not hardly, just perplexed regarding narrow comprehension. MJ or any other American can choose to live where ever they choose, this is the American way.


  33. roseena Says:

    why would you call me narrow minded for admitting i do not trust the mid east states? Isnt that MY right? If YOU have the right to state what you think, shouldnt the next person as well, even if it rubs you the wrong way? maybe your views are biased becuase you have a preference for the mid east.
    My comment is a very general one - and very honest. Nowhere in my posts have i expressed hate towards anyone - i never even broached the topic (you have numerous times). i think your personal history to the gulf is making you respond irrationally.

    Michael belongs in Bahrain. There isnt a place for him anylonger in the music industry anyway.

  34. Eddie Best Says:

    You are entitled to your opinion my fellow American.


  35. Sue Says:

    Eddie B..
    Your statement “Just about everyone on this posting seems to disagree with you.” to Roseena seems a bit off. I only see you and Yvette posting anything about Roseena’s comments. As for me, I agree with Roseena. I’m happy MJ has left the country. As for the mid east and distrust issue, I am on board with that also. I can fully understand why any american would mistrust the mid east. It’s not hate, it’s not racism… it’s a gut feeling you get when you’ve been through what this country has been through in the last four years. Trust has to be earned and I don’t feel they have earned my trust after recent events.

  36. Eddie Best Says:


    Thank you for your incite as to why there maybe mistrust or anger among some Americans. One thing we as a nation don’t want to do is fall into the same violent behavior that has plagued Australian society and France. This country has made tremendous strides. It would be a pity to have our nation turn against it’s vast multiculture, immigrant population. We are a nation of 295 million people. We are an example to other western nations. What a disgrace it would be to have Patriotism translated into hate for others that don’t look like the majority. I agree that trust has to be earned. There are a lot of ignorant people out here and are fueled by anger. One little incident is all it takes to promote violence due to hidden hate, disguised as being Patriotic. If we learn to understand others with an open mind perhaps this gut feeling you mention will disappear.
    MJ leaving the US and living in the middle east, why not, it’s good for some and not for others.
    Fear is everywhere, in every nation why not learn to explore one another and then understand.


  37. Claxton Says:


    Your comments are juvenile, slanderous, and hateful. You do not personally know whether MJ is a child molester or not. Weird yes, pedophile…where is the evidence? You are racist against all Middle Easterners, and as is typical of someone like you, you labeled Bahrain as a terrorist nation. You are ignorant, untraveled, and uneducated. You should really get your facts straight.

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