HP Photosmart 8250

Hp-Photosmart-8250The HP Photosmart 8250 is a printer capable of printing 10 x 15 cm photos in a fast 14 seconds with it’s six individual ink cartridges. This new cartridge system ensures less waste of ink but also speed. It will do black text at up to 32 ppm and color documents at up to 31 ppm.

The HP Photosmart 8250 should be in stores mid August.

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HP Photosmart 8250 Reviews

PC Mag reviews the HP Photosmart 8250 Printer and writes - ‘Output quality is another strong point. The 8250 earned ratings of good for text, very good for graphics, and at the high end of very good for photos. Most of the test photos qualified as true photo quality, with a sprinkling of decidedly minor flaws. Graphics show banding and some faded-looking fills in default mode, but the only problem worth mentioning in the highest-quality mode is a tendency to lose thin lines. The output is certainly good enough to bring into the office for internal use, and the high-quality output is marginally good enough to use for an important client you want to impress.’

Pocket-Lint reviews the HP Photosmart 8250 Photo printer and writes - ‘All in all, this is a very good home printer with the advantage of being versatile, quick and economical. There are a few drawbacks. This is HP’s first fast printer with new printhead technology. As with all firsts, we encountered some glitches in the software that later models will no doubt rectify. It may be worth waiting a few months for HP to introduce even faster models before deciding which printer to buy. Additionally for a device designed for the home, it could do with a much neater power adapter. ‘

DCRP reviews the HP Photosmart 8250 printer and writes - ‘We were impressed with the 8250’s simplicity and ease of use, making it a perfect photo printer for newbies to digital photography. You can print directly from memory card or a camera (using PictBridge) - and its LCD screen lets you adjust images without the aid a computer. If you want to use your computer, you can do that too, of course. The new paper tray system is handy, though the top cover doesn’t like to stay on. The Auto Sense technology detects what kind of paper is inserted, and if it’s put in the wrong way, the printer will tell you. Another intelligent feature on the 8250 is how the printer warns you if there’s not enough ink to print your photo.’

Time Magazine rated the HP Photosmart 8250 as gadget of the week and wrote - ‘You get fast, smudge-free images that, generally speaking, pass the picture-quality test. What more could you ask for? How about built in red-eye removal? Print from a memory card and any shot with red-eye will be fixed on the fly. It really works. HP also boasts some other internal technologies. One is SmartFocus, which sharpens up duller images; another is Adaptive Lighting. A hallmark of HP’s imaging products, this mainly lightens faces that have been darkened by light flooding in from behind. Some people call that a “fill flash.”‘

Macworld reviewed the HP Photosmart 8250 and writes - ‘Though innovative, the Photosmart 8250’s key new features were a little disappointing. Fast speeds and durability were made less impressive by the quality of the printed output. Luckily, by using different available media and higher print settings, we were able to get impressive looking prints.’

Trusted Reviews has a good review of the HP Photosmart 8250 printer and writes - ‘It’s not easy to see where the advantages of SPT lie for the customer. While you can get a lot of pages from a single black cartridge, neither black nor colour prints are much cheaper than from previous HP models. The much hyped, 14 second print is a bit of a gimmick, as it’s restricted to A4 printing only, and it’s countered elsewhere by the printer having to pause for maintenance, during longer print jobs. Even so, this is a capable photo printer, which also handles plain paper documents well.’

HP Press Release

HP Launches its Fastest Home Photo Printer Yet - Record print speeds with the all-new HP Photosmart 8250

HP today announced the launch of the HP Photosmart 8250 Photo Printer, a ground-breaking new model capable of printing photos in as little as 14 seconds. Believed to be the fastest home photo printing in the world , this is the first consumer printer from HP to feature six individual ink cartridges.

As well as providing high speed performance, the HP Photosmart 8250 Photo Printer with Scalable Printing Technology boasts a remarkable new ink delivery system. Unlike any other system on the market, HP’s new platform features a recirculation technology which minimises the need for priming – and therefore any associated wastage – to ensure that a far greater proportion of the ink is used for printing. Like all individual ink cartridge systems, only those inks that have been used up need replacing.

HP’s new printing platform features intelligent ink level monitoring as part of HP Smart Printing features. Before printing a photo or document, the HP Photosmart 8250 Photo Printer checks that sufficient ink is available to complete the job. This means you never need to experience the frustration of wasted ink, paper and time you normally get when you run out of ink mid-photo or document.

