The Universal Home Application Programming Interface (UHAPI) Forum today announced the availability of Universal Home API specification 1.1 for audio/video (A/V)
technology. In addition to the UHAPI 1.0 functionality, the UHAPI 1.1 specification standardizes the handling of A/V for personal video recording (PVR) functionality that enables playing back to and from a hard disk drive (HDD), including trick mode functionalities. The release of the UHAPI 1.1 directly answers the industry’s need to reduce resources spent on developing PVR capable devices.

Comprised of members from global, industry-leading companies, the UHAPI Forum continues to alleviate costs and time associated with the development of commonly used audio/video functions. To that end, the Forum is developing the UHAPI 1.2 specification that will address digital media adapter functionality in stand-alone devices as well as integrated in devices such as TV or set-top box. The UHAPI 1.2 specification is scheduled to be released in mid-2006.

“Our initial spec, released a year ago, laid the necessary groundwork for us to add many independent functions such as the PVR functionality in later versions,” said Pieter Noordam, chairman of the UHAPI Forum. “With a widened scope, UHAPI 1.1 is applicable to more devices, including 52 million PVR units that are expected to be shipped worldwide in 2009.(1)” The UHAPI specification accelerates a product’s time-to-market by eliminating repetitive programming. It defines hardware-independent and
operating system-independent software interfaces to configure and control audio/video-related functions. The UHAPI 1.1 expands the list of common functions such as fast forwarding and rewinding that can be developed quickly using UHAPI. As a result, the semiconductor and CE vendors can concentrate their engineering resources on developing their own, proprietary feature sets.

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