Katie denies a wedding before she gives birth

Katie Holmes has dismissed rumours that she is desperate to marry Tom Cruise before she gives birth to their child next year, reports IMDb.com.

Holmes (26), who accepted Cruise’s marriage proposal on 17 June, insists she has no intention of walking down the aisle while she is still pregnant — because she wants to look her best for her wedding day.

“All these rumours that we’re getting married this week or next, they’re just not true. I won’t be waddling into my wedding with a big bump,” said Holmes.


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7 Responses to “Katie denies a wedding before she gives birth”

  1. David Says:

    and what will dawson say?

  2. TiSSoT Says:

    British movie fans have voted Tom Cruise to be the most irritating actor in Hollywood this year in Empire magazine’s poll of 10,000 people. On the other hand, they voted him to be the great movie star of all time. Go figure! Might have something to do with his scientology? Or his sickly-sweet

  3. Weight Says:

    I wonder what he does that is so irritationg….hmmm/
    Lets see he got a very beautiful girl.
    Anna W.

  4. capture Says:


  5. pAuLa Says:

    Tom jest WIEEELKI! Mój ulubiony film to TOP GUN.. Tom byÅ‚ w tym filmie taaki przystojny :(.. i nadal jest ;D.. nom beeznadziejny koment ale co tam.. i tak pewnie nikt nie zrozumie co napisaÅ‚am :PP hehe.. PS. Katie to prawdziwa szczęściara!! PoZdR. ;] Tom… I Love U

  6. redhotloca Says:

    Tom you are a idiot. And katie you are you and dumb! Your story is not sweet its annoying. And please ask Brook for sum of her postpartum candy because Tom you need it. And as for the name TomKat. Try TrashAlleyTomKat.You use to be my one and only favorite actor. Until you thought it was ok to trash a woman like Brook on tv.

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