Print faster than ever before

Designed for economical, high volume printing, the most immediate benefit of the sleek and ultra-modern looking HP Photosmart 8250 Photo Printer is its speed. As well as being able to print a standard 10 x 15 cm photo in just 14 seconds , it will also breeze through black text at up to 32 pages per minute (ppm) and colour documents at remarkable speeds of up to 31 ppm.

This impressive performance is achieved by means of a wide printhead carrying 3,900 nozzles which, between them, deliver up to 140 million drops of ink per second. A wide print swath ensures that more ink is delivered onto the page with each pass, while the high number of nozzles ensures maximum accuracy to allow professional quality printing at up to 4800 x 1200-optimised dpi.

New efficient printing system

HP’s separate 6-ink technology boasts a number of innovative features including an in-printer pump, air vent, ink reservoir and ink sensor. The key benefit of this highly ink efficient system is the ability to maximise the amount of ink that’s available for printing.

When left unused for any period of time, all print systems take in a small amount of air bubbles through the printheads, and unless this air is cleared from the ink, print quality suffers. The traditional solution used by most printer manufacturers is to prime the printheads by ejecting quantities of ink until all the ink containing air bubbles has been removed.

HP has developed an innovative solution which removes the affected ink from the main print system, extracts – or purges – the air bubbles and recirculates the ‘clean’ ink back to the ink reservoir. As a result, a significantly greater proportion of the ink in each cartridge makes it onto the printed page. The system also allows accurate measurement of the amount of ink remaining in both the cartridge and the separate ink reservoir above the printhead. When a cartridge begins to run low, an alert is sent with a warning that it will soon need replacing. Once the printer detects that there is insufficient ink to complete a job, the printer will pause before starting to print the next page, and offer options to complete the print job using the other inks available. In addition, using individual ink cartridges means only those colours that have been used-up actually need replacing. This is particularly beneficial to photographers who make significantly greater use of certain colours, such as greens or blues.

The quality of printing is excellent, with rich, fade resistant 6-ink colour and crisp black text printing provided via new HP 363 Ink Cartridges with HP Vivera Inks. Each cartridge is clearly identified by the use of both colours and icons, and easily replaced via the convenient front panel. The focus on ink efficiency can be seen here too. While all six inks are permanently installed in the printer and used when the highest quality results are needed, you can choose to utilise just the four standard cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks for everyday documents and test proofs.

For maximum economy, HP has introduced a special value-for-money HP 363 Series Photo Pack which includes all six replacement cartridges plus 150 sheets of HP Photo Paper. And for maximum convenience, the ink cartridges used in this printer utilise a technology that detects when an ink cartridge will soon need replacing and automatically launches an online re-ordering form whenever a cartridge is running low.

There are often times when you may not want to have to start up the computer just to print out a few photos. The HP Photosmart 8250 Photo Printer is fully equipped for this, with a full range of memory card slots4 plus a front USB port for PictBridge-enabled cameras or flash drives. You can even buy an optional HP bt300/400 Series Bluetooth Wireless Printer Adapter and print directly from Bluetooth® devices such as camphones and PDAs. Whatever your print source, camera or card, you can view and select the shots you want using the built-in 6.4 cm colour image display and use the on-board tools to edit, zoom and crop – all without a PC.

For noticeably better photos, switch on HP Real Life technologies such as Automatic Red-Eye Removal, which removes red-eye in the printer, and Adaptive Lighting, which improves results by revealing detail that would otherwise be lost in shadowy or badly lit areas of a photo.

The HP Photosmart 8250 Photo Printer also allows you to transfer digital video clips from your camera and watch them on screen. You can then select a favourite scene and freeze and enhance it before printing out an enhanced quality action still.

And if you do want to print photos from your PC, you can create albums, edit and organise them using the included HP Image Zone software. Using HP Instant Share, you can share them by email – with recipients being able to choose which they want to download.

Great photos on a wide range of paper types and sizes

The HP Photosmart 8250 Photo Printer is the first model to feature HP’s new Auto Sense technology. Building on the success of the company’s existing paper sensor technologies, HP Auto Sense works with HP Photo Paper, a new generation of HP paper that features a bar code on the reverse. This enables the printer to detect the type and size of the photo paper in the tray and automatically optimise the print settings accordingly. For special occasions consumers can opt to print onto HP Premium Plus Photo Paper for outstanding quality photos that will resist fading for generations5.

As a specialist photo printer, the HP Photosmart 8250 offers real versatility in terms of photo formats. It is capable of printing on paper with or without borders right up to large panorama (215 x 610 mm) size. It also features a motorised photo tray for 10 x15 cm prints. If you select the photo tray as the media source on screen, it automatically engages. Or, if you’re printing without your computer, you can engage the tray directly using a convenient on-printer button.

The HP Photosmart 8250 Photo Printer is available from August 18, 2005 at a manufacturer’s recommended street price of €199 including VAT.

1Speed comparison in default and fastest modes, when printing from a computer, based upon HP internal testing of comparable consumer photo printing products available as of April 2005

2 Based upon HP internal testing.

3The online reordering form is currently available in the UK only. Germany, France, Spain & Switzerland will be online during 2005. Internet access required.

4Memory card slots support CompactFlash, Microdrive, Memory Stick®, Memory Stick Duo®, Mini SD, Secure Digital/MultiMedia Card and XD-Picture Card™ (not included)

5Resists fading for up to 100 years using the HP 363 Individual Ink Cartridges on HP Premium Plus Photo Paper with the HP Photosmart 8250 Photo Printer. Based on HP light-fade testing under glass, June 2005. Wilhelm Imaging Research Testing in progress. For more information on fade resistance testing factors, visit http://hp.com/eur/faderesistance.

The following ink cartridges ship with the printer:

  • HP 363 Large Black Ink Cartridge,17 ml
  • HP 363 Cyan Ink Cartridge, 4.5 ml
  • HP 363 Magenta Ink Cartridge, 4.5 ml
  • HP 363 Yellow Ink Cartridge, 4.5 ml
  • HP 363 Light Cyan Ink Cartridge, 4.5 ml
  • HP 363 Light Magenta Ink Cartridge, 4.5 ml

The following ink cartridges are compatible with the printer:

  • HP 363 Large Black Ink Cartridge 17 ml, (C8719EE). EMEA MRSP €29.99*
  • HP 363 Black Ink Cartridge, 6 ml, (C8721EE). EMEA MRSP €14.99*
  • HP 363 Cyan Ink Cartridge, 4 ml, (C8771EE). EMEA MRSP €9.99*
  • HP 363 Magenta Ink Cartridge, 3.5 ml, (C8772EE). EMEA MRSP €9.99*
  • HP 363 Yellow Ink Cartridge 6 ml, (C8773EE). EMEA MRSP €9.99*
  • HP 363 Light Cyan Ink Cartridge 5.5 ml, (C8774EE). EMEA MRSP €9.99*
  • HP 363 Light Magenta Ink Cartridge, 5.5 ml, (C8775EE). EMEA MRSP €9.99*

Available across EMEA from August 2005

*Prices stated are average Manufacturers Recommended Selling Prices (MRSPs) including VAT and are subject to change. Actual prices may vary.

Note: To ensure that the printhead electronics located within the printer are not damaged during transportation a diluted fluid that protects the printhead is in the printer’s system. As a result HP has created host cartridges, which come with the printer, but are not available to buy. These specially formulated cartridges are made up of higher density inks which when installed in the printer for the first time, ensure a mixing process is initiated with the diluted fluid ink. This process guarantees that the printhead remains in top condition, while still providing users with high quality prints. Host cartridges have a different ink fill level to retail (trade) cartridges, due to the mixing activity of the two inks. Once host cartridges are depleted, users only ever need to purchase the HP 363 ink

cartridges compatible with this printer.

Photo Papers

  • HP Photo Paper glossy (C7891A) 10 x 15 cm tab, 20 sheets. EMEA MRSP €5.99*
  • HP Photo Paper glossy (C7894A) 10 x 15 cm tab, 60 sheets. EMEA MRSP €9.99*
  • HP Photo Paper glossy (Q7907A) 10 x 15 cm borderless, 60 sheets. EMEA MRSP €9.99*6
  • HP Photo Paper glossy (Q5437A) A4, 25 sheets. EMEA MRSP €12.99*
  • HP Photo Paper glossy (Q5437A) A4, 25 sheets. EMEA MRSP €12.99*
  • HP Photo Paper glossy (Q7897A) A4, 50 sheets. EMEA MRSP €19.99*

Available across EMEA from July 2005.

*Prices stated are average Manufacturers Recommended Selling Prices (MRSPs) including VAT and are subject to change. Actual prices may vary.

6Available in August 2005

HP Photo Pack

HP 363 Series Photo Pack (Q7966EE) with six customised ink cartridges and 150 sheets of HP Photo Paper 10 x 15 cm borderless available across EMEA. Pricing not available at time of printing.

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